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Bring It On-Line: - July 18, 2016

My friend deals with some illegal items which I presume may be drug or alcohol related. She wants me to keep them in my house for storage. Is it bad for me to allow this? How can you talk to the Holy Spirit? What was the significant reason for ... Read Transcript

Well, we want to bring it on with some

of the email questions that you all have submitted.

And Pat, this first one comes from Gilbert, who says,

"My friend deals with some illegal items which I presume

may be drug- or alcohol-related.

She wants me to keep them in my house for storage.

Is it bad for me to allow this?

Please help."

Well, I'll tell you the way it goes, buddy.

If they find confiscate-- I mean, contraband or illegal

drugs and so forth in your house, not only will

they take them.

They also can confiscate everything else

you own in your house.


And then they can go after your bank

account and all your money.

And you may somehow get it back after months and months

or years and years of legal work.

But in the meantime, you will be stripped

of everything you have.

Get rid of that junk.

That lady is not your friend, trust me.

Would that be considered aiding and abetting in any way?

If he knew--

All of it.

It depends on how they want to frame a complaint.

But the one thing they've got, these enormous powers

of confiscation of contraband.

And once they have a seizure, they

can get everything you've got.


That's unbelievable.

I mean it's terrible, what they do.

I mean, they take your car, take your money, take your jewelry,

take everything.


This is Gigi who says, "How can you talk to the Holy Spirit?

And how do you know the Holy Spirit is talking to you?"

Well, the Holy Spirit is still a small voice.

And you have to listen to the spirit.

You'll hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way.

Walk ye in it.

It's a still, small voice.

But you can talk to the Holy Spirit.

I mean, he is a person.

This is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

So you can say, you know, I think

Benny Hinn wrote a book called "Good Morning, Holy Spirit."

Of course you can talk to the Spirit.

He is a person.

And you can welcome him and say, look, you're

honored here in my house.

You're honored in this place.

We used to sing a song, "Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here."

And I think we need to welcome the spirit of God

and honor the spirit of God.

But obviously the spirit of God is there to lead us to Jesus,

not to exalt himself.

That's the way that they work.

How do you know when the Holy Spirit is talking to you?

Well, by reason of use, you get used to the fact.

You know?

I mean sometimes it's your own voice.

Sometimes it's the voice of the world.

And sometimes it's the voice of God.

So you have to practice the presence of God.


All right?

This is Mary who says, "My son Thomas brought up

a good question.

What was the significant reason for the number 40

in the Bible?"

Well 40 is the length of a generation.

So a generation is 40.

But there are significant-- 10 is the number of completion.

Four is a number of Earth.

Three is the number of the Trinity.

So you've got four and three is seven.

And you've got numbers around that.

But 40 is 4 times 10, 10 being the number of completion

and four being a number of Earth.

But that's the number of a generation.

This is Jackie who says, "Hello, Pat.

I'm very lost and broken.

I would like to know why the Lord takes

people and things away from me.

Also how will I know that I'm in the place

to God wants me to be?"


Spend time with the Lord.

Spend time reading the word.

And let the Holy Spirit minister to you.

And he will.

And you'll have a sense in your life that you are part of Him.

The Spirit will bear witness with your spirit

that you're a child of God.

But listen.

You've got to-- there's a negative thing in you that

is driving stuff away.

You don't realize what you're doing.

But there's something inside of you

that feels that you're not worthy that have things.

And therefore, when the things come to you that are good,

you won't receive them.

You need to recognize that you are an anointed child

of the living God.

And He wants to do good things for you.

And so don't resist having good things done to you.

And he will do good things for you if you expect it.

You need to have expectant mind.

The Bible says in 81 Psalm, "Open your mouth wide

and I will fill it."


Boy, that's a good word for all of us.



Well, thank you for your questions.

We love hearing from you.

And we'll try to answer some more tomorrow.


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