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Bring It On-Line: Gold - July 19, 2016

Pat, we have some gold coins. Is now a good time to sell them? My husband and his family are non-believers, but they all belong to The 700 Club, giving money for your good works helping people. What would God think of these people? I was ... Read Transcript


Time to bring it on with your email questions.

And Pat, this first one comes from BJ, who says,

"Pat, we have some gold coins.

Is now a good time to sell them?"

I don't know what gold coins you got.

They may be rarities.

They just may be some Krugerrands.

I don't know.

The answer, as far as I can tell,

I think this is the time to hold on to gold.

I think gold is going to get higher.

It's moved up.

It was $250 an ounce.

It went rocky thing up.

It's about $1,300 now.

It could go a lot higher if there's some financial chaos.

But I don't know about your gold coins.

I mean, you may have some rare coins that

now's the best time to sell it.

You'd have to ask some numismatic expert that I'm not.


This is Maxine who says, my husband and his family

are nonbelievers, but they all belong

to "The 700 Club," giving money for your good works

helping people.

They love Pat and watch every day,

but they say Jesus was not the Messiah because John and Jesus

argued over who it would be.

The true Messiah would know the Messiah.

They say God is at most a lesser evil God as known

by the Gnostic's view.

A true God would not create evil or be jealous and vengeful.

They are the sweetest people who feed the hungry and clothe

the naked.

They are more, quote, 'Christian,' than most

Christians I've ever seen.

What would God think of these people?"

Well, he's probably some of the nicest people

who ever had to go to hell.

You know, by your good works, nobody's going to be justified,

the Bible says.

And so they're doing good works.

But it's by faith you're justified.

Now there are some people in the Masonic Order

who believe that the devil is God,

and that Jesus Christ was a lesser god.

That comes straight out of various types of occult belief.

As you said, the Gnostics believe

some of that sort of thing.

And they believe in Aeons.

You go up the ladder and another,

you have to identify that one.

If you can identify that by name,

then you can move up the ladder and up and up and up.

I don't know where you find that Jesus and God were--

I mean John were fighting about who the Messiah was.

It's nonsense.

If you read John's gospel, you see

one of the disciples who didn't believe.

He said unless I'm putting my finger

in the holes in his hands and his side, I don't believe.

And Jesus said, OK, come do it.

And the doubting Thomas got on his knees

and said, my Lord and my God.

They were all in one accord as to who Jesus was.

OK, this is Christine, says "I lost my belief in Christianity

a few years ago.

Lately I've thought of going back to being a Christian.

I was thinking about getting rebaptized,

but I've been told that it's a sin

to get baptized more than once.

Is this true?"

Not at all.

Look, baptism is a sign that you have been buried with Christ

and raised in the newness of life.

And if you are not a believer before,

then getting baptized again, there's nothing wrong with it.

Now the Middle Ages, they had the so-call rebaptized,

the Anabaptists.

And they would say OK, you want to get baptised again,

we'll dunk you in the water and drown you.

I mean, they persecuted those people.

But there's is no sin about that all.

But the question is not were you baptized, but will you

give your heart to the Lord?

He stands ready to forgive and to let-- if you could just

understand who He is, if you would just contemplate

the nature of this world that He made,

you begin to see the awesome about how great God is.

We leave you with today's Power Minute from Colossians.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord-- since you

know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord

as a reward."


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