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News on The 700 Club: August 16, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," August 16: Can Trump's fiery message on terror save his campaign?, Obama approves GITMO's largest prisoner release to date, and more. Read Transcript

They called it a pivot.

They called it a pivot.

So, is Donald Trump finally pivoting?

He made a very fine speech yesterday.

It was presidential.

It was hailed by those who are experts on foreign policy.

It covered a wide variety of topics.

And it was right on message.

The question is, if he'll stay that way,

we might see the polls change a little bit.

They had the speech-- he said I want

to slam the door on terrorism.

He called for a quote "extreme vetting of immigrants",

and "working with any country that

wants to fight ISIS, even Russia." -Well,

Trump's been struggling in the polls against Hillary Clinton.

And conservatives are calling on him to get his act together

before it's too late.

Heather Sells has the latest.

Now a different threat challenges our world.

Radical Islamic terrorism.


that Donald Trump's campaign is struggling right now,

losing in key battleground states,

lacking in field organization, and failing to deliver

a consistent message.

It's one reason why he came out with a hard hitting

speech on Monday aimed squarely at drawing

a line between himself and Hillary

Clinton on the issue of terror.

Trump also blamed Clinton, in part, for the growth of ISIS.

The Rise of ISIS is the direct result

of policy decisions made by President Obama

and Secretary of State Clinton.


all US troops leaving Iraq by 2011,

creating a political and security vacuum,

and paving the way for ISIS.

After making waves by criticizing

NATO earlier in the campaign, Trump now

says he wants to work closely with NATO, and even Russia,

to fight ISIS.

I had previously said that NATO was obsolete

because it failed to deal adequately with terrorism.

Since my comments, they change their policy,

and now had a new division focused on terror threats.

Very good.

Very, very good.

I also believe that we can find common ground with Russia

in the fight against ISIS.


said he will end the current strategy of nation building

and regime change, pointing to failures

by the Obama administration in Libya and Egypt.

And he elaborated on his calls for tighter controls on those

who want to enter the US.

Trump wants to temporarily block those

from quote "dangerous and volatile regions"

and develop new screening tests for other applicants.

I call it extreme, extreme vetting.

Our country has enough problems.

We don't need more.

And these are problems like we've never had before.


of terror may be a winning one for Trump.

Which is why Vice President Joe Biden joined Hillary Clinton

on the campaign trail Monday, saying

Trump is unprepared to handle national security.

Speech comes as Republicans believe

Trump is at a make or break moment,

weary of his campaign's lack of organization and discipline.

This week the Wall Street Journal

called on Trump to get his act together,

or turn the nomination over to his running mate Mike Pence.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

I believe that's the beginning of a change.

And I think that kind of change--

the Democrats are so weak, the economy has

been the most anemic in any recovery, I think, on record.

The numbers of unemployment are staggering.

The numbers on food stamps staggering.

The numbers of people who are not

paying homeowners or renters-- staggering.

Every indicia is really bad.

And if Trump plays on this, and stays on that,

and tells people, I'm going to do something

to get you back to work and get you some good jobs,

he'll have a chance to win this thing.

But if he continues to play on these side issues,

people are not going to care.

And it needs to be something more than just attacking


Talk about the major issues.

Yesterday he did it.

If he'll continue to do it, you'll

watch the polls go up dramatically.

He just needs to stay out of these rabbit holes

that he's gotten himself into.

Well in other news, US stock markets

are hitting record highs thanks to a new upturn for oil prices.

It's just amazing what's happened in the stock market

as the indicia.

The Dow is up.

The S&P is up.

They're hitting new highs together.

And John Jessup has more on that story.

Pat, as you just stated it is across the board.

The Dow, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ hit record highs Monday.

This comes after all three markets

set new records last Thursday.

Market watch reporting that hasn't happened since 1999.

Markets are being buoyed by a spike in oil prices,

as well as positive news on housing.

