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Lauren Daigle: Trusting God in the Midst of Grief

The "Trust In You" songstress gets personal and shares how she was able to keep the faith after the death of her beloved grandfather. "Trust In You" music video courtesy of Centricity Music. Read Transcript

LAUREN DAIGLE: (SINGING) When you don't give the answers,

as I cry out to you, I will trust, I will trust,

I will trust in you.

My grandfather passed away about two years ago,

and I grew up with him.

We were best friends.

We called each other partner in crime

because at night we'd all go out, hey, Paul,

you want to go get some ice cream?

Let's go run and get frozen yogurt.

And we'd all leave and my grandmother would be like,

what did y'all go do tonight, I know sweets are involved.

So we called each other the partner in crime.

He was just my very best friend and I lived with him

while I went to LSU.

And we were really, really close,

and he was my number one supporter.

I mean, he just-- anytime people would come over to the house,

he'd say, hey Lauren, and I'd say yeah, what's going on?

He'd say come sing Adele for them in the kitchen right now.

And so I would be like, oh, gosh, here we go again.

And I would go in there and he would pull it out of me.

He'd say, come on, Lauren, don't be shy, share your gifts.

This is what the Lord gave you.

Come on, come on, sing to these people.

And he knew the place of joy that it was coming from in me,

and he knew that that would fall on the hearts

of the people involved and listening and everything.

So, any time someone would come over, he would say,

I'm going to play that girl's music.

And so there's kind of this theme of that girl.

And in the process of his support,

I left LSU, moved to Nashville, and started writing,

and five months later found out that he

was diagnosed with cancer.

And it was definitely a journey where I had to choose,

am I going to pursue the career, am I going to pursue the dream,

or am I going to take these moments with my grandfather

really dear.

And so one night I just decided, I

know that people will support me in this, I'm going to go home.

And I just bought a plane ticket and flew home.

And he passed away a week later.

And we were-- actually, in that week,

we were supposed to record the record.

And so I was like, I just know that-- I just know it.

Like the Lord kind of put the pressure

on my spirit to go back home.

And so I had to put the record on hold,

and everybody's timelines had to shift,

and that was a lot of pressure involved.

But I just knew, all right, I'm going to go home

and the Lord's going to do a mighty work.

And he did.

He showed up so prevalently in that room,

in that moment, where it was really difficult.

I mean, he was my best friend.

And I had never experienced loss before.

So in the room, you know, my grandfather was laying there

and he was passing away, but he was telling us,

oh, I see Jesus.

Oh, I see him, he's right over there.

And he saw his daughter that had passed away years before him

And he's calling out their names while he's passing over.

And God made death so real, but so beautiful, in that time.

He entered the room with a peace like I've never

felt before, with a closeness like I've never felt before.

I felt like, in the midst of this great sorrow,

there was so much joy because I could

see the process of my grandfather entering

into the gates, entering into the streets of gold.

So it made the hope so much more real,

because, I was like, I could mourn and go

into this place of deep, deep, deep depression,

because he was really close to me.

Or I could say, Lord, thank you for the years

that you allowed me to have with him, and in my thanks

I'm going to be so grateful for the fact

that he's in your presence.

There's no pain, there's no sorrow,

there's nothing that he's experiencing.

And he passed away right before the record was released, right

before the very first song went out on the radio,

like three days before.

And I could look at those moments

and say, God, why didn't you just let him last a little bit

longer, so that the thing that he had built up in his heart

all these years in supporting me,

that he could see this come to fruition.

Why did he have to pass right before?

But I truly believe that God has a purpose for everything,

and he knew, Lauren, this is going to be a place of loss

here on earth, but it's going to be such heavenly gain for you

on earth.

Now, I'm not afraid of death.

There's not a piece of me that's like, oh, death,

I don't know if I want to do this.

I'm ready.

Let's go.

It's going to be the most beautiful thing,

we're going to be in the presence of God,

we're going to be in the presence of loved ones,

and it's going to be so beautiful.

And He let me experience a little taste of that

here on earth.

Like what a treasure, what a gift.

So in that place, though, He said

you can either look at this with incredible sorrow,

or you can take this and leverage it

into your next season of life.

So, although we pushed back the record,

we started recording a month or two later and that's

where the songs came.

In that month or two, where I was,

all right Lauren, I'm going to go into that closet with you

and I'm going to petition the cries of my heart.

All right, Lord, could you just please

make all of this work for your good?

And that's what he says in Romans 8:28,

that He will work all things out for the good of those

who love Him and are called according to his purpose.

And that was just another moment in life

where He was like, all right, I'm going to use this.

And that's where the song "Trust In You" came.

I was really needing some clarity.

All right, Lauren, I'm not going to be angry,

I'm not going to be upset, because I

know that your thoughts are higher, your ways are higher,

you're so much greater, you're seeing way more than I am,

in the midst of all of this.

And He saw all of the stories that were going to come out.

He saw all the hearts that were going

to be touched, through my grandfather's legacy,

and what I did with his stories that he told me

and how I transferred those into songs,

and then, now, the hearts of all of these people

are being intersected with the glory of God,

and their taking on this new place of hope.

(SINGING) I will trust in you.


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