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The Wild Brothers: Adventures In Creation

Four young missionary brothers describe life with a Southeast Asian tribal group. Read Transcript


Well, if you think that kids these days do nothing

but sit on a couch and check out their smartphones,

then let me introduce you to the Wild brothers.

They've spent their young lives living in the jungle

and bringing the Gospel to one of the remotest places

on earth.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: Meet the Wild brothers-- Morgan,

Hudson, Kion, and Asher.

They're modern day missionary kids

growing up in the jungles of southeast Asia.

When they were young, their parents, Mike and Libby Wild,

brought them to live in the world's largest island

to share the Gospel with an unreached tribe.

Their lives may seem different to others,

but discovering exotic wildlife, adopting orphaned jungle

animals, and speaking a tribal language

is all very normal to these brothers.

In their real life DVD series, "Adventures in Creation,"

the Wild brothers share what it was

like to grow up in the jungle, and their idea

of the ultimate adventure.

With us now are the Wild brothers and the Wild father.

Welcome to the 700 Club.

Welcome out of the jungle.

Thank you.

Yeah, thanks.

It's good to be here.

HOST: Is it weird to be in civilization after-- this

is your first time back in the States in four years, right?

That's right.

That's right.


It's good to be back.

I mean, it's a little strange in some ways,

but we have family here and it's our home culture,

so it's good to be back.

Well, I was watching the video series last night,

and I was blown away.

You guys built your own house in the jungle,

cutting down these mammoth trees.

I mean, who does that anymore?

How did you even know-- I'm going to ask you, Morgan.

How did you guys even know how to build a house?

That's a great question.

None of us-- we're no house builders.

And since our work with the [INAUDIBLE],

we've actually had three houses.

So we've gotten a little better with each house.

HOST: It's a really cool house, too.


I mean, gorgeous hardwood floors and a gorgeous view

and everything.

It's pretty rustic.

Well, let's start with Mike.

I'm going to ask you, what made you

decide to pick up your family and move to southeast Asia

and live in the jungle?

Yeah, that's an awesome question.

Well, I just saw that-- I actually

learned that there were still people,

groups, left on the earth that didn't have access

to the Gospel, didn't have not even one scripture

in their language.

And I just thought, man, here we are, with churches

on every corner.

We have lots of ways to look at God's word.

And so I just had a lot of compassion.

HOST: Wow.

And the Lord just pulled on my heart strings.

And long story short, we just ended up out there

in the jungle.

And your wife Libby was OK with that?

Yeah, she was.

She was great.


She's featured in the video as well.

Now, you've been working with a tribe called

the [INAUDIBLE] tribe.

MIKE: Yes.

And this is in Indonesia.


HOST: [INAUDIBLE]-- it took you about two and a half years

to learn the language?

MIKE: Yes.

That's right.

It was an unwritten languages.

We were the first outsiders to go in and actually

live with the people and learn the language.

So no books to start from, took a while.

HOST: Well, how did they accept you guys as a family?

How did they-- let me ask you, Hudson.

You're the second oldest, right?

Yes, ma'am.

How did the [INAUDIBLE] tribe accept you guys as a family?

They just took us right in.

They were very thankful to have us come in,

because we were going to help their medical needs.

And we also told them that we had this great message

to share with them, and teach them to read and write.

So they were thrilled to have that privilege.

HOST: And that's something really important when you go in

as missionaries, is not to just start with hitting them

over the head with the Bible, but to meet their needs,

right, Mike?



It's really important to go in as a learner.

And it's like we mentioned the house building-- we went,

and we said, we don't know how to build a house.

We need you guys to help us.

So it was an opportunity to start rubbing

their shoulders right away.

And we lived right among them, learned their language,

kind became one of them.

HOST: And what are some ways that you do

share the Gospel with them now?

You earned their trust, and you probably share meals together.

What are some ways you guys share the Gospel with them?

Well, yeah, we learned their language.

After that, we actually started translating the scripture.

We developed a literacy course.

It's an oral culture.

So we taught them how to read and write their own language,

and then started translating scripture.

And then we were able to teach them through that.

And we started back in Genesis, in the beginning,

because they really didn't have a foundation for God.

HOST: Amazing.

So we had to start from the beginning, lay the foundations,

and then by the time we got to teaching

through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ,

they had a good foundation, and we had a lot

of people that understood.

This happened back in 2010, the first time

we presented the Gospel to them.

HOST: Amazing.

All right, Morgan, you're 18.

You're the oldest.

And you're the one who came up with the concept

for the DVD series, because you wanted the outside world to see

what missionary life is like, and it's exciting.

I mean, I couldn't stop watching the videos last night.

You guys literally live in the jungle.

You all hunt.

You all have these bow and arrows and slingshots

that you hunt with.

I mean, what is that like?

