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News on The 700 Club: August 23, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 23: FBI uncovers more work-related emails from Hillary Clinton; Iraqi police disarm 11 year-old suicide bomber; Health reports reveal there is a new danger in taking too many antibiotics; and more. Read Transcript

Man, it's the controversy that just won't stop.

50% more e-mails were not turned over-- FBI looks,

everybody looks.

Oh, I've given 'em all over.

And all of a sudden here, 15,000 of 'em.

What's in them?

Are there secrets about the Clinton Foundation?

Was there pay for the play?

What kind of things are there?

And why are they trying to hide them?

And once they get to them, the restrictions

are so strong that the people who look who look at 'em

have to have super high clearance.

And even some of the congressional committee

is not allowed to see them because they're, quote,

so secret.

Well if they're that secret, how come

they were on a homemade server in somebody's basement?

I mean, the whole thing is screwy.


TERRY MEEUWSEN: It's pretty unbelievable.


Well, the revelation that they've been found

comes as Donald Trump may be reviewing

his position on one of his key issues, illegal immigration.

Charlene Aaron brings us the story.

CHARLENE AARON: More e-mail problems for Hillary Clinton.

The FBI has discovered almost 15,000 more

of Clinton's e-mails, which could be

released before the election.

At a rally in Ohio, Donald Trump hammered Clinton on the issue.

After the FBI and Department of Justice whitewashed Hillary

Clinton's e-mail crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted

to quickly or impartially investigate Hillary

Clinton's new crimes.

CHARLENE AARON: On late night TV,

the Democratic presidential nominee

joked about the controversy.

He makes up stuff to use against me.

If he would stick with reality I wouldn't

have a worry in the world.

CHARLENE AARON: But former Secretary of State,

Colin Powell isn't laughing.

Clinton alleges it was Powell who suggested she

use a private e-mail server.

According to a new book, Powell made the suggestion shortly

after Clinton became Secretary of State at an event

hosted by another former Secretary of State, Madeline


Powell used personal e-mail when he was Secretary of State,

but not for classified information.

Powell denies Clinton's claim.

He tells People magazine, "her people have

been trying to pin it on me.

The truth is, she was using the private e-mail server

for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did."

The new e-mails also show how some donors to the Clinton

Foundation got access to Clinton when

she was Secretary of State.

Some Republicans have said that some of those contributors

got special favors for their donations.

But both Clinton and the foundation deny that.

Meanwhile, Trump is holding off on his planned speech

on immigration that was scheduled for later this week.

CHARLENE AARON: During the primaries,

Trump promised deportation forces and a wall.

But on Monday he promised to be fair but firm

toward the 11 million immigrants living in the US

illegally-- a shift in tone that has raised questions

on whether he's backtracking from previous pledges

to push for mass deportations.

In a meeting with Hispanic activists

Saturday, Trump indicated he was open to considering

allowing those who have not committed crimes to obtain

some form of legal status.

But he insists he is not flip-flopping on the issue.

If we don't have a strong border,

we don't have a country.

CHARLENE AARON: Polls still show Hillary Clinton leading Trump.

But there are still more than two months until the election.

And CBN's David Brody has reported exclusively

that a massive get out the vote operation for evangelicals

is being planned.

The American Renewal Project will be holding several events

leading up to the election, aimed

at mobilizing pastors and their evangelical congregations.

Trump, along with his vice presidential running mate

will be invited to speak at the rallies.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

Well our CBN News political correspondent David Brody

is with us now from Washington.

And David, Kellyanne Conway is a pretty sharp lady.

What role is she in now playing in the Trump organization.

Well, Pat.

She is in the Corey Lewandowski role.

That's basically what she's doing.

She is the Trump whisperer, if you will.

In other words, what she's doing here is whispering

in Trump's ear, constantly now on the airplane right

before all of these events, and basically telling

him, hey look, be yourself, but dot, dot, dot,

you need to stay on message.

And so it's a tough job, but it's something

that Kellyanne Conway's been able to do

in the past with Donald Trump.

And what I mean by that is that she has known him

for over a decade.

She's known him for a long time now.

They have a good relationship.

And remember, Kellyanne Conway here, Pat,

is very well connected to the base-- Corey Lewandowski

not so much.

