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Lemonade Stands Help Orphans Around The World

Kids wanted to help orphans with lemonade stand but didn’t earn much. They decided to challenge other kids across the country to hold stands and a donor matched their efforts. Last year they raised $192,000. Read Transcript


It's become a summer tradition.

Kids work odd jobs to try and earn extra money.

Usually they just make a few dollars and spend it on treats,

like movies or ice cream.

But last summer the [INAUDIBLE] had another plan.

Me and my sister had never done a lemonade stand before.

So we thought it would be fun and at the same time

we would be helping orphans.

The idea came from their dad.

He works for a ministry that helps orphans around the world.

Our goal is to share the gospel with vulnerable kids

around the world and here at home domestically.

And my kids really wanted to look for a way

that they can get engaged with that as well.

It all started a few years ago when the family

took a trip to China.

It left a lasting impression.

The first time I went to visit an orphanage in China

I felt really sad to see all the children.

In one of the rooms they were sleeping on boards,

like hard boards.

It made me sad that they didn't get the care that I got.

And it just made me sad.

And so Stand For Orphans was born.

Unfortunately, they didn't raise a lot of money at first.

We went to the dog park.

And we raised $20.

We knew that that wasn't a lot.

But every dollar counts.

After some brainstorming, they had an idea.

We thought we could raise more.

So we challenged kids all around the country

to help us with our lemonade stands.

And so we started making some calls.

And slowly but surely the pieces started to come together.

And a generous donor last summer and this summer

as well agreed to match dollar for dollar

all the money that these kids have

raised to stand for orphans.

Last year, kids in 42 different states

helped us raise $192,000.

We caught up with the [INAUDIBLE] kids

on a hot summer day.

They were helping friends hold their own lemonade stand.

Come get your lemonade.

Stand up for orphans.

When we heard more about what they're doing,

starting these lemonade stands, we want to be a part of that.

And we wanted our children to see that something so small

can still make a significant difference

in the lives of others.

We might not be raising a ton of money here.

But maybe it might raise awareness

so that someone else might want to contribute or to even

get involved and possibly even adopt one day.

Children around here, they're bringing quarters or 50 cents.

But every cent or every dollar is being matched

by a very generous donor.

And that's awesome.

That multiplies our efforts.

And that's what the Lord does with what

we give him every day.

We need to start to disciple our children in the way

that they should go.

We need to disciple our kids to care for others,

to care for the orphan, the widow, the stranger,

and the alien.

And it's never too young to get your children started

in doing something that's bigger than themselves.

Who knew you could help kids around the world one

glass of lemonade at a time?


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