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News on The 700 Club: August 8, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," August 8: Why the latest round of gov't regulations should have consumers worried, First Turkey, then the world? Erdogan setting off Western alarms, and more. Read Transcript

Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you can believe it,

this president has put in more regulations

than any other predecessor on history.

600 regulations that they don't count them,

unless they cost the economy at least $100 million.

And he's put in 600 of them, so do the math.

That's how much his administration

is taking out of the economy because of regulations.

Well, The Donald has been falling in the polls,

but he's coming back strong, it looks like.

He's said, I'm going to turn to the economy.

And you remember the old, it's the economy, stupid.

He's coming back to the economy and he says,

one of the biggest causes of the weak recovery

has been that heavy burden of regulations

that the president has put on businesses.


Yeah, the latest rules target all kinds of businesses,

and they also drive up prices for people like you at home.

Abigail Robertson brings us the story from Washington.

During his eight years in office,

President Obama has pushed out an unprecedented number

of regulations.

Around 20,000 new restrictions, that by some estimates,

end up costing taxpayers about $100 billion each year.

All these new rules and mandates and restrictions

are coming in on virtually every sector of the economy.

Regulations begin in places like the Environmental

Protection Agency, where government officials

develop rules for specific corporations to follow.

They developed detailed rules, very often,

going to lengths that Congress never would have intended.

And there's a process for public comment and notice,

and then they release the rule.

When complete, a regulation is published in the Federal

Register and goes into effect.

Obama's regulations target a wide range of industries.

And even though the costs are directly

imposed on the businesses, consumers ultimately

pay, when companies change their products

and raise their prices to comply with the new regulations.

James Gattuso of the Heritage Foundation

says the EPA's Clean Power Plan is the most expensive

of Obama's recent wave.

It's a plan designed to regulate greenhouse gas emissions,

and Gattuso believes it will cause

more problems than it fixes.

It will drive coal production plants, electricity plants,

power plants, out of business.

And will have almost no effect on global warming.

So it'll fail in its goals, and impose costs on Americans.

And the financial burden isn't the only thing

Americans should worry about.

A lot of regulations have no monetary cost

that can be measured.

But are equally or more problematic.

I'm thinking of the Obamacare regulations that

limit our religious liberty.

I'm thinking of FCC regulations that limit free speech.

One solution would bring Congress into the process.

I think that a reform of the system that would make sense,

would be to make Congress-- require

Congress to approve these regulations before they

take effect.

In that way Congress is accountable

for those regulations.

And Congress has improved oversight

over what's happening out there, before we consumers have

to pay.

Although Obama's number of regulations stands out,

Gattuso says the uptick started under George W. Bush.

He says that until a commitment is

made to stop this rising tide, it will continue, no matter

who is president.

President Obama's remaining months in the White House

could be his busiest yet, with more

than 2000 proposed or final rules in the works,

before he leaves office.

Reporting from the White House, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

It's shocking isn't it?

Well, that's one thing that a President Trump could do.

He can cancel all of them.

They're put in by executive order.

They can be taken out by executive order.

But this is an outrageous intrusion into our liberty.

They wonder why the economy's only growing about 1.3% a year,

instead of 3% or 4%.

Well, that's why.

Because these bureaucrats have loaded the economy up

with these rules.

If you want to look at what a socialist government will

do to people, go look to Nicaragua.

Take a look down there, a real close

look at the bread lines, the starvation,

the people dying because of bad health care

and all the rest of it.

That's what our president wants to give you and me,

and that's what his successor possibly wants to do.

We'll have to find whether this is going to be another four

years of Obama or not.

Well I'm pleased to report that there

was a major, major victory before the DC Circuit.

The American Center for Law and Justice

won a major victory against the IRS,

in what has been known as the Tea Party Scandal.

Efrem Graham has that story.

Pat, the court agreed with the ACLJ

that the IRS has not stopped its targeting

of conservative groups.

The ACLJ represents 38 nonprofit groups

who claim their applications for tax exempt status

were delayed and treated differently from others.