And so there's a big difference there.

Kellyanne Conway has a pulse on the conservative movement

and is very well liked by pro-life groups and folks

around the country in that conservative base.

So it's a good move for Donald Trump.

And we've been seeing some of that recently.

We've got this e-mail thing.

I mean, you just wonder, 15,000 of them

that were-- that's 50% of the total amount

that they claim they have turned over.

What is the story now that you hear?

Well there are a lot of moving parts right now.

First of all, this plays perfectly into Donald Trump's,

the system is rigged mantra, this narrative

that he wants out there.

And it's really problematic for the Clinton campaign

right now because the last time I checked,

most likely these e-mails will be released sometime

in the middle of October.

And so now, of course, you've got that as somewhat

of an October surprise.

And I wouldn't be surprised if there's even more of an October

surprise on some other front.

So Hillary Clinton has a few obstacles in her way for sure

before November.

And look, these e-mails are really problematic on so many

different levels.

It continues to not only show that narrative that Trump

is talking about, but it also really gives

this momentum and this fire, if you will,

for Trump to continue to hammer the theme.

And that's a problem for Clinton.

And it just won't go away.

And really it goes to this idea that Clinton has been around

for 30 years and Donald Trump can hammer that theme as well.

PAT ROBERTSON: Well you know, when

all that Gennifer Flowers came out about the dalliance of Bill

Clinton, she says, quote, it's a vast right-wing conspiracy.

It had nothing to do with a right-wing conspiracy.

And then of course Paula Jones-- she was trailer trash

and she's just lying about it and trying

to get on television.

And now it's Colin Powell, who told me to do it.

I didn't do it.

The dog ate my homework.

I mean, what is it with her and all of these excuses?

Well, this is what she has been doing for a very long time.

And you know, the media-- let's be honest, Pat--

the media's been very complicit in all of this.

They have given her oxygen or a lack

thereof of in conservative circles

because conservative websites and news

shows have been doing this for a while

now, trying to get oxygen on Benghazi

and some of these other issues.

Even the e-mail story that Bernie Sanders wouldn't

give any oxygen to, but the media

didn't really do much either.

And so Hillary Clinton has been able to get away

with a lot of this.

But Donald Trump is not going to.

And then of course we're going to see

what he does in the debates because those

are going to be huge.

Those debates, we're going to see Donald Trump bring up,

not only the e-mail scandal but he'll bring up Benghazi.

And it wouldn't surprise me if he brought up

some of the moral failings of Hillary Clinton's husband

from the past.

Well the other question we want to think about

is the question of her health.

The Drudge Report has made a big, big deal of that.

She's stumbling and grabbing hold of things.

She went on Jimmy Fallon, I believe

last night to say, look, here, take my pulse.

I'm in good shape.

What do you think about it?

Well let's say a few things.

First of all the fact that Clinton is now addressing this.

It kind of reminds me of Barack Obama finally

having to address the birther comments back in the day when

Donald Trump brought those up.

So once again, Donald Trump is driving the conversation.

There's no question about that.

Look, let's dial it back here for a moment on all

of the health stories that are out there.

First of all, John McCain in 2008

released 1,171 medical documents.

He was a POW obviously.

And there was a reason to do that.

Hillary Clinton took a big fall in 2012.

And there was some clear-- there was obviously a concussion.

We know about that.

There were some side effects because of it.

We have eight paragraphs from Hillary Clinton.

We have four paragraphs from Donald Trump--

once again, not enough.

So if you really compare what John McCain did,

which was unprecedented at the time.

But over 1,000 documents from John McCain

and eight paragraphs from Hillary Clinton?

Four paragraphs from Donald Trump?

Remember, John McCain was 71 when he ran.

Hillary Clinton's 68.

Donald Trump's 69.

Donald Trump would be actually the oldest president

ever elected.

So look, there are some real issues

that I think the media has not done a good job at all.

They've basically said, hey, Hillary's doctor

says she's fine and they've left it

at that-- no digging, no research at all here, Pat.

Well, last question.

Trump said on this program to me that the evangelicals

were key in this election.

If the evangelicals turn out and vote that he'll win.

Now there's a push to get out the evangelicals.

Tell us about what that is all about.

