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News on The 700 Club: July 21, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," July 21: Ted Cruz steals show at RNC by not endorsing Trump, Turkish president calls for 3-month state of emergency, and more. Read Transcript

Gordon, tonight's the big night for Donald Trump

as he makes his acceptance speech as the official nominee

of the Republican Party.

Last night, his running mate, Mike Pence,

brought the crowd together in his acceptance speech

after a controversial speech from one of Trump's opponents

in the primaries this year, Ted Cruz.

We have two reports from our CBN News

team at the Republican Convention in Cleveland,

beginning with our Abigail Robertson.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Night three was

supposed to center around governor Mike Pence's

big introduction to the American people.

But Ted Cruz stole his thunder and angered the crowd

by refusing to endorse Donald Trump.

Stand and speak and vote your conscience.

Vote for candidates up and down the ticket

who you trust to defend our freedom

and to be faithful to the Constitution.


TED CRUZ: I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York


Then it was the Donald's turn to steal,

as he upstaged Cruz by entering the arena before he

could finish.

The excited crowd then turned on Cruz's wife and father.

People behind her were getting very ugly and physically

approaching her and Raphael.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: Despite the drama,

Pence tried to get the night back on track,

delivering the speech that spoke directly

to the base of the Republican Party.

For the sake of the rule of law,

for the sake of the sanctity of life--


For the sake of our Second Amendment--


And for the sake of all our other God-given liberties,

we must ensure that the next president appointing justices

to the Supreme Court is Donald Trump.

As a born-again evangelical, Pence

is the campaign's best hope at making skeptical Christians

more comfortable with Trump.

I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican,

in that order.

ABIGAIL ROBERTSON: His speech served as a good example,

as he did not shy away from talking

about his faith or social issues.

While we're filling the presidency for the next four

years, this election will define the Supreme Court

for the next 40.

We all better think very carefully, very carefully,

about what this means for our Constitution.

So much to dissect, and the convention's biggest speech

hasn't even happened yet.

For that analysis, we turn to CBN's David Brody and John

Jessup to take a look at what we've seen and heard so far.

Thanks, Abbie.

John Jessup here with David Brody,

CBN's chief political correspondent on day four,

the final day of the Republican Convention here in Cleveland.

David, we know all eyes are on Donald Trump

as he officially accepts the nomination for the GOP

to be president.

But let's talk about the build up to this point.

Last night, we heard from Mike Pence, his choice

to be vice president.

He talked about how he balances Donald Trump with personality

and style, and really lit up the crowd,

and gave a clear picture of why he

was chosen to be Donald Trump's vice president.

DAVID BRODY: Well, that's right.

He really did.

And Pence hit it out of the ballpark.

I don't think there's any question about it.

He talked about conservatism.

He gave a defense of conservatism.

He assured a lot of folks in this hall.

While we were on the floor, we saw exactly what was going on.

Folks on the floor love Mike Pence,

because he's a conservative guy, rock-ribbed.

And in addition to that, I thought what was interesting

about Pence is that he communicated

the conservative message very, very effectively.

And he was able to basically say, look,

Hillary Clinton's a problem.

In addition, even if you're not for Donald Trump--

he didn't say that.

But even if you're not for Donald Trump,

look at conservative values.

And he defended them better than Donald Trump would ever

defend them.

Now, in stark contrast to his electrifying speech,

we had someone who's booed off stage-- that bitter aftertaste,

if you will, from that primary.

Ted Cruz didn't even endorse him.

He actually went a step further and made it worse for himself.

DAVID BRODY: It was a disastrous moment for Ted Cruz.

You can make an argument it was disastrous, to a degree,

for the Trump campaign or the Republican Party.

But I really think this is more disastrous for Ted Cruz.

This is a guy that came here-- people

weren't necessarily expecting him to endorse Donald Trump.

But at the same time, they didn't

expect these three key words, which is-- basically, what he

said is vote your conscience.

And at that point, the boos rained down,

and it was a real problem for Ted Cruz,

because it was petty payback.

I mean, let's just call what it was.

It was petty payback.

And because of that, I think a shot for 2020

could well have evaporated on the stage here Wednesday night.

It was more of a campaign speech, was it not?

It was a campaign speech.

And you know, he was defending conservative values,

which is all fine.

But you know, if you're not going to have anything,

in essence, nice to say about the candidate,

or if you're going to be relatively

self-serving in this case, then why are you showing up at all?

If anything, Donald Trump might get some mileage out of this,

because he kept calling him lying Ted.

Well, he's now going to be able to say,

hey, he didn't keep his promise to support-- remember,

he said he would pledge to support the nominee?

Well, he didn't do that last night for sure.

He did the exact opposite.

David, always appreciate your insight and analysis.

Thank you, sir.

Of course, you can always stay tuned to our convention

coverage by checking out our social media channels,

whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and always

24/7 at


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