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Miss Virginia Talks Faith and Values

Miss Virginia 2016, Michaela Sigmon shares what matters most in her life and what it means for her to wear the crown. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Michaela Sigmon has been

dancing since she was four, and competing in pageants since she

was six.

She joined a professional dance team at 16.

But Michaela' first love was pageants.

Last month, her years of hard work paid off

and she was crowned Miss Virginia 2016.

She'll represent her home state in the Miss America

pageant in September.

Well, she's with us right now.

The newly crowned-- relatively newly crowned--

Miss Virginia 2016, Michaela Sigmon.

It's great to have you here.

It's nice to be here.


Thank you so much.

I really appreciate it.

Very exciting time for you.

You know, you-- we have video of the moment that you found out.

I think people love watching this moment because it's always

such an emotional thing.

But tell us what you were going through

as you take a look at this?

MICHAELA SIGMON: When I was crowned Miss Virginia,

there was just a sense of-- I wasn't nervous,

but I knew I had big shoes to fill,

not from the former Miss Virginias,

but because, you know, I have this platform to speak,

that people are looking up to me.

INTERVIEWER: It's a responsibility, really.


My sphere of influence was opened up,

which is what I wanted it to be-- bigger and bolder.

And so to know that I have accomplishments ahead

and to reach them, to not be nervous,

but to walk boldly in that.

INTERVIEWER: You know, it really is-- the Miss America Pageant,

once you get to-- it's true on the local level, too, but more

so on the state level and then certainly

the national-- is an open door to many opportunities.


It's been a few weeks for you.

How has your life changed?

It's something that I tell people

that I went from being a girl-- the day

after I was crowned Miss Virginia,

they moved me into my apartment, Miss Virginia apartment,

five hours from my home.

So you go from being a girl to a woman.

And it's something that I've realized, you know,

God has called us to be bold and courageous.

And He's just-- He's--

INTERVIEWER: The moment is here.

The moment is here.

And he has equipped me.

And when you don't think that the time is right,

the time is right.


And so to walk firmly in that.

And it's hardly ever-- the time is hardly

ever right with the Lord when you think it's going to be.


You know, it's always a bit of a surprise.

Talk a little bit about dance and the role

that it's played in your life, because it's

been significant for many years for you.

Well, besides just being fitness,

you know, it's helped me stay fit throughout my life

and healthy, it's taught me discipline.

I, you know, give all the credit to, yes,

Arnora and David Hummel, the owners of Academie de Ballet,

but Andre.

Mr. Andre, we call him.

He is my ballet instructor, the master ballet instructor.

He just taught me to have discipline to whatever I'm

working towards, whether you have

a bad day or a good day in dance, to reach that goal

and you'll eventually obtain it.

INTERVIEWER: How does your faith play a role

in all of this for you?

What it does is it gives me security.

It gives me security sitting right before you, right now,

everyone's like, aren't you so nervous?

I'm like, no.

This is my faith.

This is my journey that God has given me.

And to be humble in it, but, you know,

to share love and His light.

INTERVIEWER: People may not all know this,

but for a number of years now the Miss America Pageant

has had each contestant that comes from her state come

with a platform, something that she would like to accomplish

during her year, something that she thinks is significant

and that matters to her.

Tell us about yours.

Well, first I just want to say my platform,

I believe, encompasses all other platforms of the Miss America


It's called Making It Matter, which

is promoting the importance of self-worth

and the beauty of valuing someone else.

And I actually had an experience at Greenbriar Mall

right here in Chesapeake Virginia.

I went up and I ordered my food, and the cashier said,

doesn't my friend look like a llama?

And I said, excuse me?

You know, I was kind of taken aback by that.

If you're friends, you don't call someone like.

And I said, no, but she has beautiful skin.

And I used to be really shy when I was little.

I would never say anything.

The girl took a step back and said,

that's been my insecurity all of my life is my skin.

So I thank you.

And she started crying.

If I can do that as Miss Virginia, whether this crown

and sash is on or off, you know, I'm making a difference.

And that's what I'm here for.

And now I have a bigger influence and a bigger


Tell me about-- you have a motto that you've

tried to live your life by.

Tell us about that.


My motto is the greatest blessing is to be a blessing.

It's come from my parents.

They are just the type to give you their shirt off their back.

And they've taught me to walk in faith, to walk in God's grace

and humility.

And so I'm just-- I'm really appreciative of the family

I've, you know, just grown up in.

INTERVIEWER: It takes that kind of support

to do what you're doing well.


And here the Miss America Pageant

looms around the corner.

And I say "looms," because it's like yet another level

of competition.

What are you most concerned about in going?

What are you most looking forward to?

What I'm concerned about is just the mental game

that plays into it.

And I love to compete.

I'm a competitor, but yet I love to show love through that.

To know that you can have loving grace and, you know,

want to do your best, because that's what God calls us to do.

But to love someone that's your neighbor, that's

your competitor is something I am

nervous about because I don't really

know these girls that I'm competing with.

And I'm excited to have the opportunity to know them.

So, Michaela, on the other side of the Miss America Pageant,

if you win the Miss America Pageant, it's one thing.

If you don't, it's another.

But at some point life picks up for you again

one way or the other.

What's your future?

What do you want to do?

So what I would love to do is to be a sports broadcaster.

And about three or four days after I

was crowned Miss Virginia, I got hooked up with the NFL Players




In their union, they work with charities.

I've volunteered all of my life, about 5,000 hours in total,

so to work with their charities and promoting

that side of sports and sports journalism

would be a really good mix of the two.

INTERVIEWER: That would be a good experience for you.

And along the way I hope you have the wisdom

to root for Green Bay.




INTERVIEWER: We want you to know you can watch Michaela compete

in the Miss America Pageant.

It's occurring on Sunday, September

the 11th at 9:00 PM Eastern time.

It's on ABC.

And so watch for Miss Virginia and cheer for her.

Michaela, thank you again for being with us.

We wish you the best.

Thank you so much for the blessing.


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