Well, we remember here, just recently Donald Trump

spoke at that Pastors in Pews event.

Our own CBN's Jenna Browder interviewed her down there.

And here we go again.

There are going to be six Pastor and Pew events, $10 million

put forward by the American Renewal Project.

And then they're going to have a big get out the vote effort

as well.

And what basically is happening here

is that these pastors, they hope,

these pastors will go back to their congregations

and get them registered to vote.

Pat, there are 90 million self-identified evangelicals

in this country.

Only half of them, 45 million are registered to vote.

And of those 45 million, only half of them

actually show up at the polls.

That's 27 million evangelicals out of 90 million evangelicals

that actually vote.

One word for that, pathetic, Pat.

And this is exactly what the American Renewal Project

and the RNC and others are trying to do-- get out the vote

and make sure Christians show up in November.

It will be crucial to Donald Trump.

George W Bush got 78% of the evangelical vote in 2004.

It was a record at that time.

Donald Trump is going to need to push that 78% figure if he

has any chance to win.

If he's at 80%, it could be game, set, match,

and evangelicals will hand him the White House.

David, what a tremendous story.

Keep it up, brother.

We want to have you back on.

You're in on the cutting edge.

Thank you.

DAVID BRODY: Thanks, Pat.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say this to every one of you.

It's not all that big a deal to go register, but register.

You've got to be registered in order to vote.

Sometimes you just send in a postcard.

Sometimes you just go down to the post office.

It's not a big deal.

But your registration is a big deal,

and your vote is tremendously important.

So now's the time to do something.

Your vote is major.

So I just urge you, I mean as a Christian duty

to register and vote.

It's a free country and you have a chance

to express your opinion at the ballot box.

And remember, you can always get the latest analysis

from David Brody on his blog, the Brody File on CBN News.

Well in other news, once again, Islamic terrorists

have attempted to use a child as a suicide bomber, this time

in the country of Iraq.

John Jessup has that.

That's right, Pat.

Iraqi police disarmed an 11-year-old boy

wearing a suicide belt packed with two kilograms

of explosives in the northern city of Kirkuk Sunday night.

He was taken into custody by officials for questioning.

Police say the boy claimed he was kidnapped by masked men who

strapped the explosives to him and sent him into the city.

An intelligence official said the boy

was from the Iraqi city of Mosul which is currently

being held by ISIS.

Researchers say, the Islamic State

is increasingly using children to carry out

bombings and explosions.

In health news, the American Heart Association

is recommending that kids ages 2 to 18

take in less than six teaspoons of added sugars a day.

For most parents, that's easier said than done,

because most kids in that age range

eat about three times that amount.

Added sugars are found in a wide variety of foods.

Those added sugars can include not only regular table

sugar, but also high fructose corn syrup, honey, molasses,

and more.

The association warned, kids who eat foods with those added

sugars also tend to eat fewer healthy foods like fruits,

vegetables, and whole grains.

And Pat, the association recommends simply

that parents serve healthier foods to their kids.

Well, I want to encourage parents-- most of you

know how to read and write.

You know, you really do.

You've learned at least through the third or fourth grade.

You can read that much.

So if you can read at a high school level or college,

good for you.

But whatever you can read, read the labels.

And the labels will tell you how much

sugars in these substances.

Bread has sugar in it, but especially the sugar

snacks-- tremendous.

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar-- Cokes,

Pepsi's and so forth-- loaded with them.

And among other things, these sugar pops,

the Honey Bunches of Oats, all that stuff is loaded,

loaded with sugar.

You say, well it's got honey in it.

Honey is sugar.

Syrup is sugar.

High fructose corn syrup is sugar.

And you'll find often on the label, two

or three different places where they name those things.

Don't give them to your children.

Oatmeal has no sugar in it that I'm aware of.

It is healthy.

There are other kinds of oat cereals that are healthy.

Kashi makes a non-sugared cereal that's very good.

There are others you can do.

But you've got to spend a little time reading those labels,

not just because your kid says, mommy, I want sugar pops.

Don't listen to the children.

Give them what's good for them and they'll appreciate it when

they don't die at an early age.


They'll thank you.

PAT ROBERTSON: They'll thank you.

That's true.


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