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News on The 700 Club: August 24, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 24: Quake rocks central Italy leaving 73 dead and hundreds injured; Hillary Clinton is under fire for her private meetings with big donors to the Clinton Foundation; soda consumption drops by 21 percent ... Read Transcript

You're in news.

What is everywhere in news?

What is the thing that is everywhere

in all the newspapers?



But more than Trump as the Associated Press,

because they own the access to all the papers, right?

I didn't know then owned access to all the papers.


They used to be UPI.

You know we bought UPI in a bankruptcy sale

and I didn't want it.

I got it and then it was so old and tired that I let it go.

The Associated Press pretty much dominates the news,

and they just drove a stake in Hillary Clinton's heart.

Did you see that what they did?

The e-mail scandal?


I mean not the e-mail, they had the foundation.

They did lengthy story on the pay for play

and all this stuff and the access

and the people who visited Hillary.

It was a very exhaustive.

And the AP has been normally pretty

much should liberal and democratic

versus conservative this time.

But they just hit her.

I think this was a death wound.

Because every newspaper in the country,

almost without exception, would be carrying the AP story,

and they'd put it on the front.

And we were talking about this in our news meeting yesterday

morning that the big story that the liberal media doesn't seem

to be too interested in is her assistant, Huma Abedin, who,

if she becomes President, would be her right hand,

maybe even Chief of Staff, who has very clear, strong ties

to Muslim extremism.

She worked for a radical Islamic newspaper.

And nobody is talking about that.

And that's so crazy.

They're going to start doing it.

It's a feeding frenzy.

Once the blood gets in the water,

the sharks begin to circle and the barracudas come in.

But this story about Hillary and the foundation-- the AP

did a number on her, and it's going

to be bigger and bigger and bigger.

Mark my words.

Because they're just pervasive.

We've done a feed with AP here on this news.

Everybody's got a them.

That's great, because you can use whatever they write.

You're already paying for the service.

Oh yeah, absolutely.

Yeah, it's fantastic.

Well, that's something to keep your eyes on.

But I think, frankly, that signals the end of Hillary.

I just really believe that if Trump doesn't blow it and start

all those rabbit trails, if he'll just stay on message,

he's got this thing.

And Hillary is going to lose more and more and more.

But once the big timers, once the New York Times,

Washington Post and those turned against her, bad, bad news.

Well really serious news is taking place over in Italy.

The town isn't here anymore.

That's what the mayor of one town

said after a horrifying earthquake struck

central Italy last night.

The quake killed dozens of people,

and the death toll is expected to rise.

As Heather Sells reports, rescuers

are racing to dig out survivors.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): It happened at 3:30 in the morning

local time as residents and tourists slept.

People felt the magnitude 6.2 quake

across a broad section of central Italy.

But the towns of Amatrice and Accumoli suffered the most.

We need chainsaws, shears to cut iron bars

and jacks to remove beams.



is now on to pull victims from the rubble.

Rescuers are digging people out with shovels, bulldozers, even

their bare hands in order to reach survivors

before it's too late.

Those who made it out, there are stories of miracles.

On one side, the whole wall fell on it's side

and did not hit me.

On the other side it fell as well and did not hit me,

but fell just next to me, very close to me.

And luckily it didn't hit me.

Then the whole ceiling fell on my head.

I just managed to get a pillow on my head and I wasn't hit.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Italy is known as an earthquake prone


That's because geological faults run up and down the country.

This latest quake is already being compared to one

in 2009 that killed more than 300 people

and struck just 50 miles to the south.

In Rome today, the Pope skipped his normal catechism lesson

and led pilgrims in prayer for the earthquake's victims.

Meanwhile, rescuers are hoping to find

as many survivors as possible.

And those who made it are struggling to make

sense of what has happened.

We're living through this immense tragedy.

I really don't know what to say.

We are only hoping there will be the fewest number of victims

possible and that we all have the courage to move on.

HEATHER SELLS (VOICEOVER): Germany, Israel, and France

have already volunteered to help Italy

with rescue efforts and recovery for this region that has

changed, literally, overnight.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

When you think of Pompeii and Mt.

Vesuvius when it exploded, and the devastation it

wrought in southern Italy down around the Naples area.

So we just never know.

But our prayers are with these people.

I'm sure there's enough aid coming in

from governments to help them.

Well here at home, as I said at the beginning

of the show, a bombshell report from the Associated Press

about the links between Hillary Clinton,

when she was Secretary of State, and donors to the Clinton


John Jessup has that story.

Thanks, Pat.

More than half of the people who visited Hillary Clinton

from outside the government when she was Secretary of State

had given money to the Clinton Foundation,

either directly or through business ventures.

The new report from the AP shows at least 85

out of more than 150 people from private interests

who met with her also donated a total of $156 million

to the foundation.

And 20 of them gave more than a million each.

Republican nominee Donald Trump attacked

Clinton over the revelation.

Clinton's made the State Department

into the same kind of pay for play operation

as the Arkansas government was.

Pay the Clinton Foundation huge sums of money

and throw in some big speaking fees for Bill Clinton

and you got the play.

JOHN JESSUP: The Clinton campaign

calls the AP analysis flawed and distorted.

The AP responding that its findings

represent the first systematic effort

to calculate the scope of the intersecting

interests of Clinton Foundation donors

and the people who had met personally with Mrs. Clinton

or had spoken with her by phone.


As I said at the beginning of this show, folks,

this is devastating.

It will be played over and over again.

But remember almost every newspaper in the country

had this as a front page story.

That is very pervasive.

The AP has an enormous footprint.

And then every TV station has an AP ticker order of that today

to bring the AP because they have a feed

to every one of our newsrooms.

And that story will take precedent over.

And then Hillary comes out and says it was not true

and then all of a sudden the AP says, oh yes it is.

