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Rock n’ Roll Sax Man Gets a New Gig

An impressive musical resume wasn't landing Dennis any good jobs, but when he tried a different approach his career began to take off. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Dennis Marcellino has quite the resume.

In the '70s, he played sax for such bands

as Sly and the Family Stone, Elvin Bishop, and others.

He became a Christian in 1983 and began

attending church, where he first learned about tithing.

I read the Bible, and I want to do everything

the Bible says to do.

So in Matthew 25:40 to 46, Jesus says, you know, they said,

when did we see you being hungry, and you know?

And he says, when you did it to the least of-- you

know, then that's when you did it to me.

NARRATOR: Dennis took a hiatus from the music industry

and downscaled his lifestyle as he pondered his next career


There all I had, though, was a little, tiny TV on the floor

and a sleeping bag.

That's all I had with this new apartment.

NARRATOR: Although he was barely getting by working odd jobs,

he started tithing to his church.

He also began to trust God with his finances.

Gigs just started coming.

Then I started-- I became an agent, a music agent

down there, and I started booking all the gigs.

NARRATOR: He later became a fan of The 700 Club

and started giving to CBN.

Here I'm watching this thing, and they need money

to keep going.

It's not like the commercial stations.

And so I figured I have to do this.

That's it.

I have to do it.

NARRATOR: He continued to give and says God provided.

I became the number one DJ up here for weddings

and for corporate events.

NARRATOR: He also became a Christian author and speaker

and founded Dennis Marcellino Ministries.

He still loves playing his sax and giving to CBN.

The reason why I support CBN, Orphan's Promise, is I'm

in the kingdom of God now.

And I'm not in the world anymore.

There's a lot of things that go on in the kingdom of God

and people who are in the kingdom of God who

are helping other people.

So that's where I have to put my support.

NARRATOR: When it comes to giving,

Dennis has a word of advice to people

who may be hesitant to tithe.

You're just missing the big picture.

I mean, the big picture is it's really all God's, and we're

just blessed to be able to have it.


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