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News on The 700 Club: August 19, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 19: Viral image sparks questions about disastrous war in Syria; Trump expresses regret over past remarks on campaign trail; new Ben-Hur film and more. Read Transcript

You know, when I was in prep school,

I learned a few things--

Well, I'd hope so. [CHUCKLES]

--years ago.

And I had a boxing coach who said,

when you're in the ring with a guy

and you've hit him with everything you've got

and he's still standing, get out of the ring.

I'm thinking of this political thing.

Hillary Clinton has hit Donald Trump with everything

she's got.

She's thrown $100 million worth of ads at him.


I mean, and everything about his character,

he doesn't do this.

He can't be a leader.

He can't be that.

And they've done everything.

And guess what.

Trump is about one or two points behind her in the poll.


And he hasn't even spent the first ad dollar.

Well, one of the things he said that I think is so true

is, I'm out here shooting from the hip,

per se, speaking off the cuff, as opposed

to using the teleprompters.

I think he's learning that there's a reason people

use teleprompters.

That's right.

Because there aren't very many of us

that can just stand up and shoot from the hip

and not offend somebody.

When we were first in this thing,

we didn't have any video, or anything.

And I was teaching, and I was so tired,

I actually went to sleep standing up.


And I kept on talking and I woke up.

I wondered what I'd been talking about.

And I just-- I mean, it was--

It's a little scary. [CHUCKLES]

That's live TV.


Well, anyhow, Trump gave a fantastic speech.

Now, he's hired this girl who used to work for Frank Luntz.

Frank Luntz is a great guy, and he's a wonderful pollster

and a good friend.

And she knows how to touch women.

And Trump's message out of Charlotte was magnificent.

I don't how many people saw it, but it's

made-- if he continues on that same course,

and he's closing in on Hillary, and then

he begins to open up with some really good television--

he's got Roger Ailes, the way I understand it,

working with him-- I mean, this thing

can turn around in amazing-- because Hillary

is very vulnerable.

And it gets more-- if the economy stays weak,

she's going to have a hard time.

She's got to carry the burden of the Obama Administration.

And by the way, Aetna pulled out of the health care thing.

So the Obamacare is collapsing.

Slowly, but surely, mm-hmm.

Well, in another year or two, it'll

be gone, because it's just unsustainable.

So OK.

Well, you watch what's going to happen, ladies and gentlemen.

But it's remarkable.

But remember, when you're in the ring

and you hit the guy with everything you've got

and he's still standing, get out of the ring.

And I'm afraid Hillary-- they may be pulling him into-- we

mentioned it yesterday.

Say it again, keep your eyes on what's

going to happen with Joe Biden and Hillary.

It's just the Democrats are going

to pull something, if they can.

Well, they finally admitted it.

$400 million in cash, huge bundles of cash.

And the State Department says, oh no, there

was no link between $400 million and Iran and the release

of American hostages.

We're not paying cash for hostages.

The Department says the money was indeed

tied into the release of those Americans.

They've finally come clean on it.

And guess what.

The price of each prisoner has gone up dramatically.

Well, that embarrassment for the Obama Administration

comes as a new image of a little boy caught

in the horrors of battle is reminding

us all, the whole world, about the tragic war in Syria.

Gary Lane has that story.

GARY LANE: It's a video image that

is touching hearts and minds around the world, one

that refocuses attention on the Syrian Civil War.

Rescuers pulled five-year-old Omran Daqneesh

from the rubble of his bombed out apartment building

in Aleppo.

Injured and in shock as a result of a Syrian government

airstrike, the boy wipes his brow

and discovers that he is bleeding.

The images were captured by Aleppo Media Center,

a group that has documented human rights atrocities

committed by the Assad regime.


GARY LANE: They included the continued use of cluster bombs

and chemical weapons, despite President Obama's drawing

of a red line against their use three years ago.

Under threat of US airstrikes, the Syrian government

backed down and said it would either turn over or destroy

its chemical weapons stockpile.

Although evidence suggests the government is still

using the weapons, the US has taken no action

to stop the regime.


Fighting has intensified in Aleppo, Syria's second largest

city, where the government wants a victory

against anti-regime rebels.

A major win here may lead to an end

to the five-and-a-half-year-old war and the suffering

of millions like little Omran.

But on again, off again peace talks in Geneva

center on one major issue-- President Assad

and his government being forced from power.

Many people here in Damascus, and Christians included,

say they want Bashar al-Assad to stay,

but the opposition negotiators meeting in Geneva

say there won't be peace until he goes.

And that may cause the war to drag on for many months

and even years to come.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Republicans

are slamming President Obama for making a $400 million

cash payment to Iran in exchange for the release of three

American prisoners.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the Administration

has misled the country about the ransom for hostages deal

since January.

Ryan's remarks came Thursday after the State Department

admitted the payment was made, only after the prisoners were


We, of course, sought to retain maximum leverage

until after American citizens were released.

That was our top priority.

GARY LANE: That also led to a stinging rebuke of Obama

from Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

He said, we don't pay ransom, but we did.

He lied about the hostages openly and blatantly,

just like he lied about Obamacare.

