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News on The 700 Club: August 11, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," August 11: Trump: Emails expose Clinton's 'pay-to-play' style of governing, California Christian colleges dodge a bullet -- for now, and more. Read Transcript

Well, that's the problem that just won't go away

for Hillary Clinton, that scandal over that

hidden the e-mail.

Now more have been made public.

And they show a very questionable relationship

between what's called the Clinton

Foundation and the State Department

when she was Secretary of State.

This is much more serious than what they exonerated her

before the last time.

These are really actionable activities

as Secretary of State to be giving

favors and was called pay for play.


Well, the e-mails were released after a lawsuit

by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

Hillary Clinton isn't talking about them on the campaign

trail, but Donald Trump is.

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: On the campaign trail,

Donald Trump is raising questions

about a new e-mail batch that contains fresh evidence

that Clinton Foundation donors got access to the State

Department while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.


The Clinton campaign says Hillary Clinton never

took action because of donations to the Clinton Foundation.

But the Trump Campaign says the e-mails

show a pay to play approach to governing.

What she did was so wrong.

And she got out of it.

Well, maybe.

Who knows?

Who knows?

Maybe there's more to come.

Maybe there's more to come.

But I will say this, what came out yesterday

reported today, right?

Pay for play.

Called pay for-- you're not allowed to do it.

It's illegal.

HEATHER SELLS: The Clinton Campaign meanwhile

is still attacking Trump saying he

was trying to incite violence when he said that maybe

Second Amendment people could stop

Clinton judicial appointments.

Words matter, my friends.

And if you are running to be President,

or you are President of the United States,

words can have tremendous consequences.

Yesterday we witnessed the latest

in a long line of casual comments

from Donald Trump that cross the line.

HEATHER SELLS: A new report on CNN shows

that the FBI asked the Justice Department to investigate

the Clinton Foundation earlier this year

but that the Justice Department refused.

That could raise more questions about the impartiality

of Attorney General Loretta Lynch who

oversees the department.

The New York Times reported earlier this year

that Clinton may keep Lynch as attorney general

if she wins the presidency.

Clinton is also talking about the economy

saying she's going to bring back more jobs.

In the first 100 days of my administration,

we will make the biggest investment

in new jobs, good paying jobs, since World War II.


Now how are we going to do that?

Well, we're going invest in infrastructure,

our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports,

our airports.

These are good jobs, and a lot of them

are good union jobs with good pay

and good benefits for families.

HEATHER SELLS: Today Clinton will lay out her plans

for the economy in a major speech countering

an economic speech that Trump gave on Monday.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

You might hear that tremendous stimulus plan

that President Obama was involved in almost 800-- 800,

I'm trying to think in terms of money, it's how much?

800 billion dollars, whatever.

But they talked about shovel ready projects.

They didn't-- anything that I could understand get built.

I mean it was just incredible.

It was just one massive boondoggle

of shoveling money to Democrat favored businesses and unions

and similar organizations.

And the money was just dissipated.

It had no impact whatsoever.

And now we understand that she's going

to double down on that one and probably

go for another trillion or so.

It's not going to work.

It's more government, more government, more government.

Now, for years I personally was involved in trying to change

a particular section of the nonprofit tax code,

called 501(c)(3) that carried with it what is called

the Johnson Amendment.

Lyndon Johnson jammed through something that

was not vetted by a committee.

It was not talked about.

It was not debated.

It was just voice vote, rammed through.

And it's been used as a tool, the lowest learners

of this world have used it to beat nonprofits, especially

churches into submission.

Well, Donald Trump has picked up on it.

I don't know who briefed him.

But he certainly has got his facts on this one right.

He's speaking to roughly 700 evangelical leaders and spouses

in Orlando, Florida today.

John Jessup has that story.

That's right, Pat.

It's called the Pastors in Pews Luncheon,

a private meeting sponsored by the American Renewal Project.

Trump has proposed repealing the Johnson Amendment,

and IRS rule which forbids churches

and religious organizations from supporting political candidates

with tax exempt resources.

That rule didn't come into effect until 1954.

CBN News will be reporting on this event as part

of our election 2016 coverage.

You can watch CBN reporter Jenna Browder's exclusive interview

with Trump tomorrow on the 700 Club and on

And you can keep up with developments

at the meeting today by following us

on Twitter at

Well, a California lawmaker says he

will amend a bill that would have forced Christian colleges

to give up their beliefs on sexual orientation and gender


They'd have to face that choice or risk losing

statement financial aid for low income students

who want to attend their schools.

The Los Angeles Times reports the bill sponsor,

Democratic State Senator Ricardo Lara

is dropping the provision that would

have removed a religious exemption for faith based


But the controversy isn't over.

Lara is expected to come back with a more comprehensive bill

in the legislatures next session.

A family of eight has fled their German homeland

and is now seeking asylum in Russia.

The Griesbach family claims they are

no longer safe under the "German dictatorship."

The London Express Newspaper reports the family

left because of mass immigration and the early sexualization

of children.

They traveled some 1400 miles to escape

what they call mass migration and lack of democracy.

But Russia has refused to accept them as asylum seekers saying

Germany is a safe country.

