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Waiting For Wellness Through Agonizing Shoulder Pain

After continually injuring her arm, there was nothing Kathy could do to make the pain go away. Shots and therapy didn't help, but then she found something that did... Read Transcript

In light summer of 2015, we were

opening a new area for our horses,

and I found an issue for safety that might have hurt my horses.

It was some metal that needed to be out of the way.

So I was in a rush, and I bent it, and injured my tendon

in my arm.

It was pretty painful, but it went mostly away

to where I kind of didn't pay much attention to it.

And then in January I was doing some volunteer work

and I re-injured it.

It was just ongoing pain.

It was so bad that I was sick in my stomach.

Sometimes I would just be nauseated.

I could not sleep.

The worst part is I couldn't raise my arm all the way up.

I couldn't push it all the way to the side.

And my husband had to help me get dressed.

Since we live in the country we don't run to the doctor.

I waited three weeks to go to the doctor.

And he took X-rays, said that I had

an injured tendon, inflamed tendon, and injured rotator


The cortisone shot did not make me feel better.

I went to one session of physical therapy,

and I hurt worse after doing it.

And I didn't go back.

I wanted to get well, you know.

It's like, I'm waiting to get well.

March the 28th of 2016 I happened

to be watching "The 700 Club."

And Pat had a word of knowledge about somebody

with a shoulder locked up.

Your right shoulder is locked up.

I mean, it's really just locked up.

And right now if you'll move it, just

reach out and touch that shoulder,

in the name of Jesus touch.

And I said that's me.

So I put my arm behind my back.

And I raised my arm up above my head.

And I had no pain.


It was such a relief.

Well, now I can work with my horses again.

And I can load hay.

You know, I couldn't do that before.

I can put my arm behind my back, up

above my head, off to the shoulder, to the side, anywhere

I want to put it.

I'm very grateful.

He healed me, and he had mercy on me.

God is faithful.

You know, Jesus heals us.

He-- By his stripes we are healed.

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