GARY LANE: No word yet from Hillary Clinton

about the Iran exchange and the State Department admission.

President Obama insists there was no quid pro quo.

Critics say, even if the President is right,

there was no money exchanged for prisoners,

It appears there was.

And that means more Americans may

have a bounty on their heads in the future.

Gary Lane, CBN News.


Isn't that amazing?

How many times are they going to lie in Washington?

How often are they going to lie?

Hillary lied through her teeth over and over again, lied.

And the President, do you remember?

If you like your doctor, you can keep him.

If you like your health care, you can keep it.

Blatant lies, and he knew they were lies.

Well, anyhow, here at home, Donald Trump

had a surprising admission in a speech last night.

Is this a new, humbler, gentler Donald we're seeing?

John Jessup.

That's right, Pat, Donald Trump expressed regret

for some of his past remarks on the campaign trail.

In a speech Thursday night, Trump

didn't mention anything specific,

but he did admit he hasn't always chosen the right words.

That was before criticizing Hillary Clinton

for a lack of honesty.

Sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking

on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words,

or you say the wrong thing.

I have done that.

And believe it or not, I regret it.

While sometimes I can be too honest,

Hillary Clinton is the exact opposite.

She never tells the truth-- one lie after another,

and getting worse with each passing day.

JOHN JESSUP: Trump is trailing Clinton by four points,

according to a new research poll, 41% to 37%,

with just over two and a half months until election day.

Well, former President Bill Clinton

says the Clinton Foundation will stop

accepting foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is

elected president.

Critics have argued the Clinton Foundation created conflicts

of interest, potentially allowing foreign governments

to buy influence with Mrs. Clinton when

she was secretary of state.

And both Republicans and Democrats

have questioned the Foundation's acceptance of money

from countries like Saudi Arabia.

Pat, back to you.

Thank you.

It wasn't just Saudi Arabia.

It was every dictator you could think of.

They were buying access to the White House and also access

to Bill Clinton and access to the secretary of state

when his wife was secretary of state.

It was a shady, shocking misuse of power.

And to say that he won't receive any more of it is ridiculous.

They have received, I don't know,

a couple of billion dollars.

It is the most incredible fundraising mechanism

I have ever witnessed in all my life in the charitable realm.

Some businesses may be making more,

but few have made what the Clinton Foundation has made.

And it's just a slush fund for Bill and Hillary.

And, well, we're not going to take any more donations

from these nasty people.

Yeah, in your dreams.


Pat, Donald Trump is visiting Louisiana

to see the devastation caused by the historic flooding there.

That, as the White House says President Obama has

no plans of interrupting his vacation to travel

to the flooded region.

Meanwhile, some residents in Louisiana

are beginning to return home to assess the damage.

And Operation Blessing is stepping in

to help those in need.

Yesterday, Operation Blessing boats

delivered food and water to families

who were still stranded.

We're completely surrounded by water here, delivering water.

sandwiches, bleach, toilet paper to folks

that are still stranded in their homes and not wanting to leave.

JOHN JESSUP: The people there are grateful for the help

because aid has been scarce due to the dangerously high waters.

This is the first time ever that I've

seen water over Highway 22 the way

I've seen it these last few days.

Y'all are the first ones I've seen come through with water

and any kind of sandwiches.

They were supposed to come through yesterday.

And a truck come through, and well, it come so far,

and they turned around and went back toward [INAUDIBLE] and

toward [INAUDIBLE], and never even made it this way.

JOHN JESSUP: Operation Blessing says

it will continue to work tirelessly

to bring the love of Christ where it's needed.

And you can find out how to help Operation Blessing bring

hope to those flood victims by donating or volunteering.

For more information, visit their website at


I'm so proud of Bill Horan and the team,

and they're down there where people are hurting.

And I was in Katrina shortly after that disaster down there

and saw the work of Operation Blessing, and I may say,

saw the screw-up of FEMA.

It was just disgraceful how bad they were.

I mean, disgraceful.

We saw it firsthand.

We were there feeding, I think, about 30,000 hot meals a day,

and so forth.

I mean, Operation Blessing is really there.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's a worthy cause and one

of the most efficient charities in the whole United States

of America or in the world.

And, again, it's Operation Blessing.

Well, it's Operation Blessing Disaster Relief,,

you can reach them.

There's the number of CBN Center.

But they're not stopping.

Those floodwaters haven't receded yet,

and they're still there.

And the people are still hurting,

and they still need-- well, they need tools

and they need volunteers, and they need supplies.

They need all the things we're bringing them.


Pat, two American swimmers head home

from the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro today.

That's one day after being pulled off a plane to testify

about an alleged robbery.

Police in Brazil say their story was made up.

The lawyer for a third US swimmer

said he would make a payment of $10,800

and leave Brazil later today.

The drama came as a shock and deeply angered many Brazilians

who say it's cast a negative shadow

over their city and the games.

US Olympic Committee apologized to the hosts in Rio

and the people of Brazil.

But the US team has performed superbly,

dominating in the medal count.

And a reminder, we have a special section

on featuring the faith of the Olympians

from a wide range of sports.


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