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Praying For Your Needs: August 16, 2016

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

Isn't that an encouraging report?

Whatever you're suffering from today,

I hope your faith is built by what Sandra had to share.

That's amazing.

You know, Gordon didn't know Sandra.

Didn't know anything.

But the Lord knew Sandra and gave a word.

Here's something.

Patricia who lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

She had suffered from fibromyalgia since 1995.

And it was her foot, neck, back, and shoulders.

She was really hurting.

She was watching this program.

Terry, you had this word.

Quote, somebody with chronic fibromyalgia.

You've had it for a while.

You've accepted it.

And God's healing you right now.

Lift up your hands and receive it.

And guess what?

Patricia in Carlisle, Pennsylvania said that's me.

TERRY: Praise the Lord.

PAT: She got it, and the Lord healed her.

What else you got?

He did.

This is Deborah who lives in Houston, Texas.

She felt a growth on the lower right side of her abdomen.

There was no pain but it did continue to get larger.

For two months she'd been asking the Lord for a healing.

On July 22nd, Deborah was watching this program and Pat,

you said, somebody's got a growth in your abdomen.

It's a tumor.

You've been afraid to have it examined because you're

afraid it's cancer.

It's not cancer, it's a benign tumor.

It's going away right now in the name of Jesus.

Hearing this, Deborah jumped from her chair and said yes.

She claimed this for herself and immediately sensed

that that growth was gone.

You know, I didn't know her.

She lives-- wherever she lived.

TERRY: Houston.

In Houston, Texas?

Houston, Texas.

A long way away.

God says, bang!

And that tumor's gone.

The Word.

The Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper

than a two-edged sword.

It's powerful.

Now Terry and I are gonna join hands.

I want you to pray with us.

What is your need?

We're here for you.

Didn't cost any money.

We're here for you.

Lord, I join hands with my dear sister in Christ.

You said if two of you agree-- now we agree,

as touching whatever is there.

There's a bowel obstruction.

There's a man.

I believe the name is Philip, and you have had this thing,

and right now God is opening up those bowels.

The obstruction has gone away, and you

will have complete success with your intestines.

They will be working perfectly, in Jesus' name.


There's someone else.

You thought you had tooth issues,

but it's actually your jaw.

And you've had a diagnosis that involves your bone.

God is healing that for you right now.

Just begin to move your jaw around,

open and close your mouth.

That snapping is not there, the deep ache and pain is gone.

You have just been healed.

There's a woman named Marcy.

You've got lupus.

And it's disfiguring, and you've been crying to the Lord,

and it's so painful.

God has just touched you and healed you.

You'll find a complete change throughout your face

and your body.

All those symptoms of lupus are leaving you

in the name of Jesus.

You're completely healed.

There's someone else.

You've had shingles not once, not twice, but several times.

It's so painful.

God is healing that.

You will not experience it again.

Throughout this audience, Lord, touch lives.

Let the anointing of the Spirit be there.

May the favor of the Lord rest upon us, and may

we see the glory of Lord.

In Jesus' name, receive an answer.


TERRY: Amen.

Wherever you are, call us.

We'd love to hear answers to prayer.

We love to have the chance to pray with you.

We love being able to minister to people in whatever fashion.

So the telephone number's there.

Give us a call.

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