And Pat, some analysts believe it's

a sign that stock markets will continue a steady climb.

Well, I've seen some reports that

indicate that we are in a major bull market,

and it doesn't seem to be coinciding

with the state of the economy.

The market just has a mind of its own.

But there's no question about it-- for example,

gold has just taken off.

The price of gold has doubled-- or more than doubled

in many instances.

I notice that Soros was a big buyer in one

of the major gold companies.

He just sold a number of shares, but he's in it big time.

And Barrick Gold, and other gold companies-- the smaller

gold companies are doing having record stock market gains.

We're talking about a huge-- 100% gain, 150%, 200% gain--

which is rather unique.

So, those that are in the stock market-- and apparently George

Soros, for example, in it big time.

These guys-- and John Paulsen, they're

making a lot of money in the stock market.

It's irrational, so don't try to ask, well

how come it's doing it.

Who knows why it's doing it.

All I know, it is doing it.

And maybe people are trying to get out of the dollar

and they're trying to get into hard assets like gold.

But some of the other hard assets aren't performing.

But gold, silver, precious metals--

doing extraordinarily well.

Whether they keep that up, that remains to be seen.

But that's the story.


Pat, Russian jets took off today from a base in Iran

to bomb terrorist targets in Syria.

It marks a major step in Russia's Iranian alliance.

Until now, Moscow has relied on bases in Syria

to conduct those operations.

Iran and Russia are both allies of Syrian dictator,

Bashar al-Assad.

The two nations growing even closer

since international sanctions against the regime were lifted.


I want to point out, once again,

the prophetic significance.

There is Ezekiel chapter 38.

It is an extraordinary statement in the Old Testament about what

will happen in the latter days.

As a coalition will come against a revived Israel-- which

has been gathered from the four corners of the earth

and is dwelling at peace in the land--

it's so clear-- it's like you're reading

the front page of the paper.

But what is that coalition?

It's going to be the Caucasus countries that

border Russia and all the Arab countries in there-- at least

the Muslim countries.

Turkey, which is Gomer, but it's going to be Turkey, and Iran.

And possibly somebody known as Rosh.

Rosh means head in Hebrew, so is it Russia or something else?

Anyhow-- now we're looking at a rapprochement

between Russia, Turkey, Iran.

They're coming together-- exactly

like the Bible says-- in the latter days against Israel.

And this signifies something major in the world.

So, keep your eyes open.

I want to bring you not only the news of the day,

but I want to show you the prophetic significance

of what's happening.

It is happening so fast, and it is right down

the line in accordance with scripture,

including the shift of Turkey from being a secular democracy

to being in the Islamic state.

That's on the way, too.


Pat, the Obama administration has released 15 more terror

suspects from Guantanamo Bay.

The Pentagon reporting that brings the number of GTMO

detainees down to 61.

The 15 prisoners were transferred Monday

to the United Arab Emirates.

This latest release is the largest under President Obama

so far.

About 180 of the terror suspects have been transferred from GTMO

since he took office.

Mr. Obama's goal is to remove most of the detainees

from the offshore prison before his term ends in January.

Well, the death toll has risen in southern Louisiana

as the severe flooding continues there.

At least seven people are now confirmed dead,

and more than 20,000 have been rescued from their homes

in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

11,000 now seeking safe haven in shelters.

TORINA HEBERT: My house was under water.

I have three children.

My sister lives in the Sherwood Forest area,

and she was on top her roof.

And she has five children.

JOHN JESSUP (VOICEOVER): Operation Blessing Disaster

Relief Teams have been deployed to the area working

with local emergency management and church partners.

They're equipped with tools and other supplies,

and a mobile kitchen which can serve 2,000 hot meals a day.

Pat-- welcome and much needed help.

Well, it's there, and Operation Blessing is on the scene.

We believe in going where disasters strike--

where people are suffering.

And man-- that area of Louisiana is low water,

and this flooding is unprecedented all the way

into the heart of Louisiana.

