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Bring It On-Line: Baptism - August 8, 2016

If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, can He ever leave you? Is it necessary to keep trying to reconcile, or should I just let him have his way and eliminate me from his life? Is it ok for me to remarry? Read Transcript


Welcome back.

It's time to bring it on with your e-mail questions.

We're going to start with Douglas.

He says, if your baptized in the Holy Spirit,

can He ever leave you?

Is there something that would cause Him to depart from you?


Well, here's David's experience.

He wrote the Psalms.

You know, David had sex with Bathsheba.

She got pregnant.

He wanted to cover it up.

So he winds up killing her husband,

and he covered the thing up.

And the next thing you know his family blew up.

OK, so he said against You and You only have I sinned,

and he said, restore unto me the joy of your salvation

and take not your Holy Spirit from me.

Now, he's committing adultery, murder, and a major cover up,

and he said don't take your Holy Spirit from me.

Now, that's his experience.

So you ask me can the Lord-- the Holy Spirit leave you?

Well, I suppose He can, but in that case, he didn't.

So what are you doing that would qualify you for anything worse?


All right, well, Renee says, I'm

a 49-year-old woman who has been a Christian for four years.

My father has always been emotionally and verbally

abusive and manipulative.

There have been several times where

he has decided to cut off our relationship,

but he does this without telling me what I've done wrong.

I forgive him and try to make things right,

but it is only a matter of time before he cuts me out

of his life again.

Is it necessary to keep trying to reconcile,

or should I just let him have his way

and eliminate me from his life?

I keep praying for him.

Oh, the Lord says honor, and the word

is timao, which means give weight to your parents.

There's only one father you'll ever have.

There's only one mother you'll ever have.

So the fact that they brought you into the world,

they deserve honor.

But do you have to stay around and be emotionally abused

in that situation?

I don't think so.

I really don't.

I think you continue to honor your father,

but you don't have to continue to submit yourself

to that kind of abuse.

If he is sort of a manipulative monster,

you don't have to do it.


Love them from a distance.

Loving and honoring for a distance.

Much safer.

All right, Shane says, my wife divorced me in 2011.

I did everything I could to save our family,

and now she has made a mess raising our four children.

Is it OK for me to remarry?

Or is all this my fault because my children are hurting,

and I kept away through parental alienation?

Should I be focused on my children,

or does God want me to find happiness and love

in another marriage?

I feel trapped and lonely.

Well, you know, the Pauline privilege

is that the unbelievers plead to depart, let him depart.

So your wife, as I understand, started the divorce

and left you.

And I think you are free to remarry,

but I don't know-- you have four kids-- what

you're going to do with them.

That mean you get custody because your wife is

doing something wrong?

You've got to prove that she's an unfit mother.

So I don't know if you get the custody of the children,

but the fact that you are married and setting up

a household might qualify you more than not.

But I don't know enough about you to say beyond that,

but again, the Pauline privilege as it's

called-- if the unbeliever is pleased to depart,

the believer is not bound in that case.



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