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Bring It On-Line: Claiming Healing - August 2, 2016

When you pray and words about healing take place, can we still claim the healing a day later? Do you know for certain, that there is a Lord who would intervene in an everyday person's life, if that person were in danger of everlasting hell on ... Read Transcript

All right, we are ready to bring it on.

Pat is ready.

Well, let's do it. [INAUDIBLE].

Veronica writes I love watching CBN.

I watch it every day from South Africa.

We watch the program a day later due to the time difference.

My question is, when you pray and words about healing

take place, can we still claim the healing a day later.

Are those messages only for people

watching in America or all over the world?

Well, they're from all over the world.

And you see God dwells in eternity,

and the end is from the beginning.

He sees the continuum of everything

that's already there, and he's not waiting for this to happen

and that to happen.

So, if you're living in South Africa and God

gives us a word here in the United States.

It can be for you.

It can be a delay on a tape.

It could be all kinds of things, because God knows

exactly what your needs are.

So, yes it's for you.

You claim it, whatever it is.

And if that fits you then that's yours,

and it came from a loving God.

Amen, and we get reports all the time from people who

do that and get their healing.

So, it definitely works.

I have had people talk to a tape, Wendy.

They talk to a tape.

I was taping and we had a dialogue back and forth

on the tape.

I'd already recorded, though, like a week or two earlier

and this person was watching and talking to the tape

and I was answering specifics.

That's what God does.


He sure does.

Bruce writes in.

Pat, do you know for certain that there

is a Lord who would intervene in an everyday person's life

if that person was in danger of everlasting hell on earth?

Others cannot help me.

I'm 55.

Is there truly a way to become free in life

and not be punished for wrongs, no matter what the wrong?

I am facing certain death and no hope in sight.

You have hope.

Jesus Christ said all sins and blasphemies

will be forgiven the sons of man--

all, every one, every sin, every blasphemy.

Whatever you've done will be forgiven,

and the forgiveness comes the fact

that Jesus Christ when he died on the cross

paid the price for all of them.

So, your sins are forgiven, and what he asks you to do

is to embrace his death, embrace his life,

and embrace him to let him come into your life,

and he will free you from all this guilt.

For some reason you haven't been taught properly,

but it's there for you.

All sins and all blasphemy will be forgiven the sons of man.

That's what God says.

Take it.

Take it, all right.

All right, Laura says I've been married four times

to men who were abusive.

I've now found God and understand my value.

Is there any hope that I could ever

find a truly loving husband?

I'm ashamed of my past.

It's funny, Jesus met a woman and the well

and this woman-- he said go bring your husband.

She said, well, this isn't my husband.

He said, your answer's write.

You had five husbands and the one

you're living with isn't your husband.

I don't know what this four husband thing amounts to,

but you have made some serious mistakes,

and I'm not sure you ought to go looking for love anymore.

What you ought to do is look for grounding in the word

and get your priorities in order and get your life in order.

Because I don't know what you're looking for,

but whatever it is you're looking for the wrong thing.

And you know that song looking for love

in all the wrong places?

That's what you're doing.

I'm sorry, Pat.

She said she now understands her value because she did find God.

Is there any hope for her that she might find true love?

There's hope for her in God, but I

mean, don't be looking for another relationship.

I mean, you screwed up already four times.

I mean, just chill it.

Take it easy and enjoy the Lord and enjoy your life.

Enjoy being single.

That's right.

Single life has its perks.

Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] all right.


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