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News on The 700 Club: August 12, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," August 12: Trump to pastors: 'Christians have been silenced like a child,' Olympic gold: Simone Manuel gives 'all glory to God,' and more. Read Transcript

Do you know that we have, inside of us,

a factory of little creatures that can help us fight off

all kinds of autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma,

and all that stuff?

And it's all available to us and most people

don't even know it's there.


Well, you know, there have been so many studies

that have shown that the condition that-- what

they call your gut is in, can impact

so many aspects of your life.

I take probiotics.

Do you?


I take the pros and I take the pre's.

You take the biotics as well.


I take the biotics and all kinds of stuff.

But anyhow, we're going to talk about that.

I mean, some of you, you've got allergies,

you've got autoimmune disease, you've

got all kinds of funny things going on,

including looks like Alzheimer's and some

of these other diseases, all out of these little bacteria.

It's fascinating and you don't want to miss it.

Now, that's more important to most people

than talking about Donald Trump because you're gut

is right with you and these candidates are down the road.

But nevertheless, Donald Trump yesterday

was making a strong promise to Christians.

He wants to get rid of the Johnson Amendment.

How he learned about that, I have no idea,

because I've been fighting that thing for 20, 30 years.

But that Johnson Amendment is the IRS rule

that was put in by Lyndon Johnson that forbids nonprofits

from engaging in politics.

And it has been used as a club by the IRS

to silence a vocal group of our citizens.

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, Trump talked about that pledge

yesterday when he spoke to hundreds of Evangelical leaders

in Orlando, Florida.

CBN's Jenna Browder brings us that story,

including her exclusive interview

with the Republican presidential nominee.

How did it go in there?

DONALD TRUMP: I think it really went well.

I think the people are fantastic.

We had a record crowd of pastors, mostly pastors,

and their families.

And I think it went amazingly well.

JENNA BROWDER: Donald Trump, courting Christians

on the campaign trail.

So I had a long, beautiful speech written, and I read it.

I said, boy, this is boring.


This is not what we want to talk about.

Because I know a lot of the pastors,

I know some of the pastors in the room,

and I refuse to put them to sleep, all right?

JENNA BROWDER: In true Trump style,

the Republican presidential nominee spoke off the cuff.

DONALD TRUMP: Did you notice I took the teleprompters down?



I had teleprompters.



No, I had a speech written by a professional.

And I said, I'm not reading this.


JENNA BROWDER: The crux of his speech,

repealing the Johnson Amendment.

DONALD TRUMP: If I get elected president,

one of the early things, one of the absolute first things

I'm going to do, is work on totally knocking out

the Johnson Amendment.

JENNA BROWDER: The 1954 amendment

was created by then-senator Lyndon B. Johnson.

It limits the free speech of pastors,

essentially threatening to take away a church

or nonprofit's tax-exempt status for endorsing or opposing

a political candidate.

They get absolutely hit by the 501

C-3, which is the tax exempt status, which

is a tremendous hit.

I mean, it's a shattering hit.

And it really keeps them silent.

Free speech is being taken away from people

that are great people, from people that are saying

good things, not bad things.

And if I can do that, I will have done a great thing

for religion as a whole.

And it's so important to me.

JENNA BROWDER: And Trump knows it's a major selling point

to get Christians from the pews to the polls.

DONALD TRUMP: The words I said today are so important.

And I was honored to get the kind of ovation I got,

but they understand.

And I think it'll be a tremendous achievement

if we can get it done.

And I know we'll get it done if we can get elected.

That's why I say on November 8th,

everybody has to get up and vote.

Because four years ago, the Evangelicals just didn't vote.

Christians didn't vote.

JENNA BROWDER: Trump is trying to change that

by speaking at events like this one

and by showing a softer, more humble, side.

In your RNC acceptance speech, it

was a really endearing moment.

You said-- you thanked the Evangelicals for their support

but you said, I didn't necessarily always deserve it.

Why did you say that?

Well, because I think I'm not perfect

and because I think maybe I'm less perfect than some people.

But I have certain abilities that are good,

like being able to do things.

And I think I'll be able to do things

that will be really great for the Evangelicals

and for others.

His speech was-- it came across as humble.

It wasn't a campaign speech.

Donald Trump is not trying to be an Evangelical preacher.

I think what he's saying is he understands our problems.

He understands our concerns, and he's

going to be a champion for us.

I know when people don't like me, and that's OK.

Either way.

I prefer the liking, but sometimes it doesn't work out,

no matter what you do.

JENNA BROWDER: But some are willing to look beyond that.

You know, a lot of Christians believe

that you have been chosen for such a time as this.

