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Surgery Avoided for Problematic Elbow Fracture

Lynne fractured her elbow after a fall, and after months of pain, it still wasn't healed. The doctors believed the bone would never heal without surgery, but Lynn felt differently. Read Transcript

On Easter Sunday 2015, Lynn Lucas

fell while stepping out of her truck.

I ended up bracing my fall with the arm

and proceeded to fall directly on the blacktop-- the pavement.

X-rays showed Lynn had minor fractures in her wrist, elbow,

and forearm, requiring her to wear a splint

and sling for six to eight weeks.

That was hard enough.

Being a right handed individual, all the things

I took for granted I definitely did not take for granted


Then one night, a few weeks later, Lynn stepped in a hole

in our yard and tripped.

Landing on her injured arm.

I knew I had done more.

Oh, I knew it.

I mean, it was I think snapped.

Afterward, she saw orthopedic specialist, Michael Wilson.

And this is the radius bone, which Mrs. Lucas had fractured.

She had broken it right through here.

Which again, every time you move your arm, that bone rotates.

So that causes a great deal of discomfort.

Lynn had to wear a metal brace that restricted her arm.

Not only did she have to get her daughter Taylor to help around

the house, but she couldn't do what she really wanted.

I had a grandson, five months old at that point.

And just wonderful.

Was not able to hold him.

And that was really tough.

Lynn went for a follow up.

By now it had been three months since she first felt.

The news was not good.

Most time when you see this man not healed at three months,

it's not going to heal.

And that's kind of where she was at.

That's why we had discussions about doing further treatment,

such as surgery and replacement of that bone.

Because I do not think it's going to heal.

But Lynn felt differently, because she always

believed God would heal her.

Prayed to him from the beginning

that it would be healed.

Never doubting that it would.

And immediately, I stood up.

And I said, "no, I'm not going to need an elbow replacement.

Jesus is going to heal me."

At her doctor's recommendation, she

agreed to meet with the surgeon.

Then a week before the appointment,

Lynn was watching the 700 Club.

Have faith in God.

Sitting there with that brace on.

All of a sudden, Gordon Robertson

starts with the word of knowledge.

There's someone who has a very painful right elbow,

you've had a fall, and it's swollen.

God's healing you.

He's taken away all that pain, all the chip.

Everything is being restored right now.

Begin to do what you couldn't do before.

Begin to move it, and realize you have no more pain.

You could hear me probably three blocks away.

I'm praising my Savior, and shouting it.

Wow, I knew it.

And I took that thing off.

I just took it off.


It was done.

Lynn kept the appointment with the surgeon.

But as Michael explains, there was no need for surgery.

This x-ray was taken one month after the initial injury.

And then three months from this time,

this x-ray demonstrates complete healing of the bone.

You can see the fracture here, and the displacement

of the bone.

This bone should be in the center.

And then three months later, you see

that the bone has essentially fully healed,

and it went back to anatomical alignment.

So she went from this to this four months

after she initially broke it, which is very [INAUDIBLE].

With no surgery.

Lynn has had no problems since.

And she's able to do everything she could do before the injury,

including playing with her grandson.

To keep up with him, to run with him,

to know I can lift him and there's no discomfort.

To be secure in the fact that he's safe in my arms

is absolutely the icing on the cake to all of this.

Lynn gives all the credit for her healing to God.

No matter what you face, whether it be finance

or physical or personal.

There's nothing he can't handle.

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