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Muyiwa Upside-down: British Singer and Host of Turing Point International

British Singer and Host of Turing Point International, Muyiwa, Transparently shares his story and the reason why he sales hope! Read Transcript

Hey, everybody.

Demetria Stallings here.

We're here at CBN and I'm so ecstatic because here

in the studios where we're at-- Turning Point

Studios-- we have Muyiwa.



Thank you for being here.

Well, it's your studio.

Well, thank you for having me in the studio, as I'm

a visitor from London.

Yes, you are a visitor from London.

Well, for those who don't know, let me just go down the list.

This is amazing what you do.

You're a station manager and a presenter at Premier Gospel

radio station in London.

And you're a worship leader.

You're the host of Turning Point International

that is a part of CBN.

How do you find time?

You get to organize yourself.

But one thing I have to say, though-- what

allows me the room to do the things I do is my wife, Lola.

Which you guys will call (IN AMERICAN ACCENT) Lola.


Because if it wasn't for her keeping everything

together at home with our two boys and everything,

I really wouldn't be able to do what I do.

I love that you sell hope.

You sell hope.

Tell me about that.

MUYIWA OLAREWAJU: My journey was so full of turmoil,

like most people.

I mean, my learning style definitely

was different from my sisters.

But because I was so different from them--

I wasn't processing like my sisters could.

I couldn't articulate things so I got labeled dumb.

And I was told that.

So the hope level was real low.

There's a great man in your organization called

Pete, who said to me-- he says, the person that names you,

controls you.

And I was named by-- I was named different things

by different people.

So I go in and when I jump on stage--

whether it's five people, 5,000 people, 50,000 people-- we've

done all those numbers-- I'm looking at some young kid

and saying, baby, there is a hope so sure.

That label you're wearing is not you.

So for me, that's why I do this hope thing.

Where do you begin to be transparent so other men can

say, hey, it's OK.

I have this issue and I need to get better.

It's a difficult thing, but once you're

able to open up, which is why the Bible says

confess your sins one to another.

You take the sting out of the thing.

And then you free somebody else to be strong enough to say,

actually, me too.

And me too and me too and there is a whole community of us

who, together, say have mercy on me, oh, Lord,

according to your unfailing love,

according to the multitude of your loving kindness.


And you had an interesting childhood,

even from the part of not having your father

so much in your life.

When did you know, hey, my life is

about to shift-- my life is changing?

When did you know that?

I remember being invited to Downing Street, which

is London's version of the White House.

And I got there and here is David Cameron, our Prime

Minister, standing in front of me talking to me.

And even though I went to private schools,

even though I'd had the schooling, the noise-- I call

it the noise of my imperfection--

the noise my imperfection was so overwhelming that I said--

in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, Muyiwa,

should you really be here?

Are you qualified to be here?

It's something that you continuously have to deal with,

which is why Paul says, renew your mind.

So I have to renew my mind to remind myself that you

are the apple of God's eye.


You are chosen.

You are beautiful.

You are fitfully and wonderfully made.

Muyiwa, I want to jump in and there's so much

that I want to talk to you about.

However, our time is limited.

So this is what I like to do with all our guests.

I love to do this little thing where we just

jump really quickly.

I'm going to say a name and then--

I'm going to say something and the first thing that

pops in your head, OK?

That's why I call a lightning rod.

It's like a lightning rod.

Do you have any psychotherapists around?

We're going to have fun.

It's going to be great.

It's going to be fun.

And then, I want to also talk about your book,

so you can save that.














Oh, I love that.

Your wife.












And the last one-- Muyiwa.


Aw, that is awesome.

I love that.

I love that.

Yeah, because you've come a long way.

Listen, you have an amazing story.

And as I'm wrapping up, let's talk just a little bit

about your book.

Just tell them when it's coming out.

I think in August, your book is coming out?

Can you tell a little bit about that?

August, September, the book should be out.

It's called "Upside Down."

And really, what I do is I explore the idea of worship.

New Testament-- this is John 4 motto where

Jesus says, "worship God in spirit and in truth."

Me, looking at Demetria and thinking,

oh, I want to be like her, so I'll wear the Gucci she wears.

She wears Gucci.

I'll wear the Givenchy that she wears,

and I'll talk like her so I can be like her.

But no, actually, I want to know what

is going on in Demetria's mind to understand

her philosophy, her truth that set her free to be this.

But we focus a lot on the building, on the ambience,

and the feeling.

And I try and turn that upside down.

And at the same time, it's part of my journey.

With the new record we have-- Eko Ile--

where I take those things that I've

been through-- about the negative things I'd

heard about Africa that was sold to me--

that I even believed myself.

Turn them upside down.

And the record called Eko Ile, which is "Lagos my home."

I'm excited for your two new projects.

I can't wait to hear them.


Thank you so much for your time.

I'm sure you say that to all your guests.

No, I do.

But I really listened.

And I really am excited about their projects.

Because we got to celebrate each other, right Muyiwa?



Thank you so much, dear.

Thank you so much for being with us.

OK, guys.

So totally-- you have to go to-- Muyiwa,

you have a website, right?


Muyiwa dot-- can you spell that real quick?


M-U-Y-I-W-A dot C-O dot U-K.


Go get it now.

Go now, now, now, now.



Go now.

And it's going to be here on the screen.

And you can get his new project.

His book is coming out August, September-- "Upside Down."

You don't want to miss it.

And don't forget, like we always say, let love be your language.


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