Do you believe that's true?

And have you ever considered that maybe this

is a divine calling?

Well, you know, I've heard that from others,

and I've heard it from pastors.

I've heard it from others.

And I don't really even want to think about it, because that's

too big of a burden.

But I can say this, that if I can do what I'm saying

I can do-- and I'm not only talking with the military,

and building it up, and safety and security,

and you know-- because our country

is in such bad shape in so many ways.

JENNA BROWDER: Divine calling or not, Trump says

he is a friend to Christians.

And religious liberty, you talked about that some.

You know, a lot of Christian business leaders

are getting attacked because they

don't want to support gay couples

or they don't want to provide services.

You've said in the past that you would defend these businesses.

What would you do to protect these businesses?

Well, you know what I'm going to do?

What I'm going to do to protect and what I'm going to do,

I think most importantly, is work on exactly what

I talked about today.

They believe so much in religious liberty,

as I do very much.

Because without religious liberty,

you don't have liberty.



You don't have liberty.


JENNA BROWDER: And that's exactly what

Evangelicals want to hear.

But Trump still has work to do.

Most of these pastors are on board,

but admit he wasn't their first choice.

MATT FLOYD: Some of the things with Donald Trump,

not sure exactly what we're going to get.

We'll have to see.

But with her, with Hillary Clinton,

I know what we're going to get, and that just

looks bad all across the board.

We can open up the voices of great people.

The pastors, and the ministers, and the priests,

and the rabbis, and people of religion.

I think that will be something that I will be so proud of.

This was a move in the right direction for Donald Trump,

but of course, only time will tell if it in fact

translates in the polls.

Reporting in Orlando, Jenna Browder.

CBN News.

I must confess, over the decades

I have never heard a presidential candidate speaking

so forcefully about religious liberty.

They sort of nod and pat you on the back.

That's what happens.

They run the Evangelicals out for a vote during a campaign,

and then when the campaign is over,

they guys forget their promises and they go back

to doing business as usual.

I think Trump means it.

But he also feels that this election

is in the hands of the Evangelicals.

If the Evangelicals turn out to vote,

he thinks that the Republican slate will win.

And if they don't turn out to vote,

then they're going to lose.

It's just that simple.

But this is a huge block of votes and he appreciates it.

But the fact that he's zeroing in on the Johnson Amendment,

I've been fighting against that thing for decades.

And I have never, and I mean never,

heard a national figure speak as forcefully about the Johnson


They duck it.

And I have lobbied and talked to the one.

I mean, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee

and speakers of the house, and all these other people.

And they all kind of nod and say,

yeah, we'll try to help you.

And they never, ever do.

And that goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan.

I mean, he could have done some stuff too and he didn't.

So they sort of say, well, yeah.

Let's take you down to the poll.

You vote for us and then you go back and sit in your pews

and keep your mouth shut.

Trump is saying, you speak out and get with it.

I mean, that is a very refreshing refrain.

But I know exactly what the IRS has used this as a club

over the heads of religious organizations.

And the amazing thing is, on the left,

black pastors, for example, don't hesitate

to speak by name and name candidates

and support candidates by name from the pulpit.

And the IRS doesn't touch them.

But the weight of the IRS comes against conservative Christians

on the conservative side of the spectrum.

And it's no question about it.

I mean, I've seen it.

Lois Lerner, when she was in the FEC

and then later in the tax-exempt branch,

she just apparently hated Christians.

And now, I mean, she plead the fifth because she

had broken so many laws.

And I don't think they've ever punished her.

She's still maybe gets a pension.

But anyhow, this is the campaign we're seeing.

And big thing I want to say again, register to vote.

If you're not registered, you can't vote.

Whatever it takes to get yourself registered, go do it.

Well, Trump has been making headlines too

with remarks about President Obama and ISIS.

And you say, oh Donald, please, please, please.

Don't say stuff like that.

I can tell you where ISIS came from.

I can tell you the person who founded ISIS.

I can tell you what he was before he founded it.

He was a pimp, by the way.

He had a big religious conversion,

and then he was killed by a drone strike.

And then his successor is Baghdadi

and he's over there running ISIS.

But I don't think we can say the president founded it.

He certainly encouraged it by his actions.

Anyhow, Hillary Clinton says her economic plan will bring back


Let's see about that.

GARY LANE: Speaking in Michigan on Thursday,

Hillary Clinton unveiled her economic proposals,

touting herself as the champion of the middle class.

She said only her policies, not those promised by Donald Trump,

would bring relief to economically beleaguered


She pledged to start creating jobs

on day one of her presidency and give students

and their families who earn less than $125,000 free tuition

at public colleges and universities.