We're sending teams, 2,000 hot meals a day,

cooking for the responders, tools--

necessary tools for rebuilding homes.

We'll be there taking out some dry wall,

putting in new finishes on these houses.

So, it's there.

And if you want to help, I think it's

nice to reach out to those in our society that are hurting.

And they certainly are hurting at this point.

It's Disaster Relief Fund, CBN Center, Virginia Beach,


That's Operation Blessing.

We're there to bless people when disaster strikes.

Thank the Lord we can do something to help them.

How terrible it is they hurt, but it's

gratifying to know that God is placing in our hands

the means of reaching out with love and compassion

to these who are suffering.

Well, we're going to talk about the Olympics.

It's wrapping up, but the US squad is really doing well.


That's right.

The Olympic squad is still racking up the metals in Rio.

Gymnast Laurie Hernandez claiming the silver medal

on the balance beam.

Simone Biles followed behind with the bronze.

US track star and Christian athlete, Allyson Felix,

missed out on her fifth Olympic gold medal,

but still claimed silver.

That came after her opponent literally

dove across the finish line for a dramatic win in the 400


Well, meanwhile, security in Rio is a growing concern

after American swimmer, Ryan Lochte, was robbed at gunpoint.

Some countries had banned their athletes

from venturing beyond the Olympic complex.

Rio is notorious for dangerous crime,

and that's exactly why one missionary

has devoted her life to bringing hope

to the children of Rio slums.

Gary Lane reports on how she's changing lives for Christ

in one drug and crime infested neighborhood.

GARY LANE (VOICEOVER): Missionary Edmeia Williams

walks the streets of Santa Marta Favela in Rio de Janeiro

receiving hugs and affection.

But at first it was not so.

She arrived 26 years ago when this

was Rio's most violent place.

A neighborhood known as a center of witchcraft.

The police did not dare enter here.

In places like this, in front of the white cross,

human sacrifices were made.

But Edmeia felt something special

for the favela's children.

That's how she founded the House of Mary and Martha,

a project for child evangelism that

offers physical material and spiritual support.

CBN Latin America producer, Javier Bolanos,

visited the slum where Williams serves.

JAVIER BOLANOS (VOICEOVER): Under the arms of the Christ,

the Redeemer statue, here in Rio de Janeiro.

The children in the Santa Marta favela struggle to survive.

But at the feet of Jesus Christ, missionary Edmeia Williams

and her team work hard to bring hope for these children.

GARY LANE (VOICEOVER): Wallace Pereira

came to the House of Mary and Martha when he was a boy.

Years later, after attending university,

he came back-- now as a teacher.

Today, his daughter studies here.


INTERPRETER: I started coming to House of Mary and Martha

when I was four years old.

Then I continued my education outside the favela,

but I kept contact with Edmeia.

Two years ago she called me, and I came back as a teacher."

GARY LANE (VOICEOVER): Edmeia's work

has the financial support of several churches

and ministries in Brazil.

Victory in Christ Church sends her an offering every month.


INTERPRETER: She is a woman that was carved for this job.

God calls people with a vocation.

Edmeia's work is highly respected here.

Her work is admirable, so we help her

because she is a serious woman who has a story,

and that is very important to me."

GARY LANE (VOICEOVER): The missionary appreciates help,

but she's sure that God provides supernaturally.

And that's why her pantry is always full.

Still, she has a special request.

Gary Lane, CBN News.

Thank you, Gary.

Pat-- Edmeia doing remarkable work in the city of Rio.

We're thrilled with somebody like that.

The courage that woman has, the compassion, the love-- that's

what Jesus wants us to be.

Missionaries of love and compassion.

You are my hands extended, He says.

You are my hand.

You are my arms, and my feet.

You go out where people are hurting,

and in as much as you've done under the least of these,

you've done it under me.


Her longevity validates her role there, doesn't it?

That's amazing.

That's quite a woman.


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