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News on The 700 Club: September 9, 2016

As seen on "The 700 Club," September 9: How Clinton's email controversy is affecting her campaign; The persecuted Mideast Church: Why 'minding our business' isn't an option, and more. Read Transcript

Just under two months to go, the presidential race

is getting closer every day.

And now a new poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

in very tight races in four key swing states.

Clinton's been falling in the polls

as more headlines have come up about her e-mail problems.

And as Charlene Aaron reports, Trump is still bringing it up

on the campaign trail.

CHARLENE AARON: With just 59 days until the election,

Hillary Clinton is still facing questions and attacks

over her e-mail controversy.

Donald Trump took shots at her over the issue

Thursday while speaking in Cleveland.

Remember Hillary Clinton was e-mailing

about the drone program among many other extremely sensitive


This is yet more evidence that Clinton

is unfit to be your commander in chief.

CHARLENE AARON: Clinton has claimed

that she didn't send or receive any e-mail

with classified marking.

But a new report from Fox News says

that a Clinton e-mail had classified markings

on virtually every paragraph.

Meanwhile, Clinton talked freely about her faith

to the National Baptist Convention, the oldest African

American Baptist denomination.

Speaking in Kansas City, Missouri Thursday, she said,

Sometimes people ask me are you a praying person?

And I tell them if I wasn't one before, whew.

One week living in the White House or on the campaign trail

would have turned me into a praying person.

Clinton's lead over Trump has been

dropping in the polls in recent days,

but the race will, as always, come down

to the electoral college, especially in the swing states.

And the polls show that the race is getting tighter

in four of the key states.

In a new Quinnipiac poll that also includes the two

independent candidates, Trump has a slight lead in Ohio

while the Republican and Democrat are tied in Florida

with Clinton holding slim leads in Pennsylvania and North


Clinton still appears to have the lead

in the electoral college, but the campaign is far from over.

And both candidates are likely to focus the last two

months of the campaign on the battleground states

where the race will almost certainly be decided.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

If you're not registered to vote,

please go out and register.

You're going to be running out of time in a lot of states

and there are laws of how close to an election

you can become registered to vote.

And please make plans to vote.

This is going to be one of the tightest presidential races

in my opinion in history.

Well, in other news, North Korea has conducted its largest

nuclear test yet.

John Jessup has that story from our CBN News

bureau in Washington.


JOHN JESSUP: That's right, Gordon.

North Korea says its latest and most powerful test

could allow it to build stronger but smaller and lighter

nuclear weapons.

South Korea reports the blast felt like a magnitude 5


The explosive yield was reportedly 70% to 80%

of the force of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

South Korea says the test showed the fanatic recklessness

of the Kim Jong-un government.

Well, advocates for the persecuted church

are urging Christians here in the US

to help their fellow believers suffering intense persecution

in the Middle East.

CBN's Abigail Robertson brings us that story.

ABIGAIL ROBERSTON: The greatest humanitarian crisis of our era

is unfolding in the Middle East with Christian populations

facing genocide.

A group called In Defense of Christians organized

three days of events in Washington, A,

not only at getting lawmakers to address this issue,

but also to discuss how American believers can get involved.

The sad reality is we're seeing things actually

get worse in Iraq and Syria, even Lebanon.

We're seeing increasing challenges

facing our communities there.

So I think we've yet to turn the corner

and yet to sort of witness any of the progress that we'd

like to see.

Leaders from In Defense of Christians

say one of the greatest hopes for ending

Christian persecution in the Middle East

is by bringing awareness to evangelical Americans who

can advocate for their brothers and sisters around the world.

What the Middle East Christian diaspora are very often saying

is once this issue ends up in the hands

of American evangelicals, that will be the thing that

changes the issue and saves Christianity in the Middle


ABIGAIL ROBERSTON: Doran suggested

American churches can help by adopting a refugee family,

sponsoring trips to safer parts of the Middle East,

and lobbying elected officials to create safe havens

for those suffering.

Engaging in advocacy, calling their members of Congress,

calling their elected representatives,

telling them that they care about the Christians

of the Middle East.

I think the leaders from the evangelical community

taking site visits all around the Middle East,

going to refugee camps, going to IDP camps,

telling the Christians that they care,

showing them that they care, and then figuring out

humanitarian and political solutions to the problems

that they face.

ABIGAIL ROBERSTON: IDC and other groups

believe that if enough congressmen fight the issue,

the administration will be pushed to get involved too.

Reporting from Washington, Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

Thanks, Abigail.

The long legal saga for former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell

is over.

Federal prosecutors have announced

they will not pursue a second trial against McDonnell

or his wife.

The Justice Department said it made that determination

after reviewing the Supreme Court's decision back in June

to throw out McDonnell's corruption conviction.

McDonnell had originally been sentenced

to two years in prison.

He says he now plans to commit his life to serving others

outside the political arena.

And Gordon, as the Washington Post put it,

he's free now, but a hefty price to pay for his freedom.

He was at one point in time on a short list for vice president


It is a hefty price that Bob memorial have paid for this.

And our hearts go out to them as well as congratulations

that the saga is now over.

And we look forward to the next stage of their lives

where they're going to be serving others outside

of the political arena.


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