Let's get some more.

And then others begin to dig.

It's the end of the line for them.

I think Joe Biden is probably going to be polishing off

his running shoes.


Pat, President Obama visited Louisiana to see the damage

and console the victims of the deadly floods that swept

through the state last week.

The President's tour came after criticism

that he waited too long to travel to the region.

While there, he said, "The nation

is heartbroken by the loss of life,"

and promised that Louisiana residents were not alone.

CBN's Operation Blessing is still

on the ground working to bring aid and relief

to the area with more than 200 volunteers in the field.

To the volunteers from Operation Blessing

in coordination, I guess, with Home Depot,

those people have been awesome.

Just great people.

Honest, hard working people.

Very friendly, very cordial, very,--

I'm not sure how to say it.-- kind of in touch

with what we're going through.

They respect that and they've been courteous about that.

And they've been very conscientious

about our feelings and what it is that we're

dealing with right now.

JOHN JESSUP: Pat, as you well know, anyone can help.

All they need to do is go to Operation Blessing's website


And by the way, we're not doing a photo op either.

We're down there for the long haul.

We came down early.

We've been there ever since.

And we will stay as that tragedy unfolds.

I'm told it's about 60,000 homes are devastated.

The damages is in the billions of dollars.

It is much worse than we realized.

Since it's not a named hurricane,

it hasn't gotten all the publicity.

But more and more people are realizing that this

is a major, major disaster.

And there's a very real possibility

of more rain and more flooding.

But those people are suffering.

And Operation Blessing has been on the scene.

And we appreciate the fact that many of you are volunteering

are giving money.

And it's Operation Blessing Disaster Relief CBN

Center if you want to help.

We're not going anywhere.

We're there with them.

We're going to help those people from Louisiana

recover from this ghastly, ghastly tragedy.


Pat, for the past several months,

Israelis have suffered a wave of terror attacks.

What's been critical in keeping the casualties as low

as possible is emergency response

and having enough ambulances to do the job.

Chris Mitchell shows us from Jerusalem

how one organization is helping to provide

first responders the tools they need to save lives.


to the scene of a terror attack quickly

is critical to save lives.

That's why Jesus Ministries donated three new ambulances

to Israel's first responders, Magen David Adom.

And this is a practical way of showing support?

That I believe is.

Because in the survey that I did, in one way

we can help the poor is by the need for blood donation

and medical supplies.


will make a difference beyond fighting terrorism.

YONATAN YAGADOVSKY: Each one of these vehicles

is providing services to hundreds and thousands

of people every year.

And by that we can deliver babies safely

en route to the hospitals.

We can resuscitate elderly people.

We can support people with disabilities.

And then evacuate them under very good medical conditions

and supervision to the hospital.


demonstrate the growing relationship

between Christians and Jews.

ANNE AYALON: The ambulances are an important part

of showing to the Israeli people the Christians support and love

for Israel.

This is one of the most important aspects

of the ambulances.

it shows to the Israeli people who

often feel very alone that we are not alone.

That God has brought these Christian people to support us

and to lift us up.

And this does that.

We are an isolated people.

We're people who are vilified, we're castigated,

we're ostracized in so many corners of the Earth.

At the same time, once you connect

the manhole of the secret chambers,

there millions and millions that are supportive

and love the Jewish people.

Our job is to open those doors, to pry them open,

to keep them open, and to make sure that the Jewish Christian

relationship is a continuing beautiful, beautiful flower

that blossoms and blooms for the whole wide world to see.

CHRIS MITCHELL (VOICEOVER): One ambulance driver

wanted to pass along a message to the Christians.

He said, tell them that each time I go out in the cold,

I feel that all of them are with me,

and I have the energy to save a person's life,

and to provide health and safety to the people

that I am called to serve.

In the end times, Israel's going

to be left all alone, as read from the Holy Scriptures.

And the only people who are going

to stand with them, as it was in the past,

will be the Christians.



Thanks, Chris.

Pat, back to you.

I think it's a given, ladies and gentlemen,

that the evangelical community stands with Israel,

and the Israelis understand it, that we are the best friends

they've got in the world.

And I'm just so thrilled that we have been part of it.

Years and years ago, we had a hospital in Marjah,

I believe, in southern Lebanon, and we supplied ambulances,

we supplied x-ray machines.

They didn't have anything.

And the Israeli people didn't have enough money

to help their friends in southern Lebanon.

So we were there all the same years ago.

And it's good to see that the Christians in America,

and around the world, are still there for Israel.

And the Israelis know that, that they have strong friends.

There are no stronger friends anywhere in the world,

than the Christians, the evangelical Christians.


Pat, here at home, a new study from the University

of California Berkeley has found the consumption of sodas

and other sugary drinks fell by 21% in low income neighborhoods

in Berkeley.

That, after voters passed a tax on them in November 2014.

The measure imposed a once cent per ounce tax.

The study's authors say it shows the tax was

behind the reason people were consuming less soft drinks.

But they also admitted there could have been other factors,

like a growing awareness of the problems tied to sugary drinks.

The American Beverage Association

has questioned the study.

Still the report may give more ammunition

to people who are trying to pass similar measures elsewhere.

Pat, do you think that's the proper prescription?

Well, you get the more of what you subsidize and less

of what you tax.

So I think there was smart taxes if that's the way to go.

One cent an ounce.

So a 36 ounce Big Gulp, that's $0.36.

That's a lot of tax.


A lot of people don't want to pay that.

The lousy things cost $3 or $4 anyhow,

so another few cents to the average person--

You never have pop, do you?


No, thank you.

I don't buy it, but if I'm at the theater

I'll have a Coke with my popcorn.

I have the popcorn without all the butter.

The butter is what does you in.

The popcorn's pretty good for you.


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