You go out-- you don't have a McDonald's.

You go out and you kill something, right,

if you want to eat.

MORGAN: Not necessarily.

Yeah, so we are so far removed from everything-- stores,

towns, pretty much civilization--

that for food, at least, we do a little bit of hunting.

I'm not the greatest hunter.

Hudson's the best.

HOST: Are you guys more vegetarian?


On the vegetarian side.



HOST: Because I gathered that-- no pun intended-- from the DVD,

because when you caught the boa and you skinned the boa,

you gave it to the tribe for them to eat,

because that was a delicacy to them.

Well, yeah.

They don't have a whole lot of large game

or a lot of meat resources.

So for them, a snake has lots of meat, and that's a delicacy.

So yeah, we actually gave it over.

But for us, yeah, we rely on supply runs

by helicopter or bush plane.

They have to bring in supplies that we buy out

in the coastal town.

And then for many months, up until about five months,

we can last on supplies out there.


MORGAN: So we really rely--

HOST: I'm opening this up to all the brothers.

What's the strangest thing you've ever

eaten in the jungle?

Probably an echidna brain.

HOST: A what brain?

An echidna brain.

HOST: Is that a bird?

No, it's a type of mammal.

But it has a pouch, and it's really spiky.

It's a mix of creatures.

HOST: How'd it taste?

What did it taste like?

Really cold, clammy, and yeah-- not very appetizing.

HOST: But you did it.

I'm proud of you.


That's exciting.

Now, who's the funny brother out of-- there's

a always a brother that makes everybody laugh.

Who's that?

That would be Kian.

HOST: Kian?


It's kind of all us together, but--


And then Hudson, you're 16.

Yes, ma'am.

HOST: So you've pretty much grown up in the jungle.

And you really have a huge interest in birds, right?

That's your thing.


HOST: Do you collect birds?

Do you study birds?

I study them, yeah, sometimes collect.


HOST: Exciting.

I mean, what's it like-- the jungle is your playground

pretty much.

I'm going to ask you, Asher .

You're the youngest.

How old are you?

I'm 12.


I mean, do you like that?

Do you like living basically in the wild?


It's very, very fun, exciting.

There's always new adventures and new stuff to do.

HOST: Well, your family is now on furlough for how many

months, Mike?

About just under a year.

Just under a year-- yeah, about 10 months.

Oh, man.

So how much of a-- so you told me

it was kind of a culture shock coming back here.

What are you guys doing during this year of--

Well, we're finishing up some more videos in this series.

That's taking a lot of time.

The boys are doing school, home school.

And we're from Florida, so we're in our home area

just visiting family, friends, churches, speaking engagements,

all that good stuff.

And Morgan, you're looking at colleges.

You're leaving the jungle.

Yes, ma'am.

Are you excited about that?


Yeah, I am very excited.

Yeah, looking forward to it.

It looks so idyllic, but I'm sure there's

a lot of challenges.

For example, you don't have electricity.

You rely on solar panels, right--

Yes, ma'am.

To charge your computers.


I'm trusting you do you have indoor plumbing?

Yes, we do, thankfully.

HOST: That's great.

That's good.

It's a blessing.

I wasn't sure from that in the video.

Do you know where you're going to go to college?

Yeah, that's a great question.

Part of our time being here back in the States

too is just looking around for me-- and then soon

Hudson and the rest of us.

We're each two years apart.

So we're kind of getting to that stage, preparing for college,

getting that idea in our minds.

So yeah, we've looked around that

had only a couple colleges.

So actually, right now, we're just kind

of in this stage of looking around, kind of seeing, just

checking them out, because we looked online but we haven't

been here [INAUDIBLE].

HOST: Yeah.

So I've considered Boyce College in Kentucky, Liberty


We're actually about to go to Liberty University

and check on that.

Right here in Virginia.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, we'll welcome you here.

Also Regent-- we have a great college right here where

you're-- like walking distance.


Yeah, there's all sorts of good colleges.

So for the three brothers that are going back,

are you going to miss him a little bit?





I'm already feeling sad.

I'm feeling sad you guys already,

because I know that's going to be tough not having your older

brother there.

But Hudson, you're going to have to take over.


Well, the video series is fantastic.

And I recommend it to everyone.

You can see more of these amazing missionary kids.

Just get their DVD series.

It's called "Adventures In Creation."

And you can find out how to get copies by going to

The Wilds are-- what a great last name, you know?

God knew.

MIKE: I know, it's perfect. [INAUDIBLE].

God knew.

The Wilds also sat down with us for a behind the scenes

exclusive on Facebook Live, and you can watch that by logging

on to

Well, the Wild family we thank you so much.

And God bless what you're doing.

MIKE: Thanks for having us.

And it's really inspiring and exciting.

It's a privilege.


HOST: Thank you.

Thank you.


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