The DC Court of Appeals has found the IRS sanctions

against some pro-life and Tea Party groups

violated the Constitution.

The ACLJ says it will keep fighting until the targeting

stops and the IRS is held accountable.


The deal is, the IRS said, OK, you've won.

So we'll just give these guys the tax exemption

they asked for, and we'll all go away and be happy.

But the ACLJ and the courts said, no way.

You have hurt these people.

You've cost them thousands of dollars.

You have caused all kinds of delays.

You have done wrong, and you're going to have to pay for it.

That's what the ruling is.

And so the chances are of the government

having to respond in millions of dollars in damages

to all of these people who had filed for tax exemption

and had them denied because of the work of the IRS.

This is going to come into play.

And I think the next time around,

it's going to be a huge hit on the government.

Because the people will now sue.

They say, look, you've held us up.

You've denied our tax exemption.

You did it unlawfully.

You targeted us against the Constitution.

And we're going to get damages.

That's what this ruling means, and it's

going to be a huge deal.

By the way I misspoke a little while ago.

I got my tongue twisted thinking of all

those South American countries.

I said Nicaragua, when I was talking about Venezuela.

Venezuela is the one with oil, on the edge of South America.

Nicaragua is in Central America.

I know the difference and I've been to both of them.

Please forgive me.


Pat, I has claimed responsibility

for a weekend machete attack that wounded two female police

officers in Belgium, and France is canceling public events out

of concern over terrorist attacks.

Dale Hurd has that story.

The Islamic State has called the attack,

in the Belgian city of Charleroi, an act of reprisal

carried out by one of its soldiers.

On Saturday, a 33-year-old Algerian man

wounded two police women with a machete before being shot dead.

This comes amid a new report that ISIS

has stolen a large cache of U.S. weapons in Afghanistan.

Belgium officials admit the Algerian attacker

was known to authorities and was living in Belgium illegally.

So why was he still at large?

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel

urged Belgians to avoid panic, and not give in to terror.

But it might be hard for the average Belgian

not to panic, because it certainly

looks as if the Belgian government is not

in control of the situation.

And France continues to be on edge amid fears

of a new terrorist attack.

It has canceled festivals and sporting events.

At one point, the Eiffel Tower was evacuated.

Meanwhile, a burqini only day for Muslim women

at a water park in France has sparked outrage

among some politicians and French citizens.

The event was restricted to women

wearing all over swimming suits, often referred

to as the burqini.

This schoolteacher says, it would be good

if people were more open minded about this subject, because I

don't understand how we anger them,

being more dressed than others.

But it shows Europe's strange politically correct

relationship with Islam and with Islamic terror.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

More than a million people turned out

for a pro-democracy rally in Istanbul, Turkey,

Sunday, including both supporters and opponents

of President Recep Erdogan.

The recent coup attempt in Turkey

shook one of the most important nations in the Middle East

to its foundation.

But the aftershocks could likely have greater impact,

not only within Turkey, but throughout the region

and beyond.

Chris Mitchell shows us why from Jerusalem.

Since Turkish President Erdogan and his supporters

defeated July's attempted coup, he's

dismissed, or arrested, thousands of soldiers, judges,

and teachers.

The government also shut down more than 130 media outlets.

Erdogan blamed a man named Fethullah Gulen for the coup.

The two were former allies, but after a falling out,

have become bitter enemies.

Gulen fled Turkey in 1999, and gained asylum in the U.S.

He now controls a large movement from his Pennsylvania home,

including many supporters inside Turkey.

He denies any involvement in the coup.

But Erdogan's purge seems designed

to target many of them.

Gulen had millions of supporters.

If you accuse one of them, now, and see any one of them

as responsible for this failed and stupid coup,

what do you do with these millions of people?

Will they be able to work, and-- so, how wide is

the circle that you are punishing for this coup,

is a big question.

Former Israeli diplomat, [INAUDIBLE],

says Erdogan took power in 2002, and began

a quiet Islamic revolution.

