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Every Nation, Every Person for Christ

Dr. Bob Boyd and his wife Mallory share their experience of being on the front lines of what God is doing in Kenya. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: 15 years ago, Bob Boyd and his wife Mallory

started a school of discipleship program

in Western Kenya's public schools.

The program has grown from 200 students to over 100,000

in 142 schools.

Bob and Mallory are making a difference

in a country where one of every seven adults dies of AIDS.

By educating their students about abstinence,

HIV is on the decline.

More importantly, the children are

learning about God's plan for their lives.

Well, joining me now is Dr. Bob and Mallory Boyd.

Thanks so much for being here.

It's great to be here.

Appreciate it.

You recently went to Kenya.

Tell us about this wonderful trip you had.

Well, we have ministries in eight nations.

But Kenya is our largest ministry.

We're having the privilege of discipling

over 100,000 students.

We go to the schools and the school

lets us come and speak to the entire school, not just

once, but week after week, month after month,

and now year after year.

Mallory, how did the school discipleship

start for you both?

Well, it started because my husband's

an evangelist with the camp, the Crusades at Night.

But I took my four boys and we went into the field

and gathered like hundreds of kids,

kind of like going through a town like the Pied Piper.

And they'd all follow us.

And we'd play games.

And we started meeting with them every day in the afternoon.

And then I trained the Kenyans to do the follow-up.

And they actually did it.

It was wonderful.

So they started following up these students in the schools.

And now they have a weekly program,

where they go through the Bible in four years.

And, Bob, I believe you would probably

say that when you put a ministry like this in the hands of God,

the growth just probably occurs even more than you're ready


Well, that's certainly true.

And I think it's wonderful that God would use Mallory

to start this whole thing.

And the rest of our team too has been very involved.

We're very blessed.

Tell us about the recent experience

where your team traveled to Nairobi, correct?


What happened there?

Well, we went to Nairobi.

And we actually, our greatest ministry in Kenya

is in Western Kenya, one of the most densely populated parts

of the whole world.

But we took our folks from Western Kenya,

went to Nairobi to reach Muslims for Christ, Somalis.

The statistics about people dying from AIDS

are very alarming.

How has this ministry and what God's done impacted that?

Well, we have seen many people rescued from AIDS

by changing their lifestyle.

Now, AIDS is less of a problem than other sexually

transmitted diseases now, things have changed somewhat.

But we teach these students how to live a lifestyle of purity

and holiness and, therefore, they

don't get these sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you find their response to what you're doing over there

pretty immediate or is there a time

where you have to earn trust first?

Well, they're amazingly receptive right now,

which is great.

I mean, obviously you want to keep trust and earn trust.

But there is just an open door to go.

They welcome us.

It's really wonderful.

And so a lot of people watching may

be surprised to know that there are many,

many unreached people groups as far as the Gospel is concerned.

Talk about that a little bit.

Well, we tell our students that it's great for you

to come to Christ.

It's great for you to be discipled.

But the greatest work in the world

is to reach the unreached nations or unreached people.

Jesus said, this Gospel, the Kingdom,

shall be preached as a witness to all the nations.

That literally means ethne or people groups

and then the end will come.

And what He's saying is the single greatest work

in the world is to reach every people group on Earth

and every person with the Gospel.

And so we've mobilized our folks to begin

to reach unreached peoples, like the Somalis,

the second largest unreached people

group in the entire continent of Africa.

Phone number.

So, Mallory, I guess part of what is so crucial to you

both is not just having people come to Christ,

but then having them work with other people.

And it continues on.


We love the idea of training them and actually

having them do the ministry.

That to me was the most exciting part

is seeing students share their faith with like the Muslims

and the Somalis in Nairobi.

And we would like for our audience

to become prayer warriors with us by being

able to call into our ministry.

And 624-9001, but it's 757-624-9001.

Or they can go on the website and then reach us that way.

And then we can also, if people go to our website,

we have a list of these unreached people groups.

And we can learn how to pray for them

and exactly where they are.


And we would like to send our folks who call in

or who get in touch with or CBN,

we'd like to send them a group of the top unreached

people groups in the world so they can pray for them.

Very important.

Thank you both so much for what you're doing.

God bless your ministry.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Well, if you'd like to download a copy of the unreached people

groups handout, just log on to

And to learn more about their ministry,

go to


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