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Bring It On-Line: What can I do? - August 12, 2016

Dear Pat, I work for a small, privately owned, family business. I didn't realize I was getting involved in something so messy, what can I do? She wouldn't budge so I took out a $3600 loan in my name without telling her to get the truck fixed. ... Read Transcript

Well, before we bring it on I want to remind you

you can see a web exclusive interview

with Miss Virginia, Michaela Sigmon.

Check it out.

Ready for a question.

All right.

Lay it on me.

This is a viewer who says, "Dear Pat,

I work for a small privately owned family business.

And when I first started this job several years ago

I found it was a fun job.

Now I find it's getting out of control.

I have not had a raise in three years,

their business is a mess, I can't

apply anywhere else because my boss knows

everyone in our small town.

I didn't realize I was getting involved in something

so messy and disorganized.

What can I do?"

Well, like it or not you've got to get out.

I think even if you had to move to another community to find

employment, you can't-- that'll ruin your life.

And before long you'll wind up-- you're 60 years old

and your life's a mess, and you wonder,

what have I done with my life.

You don't need to be abused by some mismanaged family firm.

You just don't need that.

You have no obligation to these people.

And there's nothing un-Christian about walking out

of a deal this bad.

But, the usual advice is before you jump ship,

make sure you go to another ship to jump to.

You know?

Wise counsel.

This this is James who says, "My wife and I made a dumb choice

and bought a truck we shouldn't have after I

retired from the military.

We've since paid it off and are in a much better

financial situation, but the truck's gotten a little older

and needed repairs.

My wife said we already spent way too much on the truck

and that she would not allow one more penny to be spent on it.

I think it's much more reasonable to get the truck

fixed, then it's paid off.

She wouldn't budge, so I took out a $3,600 loan in my name

without telling her to get the truck fixed.

She found out and is now really angry.

I don't know what to do."

What you should have done is get your finances in order.

Get your house in order.

If you're the head of the household,

I think you ought to make the decisions.

I don't understand why your wife has

a veto on repairing a truck.

You know, that should be your decision.

If you're the head of the household,

you make the decisions.

I don't know what else to do.

Well, we leave you with today's power minute from Galatians.

"Let us not become weary in well-doing,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not

give up."


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