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Persistence in Prayer Yields Miracle Healing

Getting hit by a car left Dora with an agonizing headache. She called in to The 700 Club to pray for healing, and spent months calling back. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In early 2015, Dora Miodeski was hit by a car

while walking outside her workplace in Portland, Oregon.

She was rushed to the emergency room

where doctors diagnosed her with a concussion.

She was released from the hospital,

but later started suffering from severe headaches.

DORA MIODUSKI: I thought my head was going to explode.

And I couldn't function because the headache was so, so


I was out of work for nine months.

And my doctor, I will call him, and tell him I can't sleep.

I can't function.

I can't stand this headaches.

And he'd just send me prescriptions.

NARRATOR: Dora's medication didn't alleviate the pain.

Unable to get relief, Dora prayed constantly.

DORA MIODUSKI: And I cry out to the Lord many days, many times,

many nights.

And it seems like the Lord was so far

away that He didn't answer it.

So I started calling 700 Club.

NARRATOR: Dora called the 700 Club Prayer Partners

for months.

And then, on October 13, 2015, she had a breakthrough.

DORA MIODUSKI: When I called in, I

was telling this person that I've

been calling so many times, but I still

have this horrendous headache.

And she says, well today we're going

to tell that spirit of headache to go away from you.

And she was praying with such an authority.

Then, I thanked the Lord, went to bed.

And the next morning, I got up and I kneeled down to pray.

And I'm like where is the headache?

No headache.

Like, wow, it's amazing.

I had to call them.

I had to tell them.

I had to tell somebody.

NARRATOR: Dora hasn't experienced a single headache

since that day.

DORA MIODUSKI: I can have a life.

I can go back to my job, after nine months.

It means that God loves me that much,

that He really cares for me.

I was already so in love with the Lord,

but this took me a step higher.

Trust in the Lord.

When all else fails, God will never fail us.

He's always listening.

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