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Praying For Your Needs: July 28, 2016

Gordon and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

That's what happens when you have a lifetime of knowing Him.

He will be your very present help in time of need.

Now we're going to pray.

It's my favorite time of the show.

We get to pray for you.

And before we pray and call on God

to be your very present help in time of need,

we want to encourage you with some other people that

have gotten answers to prayer.

Here's Saundra from Portsmouth, Virginia.

She had complications with her kidneys.

She went to the ER where she was prescribed medication,

but it didn't help.

And then, she was watching "The 700 Club,"

and Wendy said, "God is touching people

who are having kidney problems.

Put your hand where it hurts, God is healing you."

Well, immediately Saundra felt the warm hand of God

touch her and heal her.

And she has not had any trouble since.


I love that.

The prayer of faith heals the sick.

All right.

You got one?

I do.

Gordon was-- you were praying yesterday for someone with

trapezius issues, even though you said you didn't really


I had no idea what a trapezius is.

It sounded like, yeah, something

that you'd see at the circus.

Cindy, who was watching the show,

said-- "I know what it is, because I have had

knots of pain in my trapezius.

It's felt like I had clusters of grapes, or lemons,

or sweet potatoes, in the muscles

between my neck and my back."


"Those knots have caused me so much

pain it's like I've been driven to near insanity.

Now, it's healed!

In an instant!

Glory to God, healed!

I'm still contending for the manifestation of healing

in my spine.

God is faithful, and I wait expectantly.

Praise our wonderful God whose loving-kindness is

better than anything on Earth!"

Let's pray for her.

What's her name again?

Her name is Cindy.


All right.

Let's pray for Cindy.

And Cindy, here's a word for you.

He, who has begun a good work in you,

will be faithful to complete it.

So you don't have to worry about your spine.

Just cast all your care upon Him.

And for everyone in the audience, if you have a need,

do the same thing.

Cast all that care upon Him, for we know He cares for you.

Just don't hold onto anxiety, don't hold onto fear,

don't hold onto any of it.

Cast it all on Him, because He's able.

And what He has begun to do in your life,

He will be faithful to complete it.

Let's pray.

Lord, we just lift the needs of the audience to You,

and we lift Cindy especially.

And Lord, You did such a wonderful miracle for her,

and we now, we just stand on Your faithfulness

to complete it.

And we speak to that spine now-- be healed and be made whole.

Let there be no more impingement on it, nothing wrong

with the spinal fluid, nothing wrong with any nerve coming out

of it.

But everything be in alignment.

We speak to every vertebra, every disc,

everything concerning her spine now, in Jesus' name,

be healed now.

And now, Cindy, may the peace of God just come to you,

and take all that pain, all that tension, all of that

away, and let-- and just get a baptism in His love right now.

In Jesus' name.



If you have been told by a doctor or well-meaning people

that you're going to have to live with your disease,

the Lord is saying to you today, whose report

are you going to believe?

The Word of God says that God forgives all of our sins

and heals all of our diseases.

The Lord is healing people right now,

that you've been told that you're not going to be healed.

But God is saying He's healing cancers right now,

He's healing Parkinson's, He's healing Lyme disease,

He's healing fibromyalgia.

He's healing those diseases and many more,

that you've been told, this cannot be healed.

God is saying, I'm greater.

There are many who are being healed right now from just

mental problems, and you're having trouble remembering.

You're having trouble remembering even

what you said a few sentences before.

God's able to clear all that confusion,

and just snap everything back into place,

so that your neurons function normally

and everything would be normal with your brain,

with your memory, with your personality.

And Lord, let Your peace just come to people now.

Let them rest in this, knowing that You are watching over

them, and that You are healing them.

Restore Your people, Lord God.

Someone else with problems in your right elbow,

tendonitis from repeated action, and God is just

healing all of that now.

He is able to restore tendons, He's

able to take away all the inflammation now.

In Jesus' name, just receive it and believe it.

It's for you.

Lord, we thank You, for You're the healer.

And You let us come to You.

You let us come boldly to the throne of grace,

casting all our care upon You.

Thank You for what You've done.

In Jesus' name.

Amen, and amen.

If you've been healed, we want to share in your good report,

so give us a call-- 1-800-759-0700,

and let us know what God has done for you.

And if you need prayer, we're here for you--

the same number, just call it.

It's available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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