For now the family is relying on the good will

of the Russian people and legal technicalities

to allow them to stay.

In just a few minutes, we'll have an important story

about a warning from a well-known German Christian

about Germany's future right here on the 700 Club.


We did a story some while ago about a German family

that wanted to home school their children.

They were Christians, and they did not

want to expose their children to the brainwashing that took

place in the public schools.

Well, the Germans wouldn't let them alone.

They wanted to prosecute them.

And then when the family packed up

and ready to leave for Sweden, they actually, I believe,

the officials boarded the plane and took

them forcibly off the plane.

They wouldn't let them leave Germany to find someplace free

that they could train their own children in Christian theology.

This is the kind of Germany that has come into being.

And we just say what in the world is happening?

Well, they're at it again.

So John, we'll keep watching that story very carefully.

Pat, a growing worldwide movement against Israel

claims the Jewish state practices apartheid

similar to the former regime of South Africa.

It's called BDS, which stands for boycott divest

and sanctions by countries and businesses against Israel.

Well, a new documentary challenges that movement.

And as Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

it's doing it with humor.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The film is called "Hating Israel"

and features Christian comedian Brad Stine and his search

for the truth behind DDS.

BRAD STINE: And So my journey begins.

CHRIS MITCHELL: The documentary takes a humorous approach

to puncture the stereotype of what

the world says about Israel.

BRAD STINE: They say it's an apartheid state, THE world's

pariah, an occupier.

Basically the world's greatest bogeyman,

even better than North Korea, Iran,

and Sudan combined, especially if you ask the United Nations.

What do you got?

It is as if they enter the twilight zone.

ROD SERLING: There is a fifth dimension beyond that

which is known to man.

I hope that the format that we created with the humor

does not in anyway trivialize this very important subject

that makes it palatable enough that people

that maybe don't think it even matters will give it a listen.

And actually think, you know what, this is wrong.

The a new platform to deliver anti-Semitism today

is through the boycott divestment and sanctions


CHRIS MITCHELL: Film maker Stan Moore and his wife Laurie

produced the movie.

We can't just take what the mainstream media tells us.

We can't just listen to some of the leaders and academics who

are trying to convince us that we should be boycotting Israel.

We shouldn't be supporting the Zionist state.

CHRIS MITCHELL: It's cutting edge nature aims

to reach a new generation.

This is not your daddy's documentary, OK?

This is aimed at a millennial, younger audience.

We've got to get to those younger people.

Because really they're the ones that's

going to make the difference.

We-- I-- you know, preaching to the choir

is one thing and that will get us so far.

But if we can't get those young people

to understand that hating Israel is not funny.

Now your people, Palestinians, have been how many--

We've been here from the time for Adam and Eve.

Especially as Christians, it is our Biblical responsibility

to stand up and not allow our brother

Israel, or the Jewish people, to stand alone

and fight this battle alone.

CHRIS MITCHELL: It's a funny movie about a serious topic.

You're the shah.

I wondered what happened to you.

Thank you so much.

He ended up here.

And I just believe that I'm at a time in my career

where I can just make money and make people laugh,

or I can leave a legacy.

And I felt like this was important

that I was going to be willing to put myself in a position

where what God has gifted me with as a communicator

to tell his real story, to remind Christians

that this is your duty by God to defend

this nation and these people.

CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Thanks, Chris.

US Olympians Aly Raisman and Simone Biles

compete in the individual all-around gymnastics

finals today.

The two already helped the Final Five win big in Rio this week.

The US women's team bringing home the gold.

The three other gymnast, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian,

and Laurie Hernandez.

It's a group that gives glory to God

saying they rely on their faith in these high stakes moments.

On Tuesday, the day of the big competition,

Hernandez tweeting this Bible verse from Isaiah, chapter 40.

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.

And Gabby Douglas writing in her memoir, grace, gold, and glory.

I take my Bible with me.

I always pray at every competition.

When the judge's hands go up, I'm praying.

And there are little scriptures I like to quote.

We have a special section featuring

the faith of Olympians from a wide range

of sports on

It's called God Before Gold Rio's 2016

Olympians and their faith.

And Pat, these summer games have been exciting so far.

Well, they have been.

It's just amazing.

You've got people who are doing diving and talking

about the glory of God.

There are people who are involved

in swimming giving glory to God, and especially those gymnasts

who have just wiped the competition out

during the Olympics.

So it looks like the US is gaining a great many gold

medals and all the Russians, who were convicted of doping,

have fallen behind.

And there seems to be no other competition that could even

touch the United States.

So whoever says that we're soft and decadent

don't know what our athletes are accomplishing.

And we're proud of all of them.

History being made in many of those competitions.

It is being-- I mean, good grief the swimming.

I mean that Michael Phelps.


I mean he goes out, and he's kind of in decline.

The next thing you know, he breaks his own Olympic record.

And that other girl, that Ledecky--


She's broken another record.


She holds a record.

Then she breaks her own Olympic record.

It's amazing.

Incredible amount of work and determination.

Oh, man, yea.

And effort going into all of that.

It's fun to watch them.

Great to be an American while you're watching that.


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