He slowly reversed secular reforms

put in place by former President Kemal Ataturk in the 1920s.

All the bureaucracy was secular,

and he was a religious leader.

He wanted to change Turkey.

There is no due process now in Turkey.

We have a dictator.

We have a sultan.

His name is Recep Tayyal Erdogan.

Harold Rhode, the former head of the Turkish desk

in the Pentagon, says Erdogan has ambitious goals.

And his goal is to basically bring back

Islam as the ruling identity of the entire Islamic world.

His way, his Sunni particular way,

it's my way or the highway.

And then to take the entire Muslim world,

and to advance Islam to take over the entire world.

Erdogan, it seems to me, would like

to be that caliph, of the entire Muslim world,

and eventually the entire world.

Erdogan once said, democracy is like a street car.

You ride it until you get to your destination.

As a NATO member, Turkey's coup response

and Erdogan's consolidation of power,

are setting off alarms in the West.

Erdogan has used that coup as an opportunity

to destroy any remnants of democracy in Turkey.

People are petrified.

He has arrested over 50,000 people.

He has given an order that any Turkish academic abroad

must return home.

If I were Turkish academic in the United States or in Europe,

I'd right away be asking for asylum.

--[INAUDIBLE] says the coup provided Erdogan the ammunition

to accelerate his revolution.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

An alarming report, Pat?

I knew it because it's in prophecy,

but you know Ataturk-- they would say,

I'm a child of Ataturk, well he came in the 20s

and he said, look, we're not a Muslim country anymore.

We're a constitutional democracy.

And he put in a secular government in Turkey

and Turkey was a member, of course,

later on of NATO and the other European nations.

It had been called the quote sick man of Europe,

because after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, which was huge,

there wasn't much left in Turkey.

Well, OK, fast forward.

I think that whole coup was a setup.

I don't think it really was real.

I think that Erdogan engineered the entire thing.

And when I heard it happening, I realized the prophecy

that is found in the prophet Ezekiel, chapter 38, which

shows a nation, a league of nations coming against Israel.

And at the forefront was something called Gomer.

And Gomer is Turkey.

And some of the other party that you see,

Gog and Magog and all that.

That's all Turkey.

I mean the Middle East, that's Turkey.

And Turkey is an increasingly important member

of the coalition that will come against Israel

in the last days.

It will be Russia, at least the Caucasian countries.

It will be Turkey.

It will be the Sudan.

It will be, especially it will be Iran, Persia.

And they're going to come against Israel

in the latter days.

It's in the Bible.

It's very clear.

And this one is really writ large.

So the idea that that was going to bring

about democracy and westernization to Turkey

wasn't going to happen.

And I think the whole thing was a put up.

I think it was all a fraud.

To him to get power, and the fact

that he's arrested over 50,000 people is absolutely shocking.

Pat, what do you think is going to happen to the Christians


They've already take-- the government's already taken

over a number of churches.

It's going to be terrible persecution.

I don't think we realize how bad it's going to get.

He's turned the power-- first, he

had to get rid of the military.

The military was standing against his ambitions.

So he had to neuter the military.

And he said, this is a coup of the military.

No such thing.

It's all a fraud, and we're playing it

like it's something serious.

There was no coup.

It was put up job, and he used it as an excuse.

He's neutered the military.

The military had the power to come back in and sort of

regulate things, and be a watchdog over the democracy.

They've now lost their power.

As a dictator and as the guests under that show,

he wants to be a sultan.

He's talking about the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

I had a chance to go there two years ago on a mission trip,

and it's such a beautiful country.


I'm glad I went two years ago.

I wouldn't want to be there now.

Well, there's a great move of God in Turkey.

And after all, you read this-- Paul's letter

to the churches in Asia, you know Ephesus, Thyatira,

and Laodicea, and all those churches.

They're all in Turkey.

That's the Book of Revelation.

It's all Turkey.

And well, we'll see what's going to happen.

But it'll blow up very fast, and he's

going to become enemy number one, mark my word.


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