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News on The 700 Club: August 31, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," August 31: Trump to meet with Mexico's president ahead of immigration speech, Homeland Security weighs taking charge of 2016 election systems, and more. Read Transcript

Welcome to "The 700 Club."

It came like a bolt out of the blue, Donald Trump's

announcement that he's going to Mexico today

on the same day as his major speech on immigration.

Hillary Clinton is also making news.

Still more of her emails about to be released.

And Democrats calling on her to cut

ties with the Clinton Foundation.

Dale Hurd has the story.

DALE HURD: Donald Trump will be paying a visit

to a neighbor where he was thought to be persona non

grata, especially after accusing Mexico

of flooding the US with criminals as he started

his presidential campaign.

They're bringing crime.

They're rapists.

DALE HURD: Trump has vowed he would

make Mexico pay for a wall.

We are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs--

DALE HURD: Angering Mexican leaders like former president

Vicente Fox.

I'm not going to pay for that [BLEEP] wall.

DALE HURD: Trump was invited by and will meet privately

with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who in the past

has compared Trump to Hitler.

But now, Pena says he believes in dialogue in order

to promote Mexico's interests.

He's also invited Hillary Clinton to meet.

But so far, no response.

Trump's visit comes just hours before an important speech

in Arizona, a speech that will clarify

his stance on immigration.

It's a stance his son says has not changed.

His policy has been the same for the last six, seven,

eight months.

DALE HURD: Meanwhile, more scrutiny of Hillary Clinton.

New emails to be released could show

how her response to the 2012 Benghazi attack was bungled.

This comes after Clinton repeatedly

claimed that she had already turned

over all of her government-related emails.

And there's more.

The FBI says it will release information

on its investigation of Hillary's email server.

Plus, she must answer questions from the group judicial watch

under oath.

And some Democrats and a "New York Times" editorial

say Hillary must go farther than she has,

and completely cut ties with the Clinton Foundation.

A "Times" editorial said, "Achieving true

distance from the foundation is not only

necessary to ensure its effectiveness.

It is an ethical imperative for Mrs. Clinton."

Many polls show the race tightening with Trump

cutting into Clinton's lead, but she still leads

in swing states, and has an easier road

to win the electoral college.

But with the debates yet to come,

the race is still far from over.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

Boy, it's like slow water torture.

It looks like she would have dumped all those things out

and gotten it out of the way, but she hadn't.

And by refusing to release all this stuff,

it's being dripped out day after day after day,

and that is her message.

She is off message.

What is she talking about?

Is she talking about the economy, about taxes,

about jobs?

None of that.

It's all about email, email, email, email

and the crooked foundation she is involved in.

And that's it.

And Trump, it's master stroke to go down to Mexico.

I think it's marvelous.

You can fly down there real quickly,

and he's got his own plane.

He'll fly, then he's got a speech in Arizona,

so he flies back across the border.

One day he does it.

It's brilliant.

Well in other news, could the Department

of Homeland Security soon be taking over security

for presidential elections?

I'm a little scared of that, but that's

what they're talking about.

That's right, Pat.

Homeland Security is considering declaring the election a quote,

"critical infrastructure."

And that would give the department

the same role in election security

as it has for other key assets like the electric power

grid, Wall Street and 14 other major assets

key to keeping the country running.

The "Washington Examiner" reports DHS Secretary Jeh

Johnson said the department carefully

has to consider that idea.

Johnson's statement came at a media conference

earlier this month, and that was before the FBI identified

new cyber attacks on two state election boards.

Well, ISIS spokesman and chief strategist Abu Mohammad

al-Adnani was killed Tuesday while overseeing operations

in northern Syria.

That admission comes from ISIS.

This is a significant blow to the terrorist group

that has already lost senior commanders

and founders this year.

Adnani laid out the blueprint for the ISIS attacks

in Orlando and Paris.

And in 2014, Adnani officially declared the establishment

of the caliphate and called on all Muslims

to kill non-Muslims.

So far, Islamic State has lost strongholds

in Fallujah and Ramadi, and is on the retreat

in Iraq and Syria.

Pat, back to you.

Folks, I want to tell you we can take those people

if we just had a resolute president.

It wouldn't take much.

But they're a little pipsqueak outfit

who has gained power, more and more power, more

and more wealth, more and more adherence.

And in the Muslim world, if you're winning,

you are blessed by Allah.

And if you're losing, you're not.

And it's time they start losing on a serious basis

over and over again.

And Mosul as the next target is going

to maybe be a little bloody getting it,

but we must take it back.

And then in terms of the coalition,

it'll be so easy, so easy, to declare a Kurdish

state with what's in Iraq, and what's in Syria and, well,

including what's in Turkey.

Say, look, these Kurds deserve a state of their own,

and we're going to back them and give them

the weapons they need to fight, because they are the ones who

are doing the major fighting in most of these engagements.

So in any event, it's time we get with it.

Now, we're going to get with something else,

so we've got a health guy that's going to really tell us

some good news.

But John, you've got something else first.

That's right, Pat.

In health news, following the Mediterranean diet

could be better for your heart than taking

the cholesterol-busting drugs known as statins.

That's the conclusion after a major new study

on the impact of the Mediterranean diet

on the survival of heart patients.

The London "Telegraph" reports leading heart experts

said doctors should recommend the diet to patients

before prescribing drugs.

The Mediterranean diet includes large amounts

of fruits and vegetables, along with fish four or more times

a week, meat three times a week at most,

plus beans, nuts and seeds.

The Mediterranean diet has also been

found to cut the risk of other diseases

like diabetes and cancer.

Pat, the Mayo Clinic calls it the heart healthy diet.

Well, it is heart healthy.

We've had Suzy Cohen who's just a brilliant young lady.

She's so attractive and so smart.

And she's written a book called "Vitamin Muggers."

And she talks about what these statins

do to take [INAUDIBLE] CoQ10 out of our system.

And they are devastating to heart health, devastating.

And the widespread prescribing of statins

has been critical in harming people.

You know, those things hurt you.

I mean, you have aches and pains and things

for people who take statins.

Well, it reminds me of all those commercials

that you see during the news hour.

Everyday look so happy.

And then in the voiceover, it says, this could kill you.

That's right.


And it's like, drugs can kill you.

We had a guy on recently that wrote

a book called "Let Food Be Your Medicine,"

And it really is the best medicine.

It is.

But I mean, these statins are deadly.

People don't realize how deadly they are.

But Suzy Cohen wrote "Vitamin Muggers."

They take the CoQ10 out of your heart.

Your heart needs CoQ10 to subsist.

And to take statins, and people think it's all cholesterol.

Well, you need cholesterol for your brain.

Cholesterol is important.

And to try to cure somebody by taking away the thing

that they need for their brain, to me, is--

And everybody stopped eating egg yolks because of that.

And you need the fat.

You need it.

Eggs are good for you.

They're good for you.

WENDY GRIFFITH: And the yolks.

And the yolks.



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