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Bring It On-Line: Incurable Condition - August 25, 2016

My son was born with an incurable condition, can he be cured since he was born that way? Is the money raised for presidential campaigns taxed? My nephew is getting a biblical divorce and is also a pastor, can he preach after he's had a divorce? Read Transcript

And how about some Bring It On for you?

Well, let's do it.

We have a few minutes, yes.

This first one comes from Anna, who says,

Pat, you say that God can heal everyone and nothing

is impossible for him.

My son was born with an incurable condition.

I pray every day so that he can be healed.

But can that be possible since he was born that way?

I want to believe God can heal my boy.

You remember, Jesus encountered a man who was blind from birth.

And he opened his eyes and gave him sight, and said,

nobody could do something like this for somebody

that was born blind.

And so they said, who sinned this man or his mother

that he was born blind?

And Jesus said, neither one.

But the glory of God will be seen.

So the fact that your child was born with an incurable disease,

so-called, that doesn't limit in any way the power of God.

Not in any way.

The one who created the universe can do it.

Well, all things are possible.

OK, this is Jason who says, when

money is raised for presidential campaigns, is that money taxed?

No gifts aren't taxed out of the federal coat.

So if the money is given, the question

is is the campaign a business.

And the answer is no, it's not.

These are tax free, all right?

This is sherry, who says, my nephew

is getting a biblical divorce after his wife cheated twice.

He forgave her after the first, but just cannot do it

the second time.

My question is my nephew is a pastor and a lot of pastors

have told him he can never have a church.

And if he remarries, he can't preach anymore.

Is this true?

Well, not at all.

You know, John Wesley was a very godly man.

He founded the Methodist church.

And he was married to this-- actually,

there was a woman he was in love with

and one of his own preachers married her first.

And so he married this other woman who was just awful;

pulled his hair and screamed at him and everything.

And finally, you know, she says, I'm outta here.

And she left.

And Wesley said, I didn't send her away

and I'm not going to go get her.

And that was it.

And it didn't in any way, stop him from ministry.

Definition of wisdom, right?

That's right.

She's gone, this good riddance, all right.

This is Robert, who says, in Job 38:3, God tells Job,

"Gird up now they loins like a man.

For I will demand of thee and answer thou me."

What does "gird up thy loins like a man" mean?

Is it different for a man versus a woman.

And what exactly is God saying to Job?

Well, I think that is the expression

to get yourself-- get up and get going.

But I think in those days, they had a belt they had to put on.

And so that meant you put your belt on maybe for weapons.

You have a belt for your sword or something,

and you buckle that all, and that meant gird up your loin.

You loins were around your back.

And you got them ready for fighting

when you put all your battle armor or whatever.

So I wouldn't get too literal, but is that for women or men?

I mean, it just means get yourself in gear

and let's get going.

OK, this is Sam, who says, I've seen the name antichrist

in the Bible many times.

Do you think he's already here or on the rise?

And how will we know?

Well, you've got a group that denies

the deity of Jesus Christ, that orders the killing

of Christians, that denies the Bible, that

exalts itself and worships a God that

is not the God of the Bible, for instance.

I frankly think that that radical strain fulfills

the definition of antichrist.

And I really believe ISIS and militant Islam

is the antichrist.

That's what I feel.

And I may be wrong, but I feel it.

And it is more and more fulfilling the definition.

they're martyring, they're beheading Christians.

Yeah, cutting off--

Cutting off their heads--

Explicitly said.

So you see, is it there?

I think it's there.

But so who is the antichrist?

He either denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh,

so it's a pretty broad definition.

This is a little unusual.

This is Carl, who says, how can I

tell the difference between love for a sister in Christ

versus love for my wife?

Is it only different in the romance and love-making

and desire to be as one with each other?

Is not a sister in Christ joined with me as we pray for someone?

I'm just trying to understand the difference for when

I do eventually marry.

I think you'd better get married.

You got yourself in a pickle.

And if-- if you think you've got this attraction to this quote

"sister in Christ" then, you know--

I'm not sure what he's saying there.

I don't think he knows either, it's confusion.

But you know, there is Phileo, which is the brotherly love.

There's Agape, which is spiritual love.

There is Eros, which is sexual love.

They got all kinds of love in Greek.

But the big thing is yeah, these are sisters in Christ.

And they are they going to get close to you,

but I'm still married to the wife, danger, big time.

We leave you with today's Power Minute from Luke:

"The things which are impossible with men

are possible with God."


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