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Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V Returns to The 700 Club

Singer/songwriter Gary Valenciano shares about his career and sings "In You". Read Transcript


Gary Valenciano is a world famous pop star with one

very distinct difference.

Gary is completely sold out to Jesus.

Take a look.

NARRATOR: He performs before sold out

crowds around the world.

He's won over two dozen Music Awards.

And he's been a spokesman for Coca-Cola, Sony, Colgate,

and Toyota.

He even has a microphone named after him.

He's pop star, Gary Valenciano.

But Gary V, as he's called, is more than a talented award

winning musician.

He's a man who loves Jesus Christ

and lives to spread the life changing

message of the gospel throughout the world.

And please welcome back to The 700 Club Gary Valenciano.

Gary, so nice to meet you.

This is my first time.

What a pleasure.

I know.

And the pleasure is mine, [INAUDIBLE].

Really, it is.

Well, let's talk about you.

You've been performing in the world of pop music

since you were 18, right?


How did you get your start?

So many people want to do that.

I don't know.

I was invited to different universities to perform.

And I was in a singing group in high school.

And it was an all male school.

And so the sisters and the cousins

of my classmates and batch mates would invite me.

And that's how we started.

There was no internet, there was no Twitter,

no Facebook. no anything.

But a lot of people sing.

A lot of people sing in their school choir.

But they don't end up on the world stage.

How did that happen?

Honestly, I think it was just by divine design.

My wife, at that time we weren't married yet.

And she was the first one that said, one of these days, Gary,

you won't be able to walk this mall.

A lot of things happened prior to my entering showbusiness.

And my house burned, and all that.

And it was really difficult. I thought

I would be moving back to the United States.

But as we were walking, my wife did

say, one of these days it's going to be hard

for you to walk in public.

And I said, yeah, right.

And she was also the one who said, one of these days,

it's not just a stage in the Philippines

that you'd be performing in.

You'd be performing around.

Oh, my.

Your wife said this.

And then it happened.

At that time I was like, yeah.


Let's see if that happens.

And it did happen.


So is that true?

What happens when you go to the mall now in the Philippines.

Well, I've been around for 33 years now in the industry.

So there's a lot of respect.



Maybe you'd have a few that would go, ah.

But most of them come up and really say

things that remind you of your calling

and the impact of your calling on others when they say, hey,

thanks for that song.

It really helped me when me and my husband,

we were going through tough times or when my son was sick,

or when my daughter failed an exam and broke her heart.

And somehow the songs have been able to minister to people.

And for me, if I'm the only artist in the Philippines

that does that, I'll do it.

Well, how did you become a Christian?

That's the thing that really sets

you apart from most pop musicians is your faith.

I think that most people who think

about entering showbusiness think

of the fame and the fortune as something that

will solve all their problems.

Well, that's what I thought until I had a song that was out

in the charts for 10 months.

And it still didn't fill that void in my life.

It's a common testimony from different people

when they say there was an emptiness involved.

I thought I'd never face that.

But I did face it.

So one time I went to my brother-in-law's house.

And he had come to know the Lord.

And he was talking to me about Jesus.

And I actually was very straightforward

with him telling him you don't have to talk to me about this

because I know of the Lord.

I knew him here.

But I never really experienced him in my heart.

So he said, OK, Gary.

It was no problem.

But what if on your way home something happens to you

and you die.

Where would you go?

And you remember that?

There was that struggle in me, like I wanted the tell him,

I know where you're going with this conversation.

I don't want to talk about it.

But then I also felt the hand of the Lord saying, son,

I'm just telling you something.

And if you don't like what I have for you-- then

but just take time to listen.

And I did listen.

How old were you then?


I was 21.



So right at the beginning of your career.

Right at the beginning of my career.

Now, Gary, you struggled with diabetes

almost your entire life.

And you almost died once from hypoglycemia.


Tell us about that.

I was in a show together with many other friends.

And we were in Los Angeles.

It happened several times.

But the most severe one was the one in Los Angeles

because Pasadena, my sugar levels just dropped

and I was jetlagging.

So instead of eating after taking insulin I fell asleep.

And again, somehow the Holy Spirit just woke up my wife.

And when she woke up and looked at me, I was convulsing.

And then I went.

I froze.

And according to my road manager,

my eyes dilated, if that's the word.

And the doctors, every time they hear that testimony,

and they hear that moment, they're go wait.

What happened?

So I don't know.

Something there could have happened.

So you really have to take care of yourself?

I really have to.

I really have to take care of myself.

And is that a routine now?

It's been a routine for the past 38 years.

Oh, OK.

And the doctors did tell my wife and my mom

that from the day of diagnosis I basically

had a life expectancy of 30 years.

So from 14, do the math.

And that's it.

I'm not supposed to be around anymore.


That's why I'm bold enough to do what I do

and to say what I say on stage because I'm experiencing it



Well, Gary, your music not only touches

Christians around the world.

But you're preaching Muslims in the Philippines.

A lot of people don't know that there

is a big Muslim population, especially

in the Southern Philippines in the Mindanao region.

What are you hearing from the Muslims?

Well, it's not very easy now to go into that area of the world

and that area of the country.

Abu Sayyaf country?


It's not.

But then again, not all Muslims are part of the Abu Sayyaf.

Of course.

I've had the experience of really meeting

them face to face.

They're all covered.

And they're very, very conservative.

And when I reach out my hand, after singing a song

with a bullhorn, a capella, just singing with a bullhorn,

and they begin to reach out.

And you get to see the human side of them.

You get to see a heart that perhaps the world has not seen.

And when you talk to even just 50 of them,

and you just shake their hands, their eyes say everything.

And you know that Jesus loves them too.

So if I was an instrument, if I was a moment in their lives

that where they got to see a little bit

of the love of Christ, then I think that was worth it.

And I'll do it again.

All right.

Well, you're going to sing a ballad for us, right?

What's the name of this?

It's called In You.

In You.

And that is-- well, tell us a little bit about that song


Well, I co-wrote this song with a friend of mine.

And when I first heard it, I heard a first verse

and a first chorus.

And then he stopped.

And he goes, can you help out in writing the rest of the song?

And I said, wait.

I was already in it.

But because I was already in it, I

realized that I wanted to complete the song In You.

And I think there's no safer place to be than in Christ.

Life is tough enough as it is.

Better face it with someone who's not only in you,

but you are also hidden in him.


And I hope that this song somehow

makes an impact in the hearts of those

who are looking for something that they

can be in that will assure them and affirm who they are.

Well, Gary, we are very excited to hear this song In You.

I'm going to allow you to make your way over there

to the center of the studio.


Gary's latest CD is called Gold, a compilation

of his 50 English recordings.

And it's available nationwide.

You can also see more of Gary in our web exclusive interview

on Facebook.

Just go to to check it out.

Plus, Gary is our featured speaker

at today's prayer chapel.

We'll be streaming our chapel live at noon on

You don't want to--


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