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A Surgery-Free Answer to Neck Pain

A car accident results in lingering neck pain for Brenda. She fears surgery may be the only answer, but to the surprise of her doctor’s, the fix isn't what they expect. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: On July 15th, 2015, Brenda Sipes-Wade

was getting on the interstate on ramp

to go home, when she saw the cars in front of her

and stopped.

I put on my brakes real quick, and I had no brakes.

I thought oh, I'm going to crash into it.

And then I did.

I totalled my car.

And the next thing I remember-- because I

did hit my head against the steering wheel--

it's a guy helping me out of the car to get into an ambulance.

Wasn't a couple minutes after that until my neck really

started hurting.

NARRATOR: After an MRI and x-rays confirmed

she had no broken bones, her emergency room doctors

gave her a neck brace, and sent her home.

Afterwards, she was in constant pain.

That's the only way I could keep from the headache,

and the back of the neck hurt, and was wearing the neck brace.

I finally got it situated when I went to bed at night to where

I could wear the neck brace while I was in bed.

NARRATOR: For two months, she went

to her chiropractor three times a week,

but the pain would not go away.

The simplest of things, hardwood floors, sweeping.

So I would say anything involving your shoulders,

movement of your head, neck, and shoulders,

that I had difficulty with.

NARRATOR: On September 4th, she was at home,

watching "The 700 Club".

They were doing prayer, and I was sitting back over here

in my recliner, and I had my hand like this, on my neck,

because it was really bothering me.

He said a word of knowledge.

He said--

There's someone, you're laying your right hand

on the back of your neck, you've had a severe injury

to the right side, very difficult

for you to turn your neck, you have recurring headaches

from it, recurring pain shooting down into your right shoulder.

God's healed you.

It describe exactly how I felt. And where

I had my hand on my neck, and so forth.

And I said, that's for me, Lord.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I started to shake my hand around, up and down,

every direction.

He just set you free from that.

Just begin to move your neck, do what you couldn't do before,

stand up, move your shoulder, move

your neck all the way around.

Realize there's no more pain.

You have been set free.

NARRATOR: Two weeks later, her doctor

called her with the results from a follow up MRI.

They say your surgery was successful.

And I said, you know I did not have surgery.

I've not had surgery on my neck.

He said well, you had a surgeon that's not of this Earth.

I said you're right.

You're right.

I said I knew I was healed.

NARRATOR: Now she's back to doing her needlepoint,

and other hobbies she couldn't do before.

It was definitely a miracle.

Definitely a miracle.

I mean, you know, I'm a-- It just was a miracle.

Simple as that.

When it shows you've had surgery, and you haven't.

It was all healed.

It was just so miraculous.

It really was.

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