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Bring It On-Line: Living in Sin - August 16, 2016

She says she is going to get divorced but still hasn't. Pat what do I do? Is it selfish to bring another child into the world? Where do pastors get the idea that the "sign gifts" have passed? Is "Jesus" the right name to ... ... Read Transcript


Time to answer some of the questions you've

sent in with our Bring It On segment.

And Pat, this first question's from Dustin, who says,

"I've been with my girlfriend for a year now,

and she's still married.

She says she's going to get divorced, but still hasn't.

What should I do?"

Dustin, my buddy, let's face it.

What you're doing is called adultery.

That woman is married.

You've been having an affair with her.

I guess you say she's with you.

I guess you all are having sex together and living together.

Sounds like it.

And she's married.

You're trying to take somebody else's wife away from him.

And she won't leave.

And you say what should you do?

Walk away, brother.

Walk away.

You're in sin.

That's wrong.

Adultery is one of those things in the Ten Commandments--

thou shalt not commit adultery.

And that has to do with sex with a married person that's

not your wife or your husband.


That's the answer.

So go find a woman if you're looking for a woman.

Go find somebody that's not married to somebody else.

And if you want to get married, by all means do so, all right?

This is Marie, who says, "I have two daughters.

My husband and I would like another child.

However, I know we're living in the time of confusion

and chaos.

I believe the end of the world is near.

Is it selfish to bring another child into the world?"

It's not selfish at all.

You do what the Lord shows you to do.

And if he says be fruitful and multiply and possess the Earth,

you go ahead.

And don't worry about what's going to happen.

It's always something out there that's going to worry you.

The Lord will take care of you, whatever

you're doing, all right?

This is Marilyn, who says, "My church believes

tongues, healings, and miracles have passed away.

The pastor's very knowledgeable in the Bible,

but lacks in this.

My church even has in its constitution

that speaking in tongues during a service is unacceptable.

That statement goes against the Bible.

I love the people that go here.

Where do pastors get the idea that the 'sign gifts'

have passed?"

Well, I was taught in this dispensational stuff

that they said, well, this is the different dispensation.

Nothing in the Bible talks about dispensations

having to do with the end of the things.

Jesus Christ, the Bible, says, the same yesterday, today,

and forever.

The anointing of the spirit has not stopped.

And so God is still doing miracles.

A matter of fact, there's an intensity

of the power of the Holy Spirit.

More people are being healed.

More people are having prophetic words.

More people are speaking in tongues and interpretation.

The gifts of the Spirit-- the charismatic movement,

if I can use that-- has about 600 million people.

It's the fastest growing expression of Christianity

on the face of the globe.

So your pastor, God bless him, is wrong, all right?

This is Julie, who says, "I heard a pastor on a local radio

show saying that we should say 'Yahweh,' and I also heard

the same name on the audio of the Bible on your website.

So is 'Jesus' the right name to say in prayer,

or should we say 'Yahweh'?"

Well, Yahweh is the Hebrew Hiphil tense of the verb to be.

Jesus' name, by the way, is Yehoshua,

which means Yahweh-Savior.

But his name isn't Yahweh.

It's Jesus.

And you'll call his name Jesus.

That's what the Bible says.

So don't worry about all that.

One last.

This is Ashley, who says, "Will I

have to live with my medical condition for years, or even

the rest of my life?

I've been praying for healing for years.

So if God was going to heal me, wouldn't he

have done it already?"

Not necessarily.

Why don't you begin speaking to that condition?

Speak to the disease, speak to your body,

and begin to declare with the Word,

like he did at the beginning, let there be light.

In the name of Jesus, command your body to be healed,

and begin to take what God has given you.

Well, I thank you for all those questions.

You have some wonderful questions,

and we take them as best we're able every today on the show.

Well, we leave you with today's Power Minute from Matthew 16--

"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven;

and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,

and whatever you lose on earth will be loosed in heaven."


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