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News on The 700 Club: August 29, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," Aug. 29: Donald Trump is still struggling to clarify his immigration stance; Terror attack at Indonesian church fails; Iran deploys Russian missiles at nuclear site; and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to the 700 Club.

We've got a lot of important things for you today.

What is about-- Muslim youth, gangs of them,

raping young girls, and making them sex slaves,

and nobody doing anything about it.

It is an amazing story, and we will give you

the gory details later on the show.

But in the political news, Donald Trump

is going to lay out his plans on illegal immigration

in a major speech this week in Arizona

after taking some heat from critics who say

he's softening his position.

And Hillary Clinton is facing some problems of her own--

more of her e-mails coming to light.

But the big issue in this election

could still be the economy.

Heather Sells has the story.

HEATHER SELLS: It may be his signature issue,

but the Trump campaign is struggling

to defend where the candidate stands on immigration.

Last week Trump showed signs of softening his stance.

Now, Trump has announced a major speech on illegal immigration

in Arizona on Wednesday.

And on the Sunday talk shows, those closest to him

on the campaign team defended his position,

saying he's been consistent.

No amnesty, no citizenship, no more sanctuary city.

We're going to secure the border.

No path to legalization, no path to citizenship unless people

leave the country.

To underscore his tough stance, Trump

hit the campaign trail this weekend

with the family of a young woman who

was killed by a drunk driver.

That driver was an illegal immigrant who

posted bond and disappeared.

We will use immigration law to prevent crimes,

and we will not wait until some innocent American has

been harmed or killed.

HEATHER SELLS: On the Democratic side,

Hillary Clinton spent the weekend campaigning

in the Hamptons in New York with a fresh round

of troublesome emails to defend.

The e-mails were released after a lawsuit

by the conservative group Citizens United,

who shared them with ABC News.

They show what the group says is more evidence that allies

of the Clinton Foundation got special treatment when

Clinton was Secretary of State.

The State Department and Clinton campaign

both told ABC that foundation donors had no special influence

or received favors.

But one issue may loom the largest for both candidates,

Americans pocketbooks.

The latest government report revised economic growth

downward slightly.

It's now under 1% for the year.

Some economists believe it's picked up

in the last few months, but it's still the weakest recovery

since World War II, and a stark reminder

that the economy has not yet achieved

strong, sustainable growth since the recession ended.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

It's gets curiouser and curiouser, as they say,

what's going on.

Well, there are other things in the news that are just

so seamy, having to do with Huma Abedin, whose mother was

a key writer in some anti-woman publication,

Muslim publication, defending some of the abhorrent practices

of the Muslims.

He used-- could not believe it, but-- this person

would be vetting some of the key issues,

she might wind up being White House chief of staff.

And, can you imagine somebody of that mindset-- talking

about anti-woman, it's unbelievable.

You wonder if the American people are ever

going to open their eyes.

I don't know if they will.

Well, Iran is taking a major step

to protect one of its nuclear facilities,

a place called Fordo.

Wendy Griffith has that story.

That's right, Pat.

Iran has deployed a Russian missile defense

system at its underground Forto nuclear facility.

State TV trucks showed the trucks arriving at the location

with missile launchers being aimed toward the sky,

but Iran didn't say if the S-300 system is fully operational.

Russia began delivering this system to Iran

earlier this year under a contract signed in 2007.

The delivery had been held up by international sanctions

over Iran's nuclear program.

Those sanctions have now been lifted.

Critics say it's more proof that Iran

plans to build nuclear weapons, even though Iran denies it.

Pat, is that a surprise?

No surprise at all.

The thing of it is, when they weaponize a nuclear missile--

they want the nuclear bomb, they haven't quite

got, yet, the nuclear bomb-- and they

want to weaponize those missile launchers to carry the bombs.

And there's some thought they have technology

to do MRVing, which has made in multiple entry on missiles.

So, they're doing everything they can to get ready to go,

and they've made it quite clear that they

are going to try to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.


Pat, here at home, the fatal shooting

of the cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade

has once again focused attention on the brutal violence

in Chicago.

Wade's cousin was shot Friday while pushing her baby

in a stroller near a school.