But critics say Mrs. Clinton's plan

won't do much for economic growth at a time

when the US under President Obama

has experienced the weakest recovery since World War II.

And they say her criticism of Trump's plans

sounded like the same old class warfare tactics used

in past democratic campaigns.

She called Donald Trump's economic plan trickle-down

economics and said his tax cut proposals would only

benefit the wealthy.

He wants America to work for him and his friends

at the expense of everyone else.

GARY LANE: But critics also point out

Hillary Clinton has received millions more from Wall

Street than Donald Trump.

So far this year, hedge fund investors and their employees

have reportedly contributed $48 million

to Clinton and only $19,000 to Trump.

The former Secretary of State has also again personally,

receiving $21 million in speaking fees

from Wall Street firms.

Mrs. Clinton also bashed Trump's manufacturing practices.

He's made Trump ties in China and Trump suits

in Mexico instead of here in Michigan.

He keeps saying it's not possible to make

these things in America anymore, and that's just wrong.

GARY LANE: She repeated her opposition to the Trans Pacific

Partnership Trade deal.

Campaigning in Florida, Trump again

promised a massive cut in taxes and government regulations.

He pledged to boost spending on national roads and bridges

and said he would allow families to deduct their full childcare

expenses from their federal taxes.

But Trump's comments on foreign policy and Islamic terrorism

got the most attention.

I call President Obama and Hillary

Clinton the founders of ISIS.

They're the founders

Liberal pundits were outraged, and Trump was even

challenged by conservatives, like talk show

host Hugh Hewitt, who defended President Obama.

HUGH HEWITT: He's not sympathetic to them.

He hates that.

He's trying to kill them.

DONALD TRUMP: I don't care.

He was the founder.

GARY LANE: Trump explained what he

meant by calling the president the founder of ISIS.

He is the founder, in a true sense.

If he would have stayed-- I didn't want to be there,

but if he would have kept a relatively small force,

he probably could've prevented ISIS from forming, OK?


And now you look at what's going on with ISIS, where

they're spreading.

GARY LANE: Gary Lane.

CBN News.

Well, that's the way it is.

But you know, this Mosawi, who founded ISIS actually,

was a pimp.

I mean, he liked [INAUDIBLE] procuring women and living

a pretty bawdy lifestyle.

And then he had this religious feeling

and he actually-- as I understand,

he felt like the skin needed to be cut off his body.

He had some kind of a thing where he scraped the skin off.

I mean--

TERRY MEEUWSEN: Like a disease you mean?


Like, he felt that he had such stain and sin on him,

he wanted to give himself to Allah,

so he takes whatever you do to scrape skin off

and-- it was a horrible thing he did to himself.

I never understand.

It's not just him.

You hear this about a number of people who've

been involved in some of this activity, this very

violent activity, who say that they're doing it to adhere

to their Muslim faith and they do it in the name of Allah,

but they are involved in these bawdy scenarios

in their private life.

How does one match that up?

I don't get it.

Mohammad lived a rather well-- as far as sexual things,

it was the sky's the limit.

You could have four wives.

You could have-- the whole promise of martyrdom,

you're going to get 72 virgins.

What is that?

Well, that's a sexual orgy when you get to paradise.

72 of them.


I guess.


After 72 days, they're not anymore and you're--


And some of these guys, when they blow themselves up,

have some kind of protection over their genitalia

so they'll be in shape for the virgins.

I mean, this whole thing is based on sex.

And that was how he rewarded his followers in those early days.

He said, look, we'll give you wives.

You can have sex slaves.

Well, that's what ISIS is doing.

They're taking these women from these small groups

and they're making sex slaves out of them.


It's hard to understand women being attracted to--

Well, they're not attracted.

They're forced.

I mean, you know, ISIS, they had a group of those Yazidi women

who have been made wives compulsory.

And these women said, we cannot do this any longer.

We are not going to permit these men to have

sexual relations with us.


So what did they do?

They put them in a cage and set them on fire

and burned them to death.

That's how they handled that.

They are brutal monsters and they

needed to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

But the first one, Mosawi, was the one

who created this whole idea of the caliphate.

And the one, Baghdadi, now, who's his successor,

he's claimed himself.

He's the caliph and he is the head

of this-- the whole idea of the Levant

was that place in the Middle East

where these people were going to be

in charge, like the old caliphs in the Turkish Ottoman Empire.


TERRY MEEUWSEN: Well, it's certainly

something we'll be continuing to cover

as we look at all of this.

But it's sometimes difficult to understand.


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