EDDIE JOHNSON: He was just another mother

who wanted her children to get an education,

just like any good parent would.

When will enough be enough?

The answer is clear to me, it's clear, crystal clear.

The gun offenders that choose to do this time and time again,

we have to hold them accountable.

We need to put them in jail and keep them there.

Wade, his mother, and aunt also spoke out about the tragedy.

It's about the whole coming together, and understanding

that it's deep rooted.

And this is something that didn't start today,

it's something that is not going in tomorrow.

We're still going to try to help these people,

to transform their minds, and give them

a different direction, so this thing won't keep happening.

We're still going to help and empower people

like the one who senselessly shot my niece in the head.

WENDY GRIFFITH: So far this year, there

have been over 440 homicides in Chicago, more than 80%

higher than two years ago.

Gangs roam in many of the neighborhoods

where the violence is concentrated,

and unemployment and poverty are high.

A suicide bomber in Indonesia tried

and failed to carry out an attack at a church Sunday.

Authorities say the bomber charged a priest at the altar,

hoping to detonate the bomb in his backpack.

The bomb never went off, thankfully.

He kept trying to chase down the priest,

until the congregation finally stopped him.

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation,

it has suffered a series of deadly attacks

by Muslim jihadists.

They should be dreaming about becoming doctors or teachers,

farmers or artists, but that's not the case in Gaza.

There kindergarten students are being taught

something very different.

Instead of dreaming of living, they are dreaming of dying.

And as Chris Mitchell reports, their graduation ceremony

earlier this year revealed the chilling truth

about what really happens in Palestinian schools.

CHRIS MITCHELL: This is not your typical kindergarten



CHRIS MITCHELL: You're watching the graduating

class at the Islamic [INAUDIBLE] kindergarten in Gaza.

The research group, Memory, posted the video

after finding it on the kindergarten's YouTube account

and Facebook page.

The video showed the children dressed up

in Islamic jihad fatigues, handed mock assault rifles,

and beginning to go through military drills.

The young commandos staged an attack on an Israeli tank.

They planted mines and launched mortar shells.

Then comes a simulated raid on an Israeli army base.

First, they kill the sentry, then enter the base

and emerge with a kidnapped Israeli soldier

as their prisoner.

Some of the action incorporates helmet Cam footage.

This reveals the type of training

given to some young Palestinian children.

Afterward, the Islamic jihad leader

in Gaza delivered a speech, saying the children

were sending a message of love.


CHRIS MITCHELL: Then he blamed Israel.


CHRIS MITCHELL: The goal is the train children

to become future soldiers against Israel, the Zionist


The teenage emcee of the event left no doubt of their mission.


CHRIS MITCHELL: Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

Wow, Pat it's heartbreaking to see

these little ones be indoctrinated

with hate at such an early age.

It's heartbreaking, Wendy, but worse

than that it's heartbreaking to think

that intelligent people in Europe and the United States

are going for this divestment from Israel

because of the Palestinians.

They are training these kids to hate and kill.

And when you grow up with that, sure enough,

you're going to find hatred and killing.

And it has nothing to do with the atrocities of the Israelis

or the atrocities of the Americans,

it has to do with inbred hatred, and that

is part of that religion.

It is not a religion of peace.

I've said it over, and over, and over again.

Islam does not mean peace.

Salaam means peace, Islam means submission.

It means submission to the doctrines of the Koran,

to they Hadid, and of course Shari'a Law.

But they're taking it one step further,

they're training these little babies

to kill and to hate and to be martyrs.

It just makes you sick at your stomach

to think that these least little children are

being used and set up for cannon fodder, which is what they are.

They'll put in the little vests, in little explosives,

and run them in someplace where they wouldn't be suspected,

then they'll blow the installation up.

It's horrible to contemplate that a society would

be that way.

You talk about divestment.

Instead of trying to sell out stocks

in Israeli companies, what we should be doing

is denying the Palestinians any money at all

from Western sources until they clean up their act.

They cannot be exporting this kind of evil and terror.

And then they said in the same ceremony,

that this is a message of love?

Some kind of love.




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