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Financial Happiness Can Be Yours!

Joanne enjoys satisfaction and happiness in the way she invests her money. And she sees the eternal impact of those investments regularly. Learn what makes her so happy. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Every day 84-year-old Joanne [INAUDIBLE]

gets on her computer to pray for people all over the world who

need hope and encouragement.

When you pray for somebody there's three involved.

There is you and God and the person you're praying for.

And that's so personal.

I have to look for opportunities to witness for God

all the time.

NARRATOR: She found one of those opportunities

when she saw CBN helping people rise above their circumstances.

JOANNE: CBN is fantastic in getting people

set up so that they can be proud of themselves

and make their own money.

Earn their own way instead of just taking a handout.

NARRATOR: Joanne started giving to CBN as a thousand club


Then one day while watching a telethon she

doubled her giving.

JOANNE: I saw this little child trying

to help the mother get this dirty water.

And I thought, Lord, they'll get sick and they'll die.

They can't-- they can't drink that water.

They need a well with clear water.

So the Holy Spirit just spoke to my heart, well,

what are you going to do about it?

And I think, this is only God.

God only works this way where he reaches out

and touches people by my obedience

plus everybody else that gives.

NARRATOR: Joanne also sees how her gifts are helping

her great grandchildren learn more

about God and his teachings through CBN's "Superbook."

I learn from "Superbook" about God

that he can do everything, you just

to listen and learn from him.

It excites me and blesses me.

And I'm investing in their eternity,

in their eternal life.

NARRATOR: And it's this same desire for people all around

the world that Joanne shares with CBN.

I'm very happy, very happy being a CBN partner.

I feel like I'm a part of a wonderful, big family

and their only main concern is spreading the word of God

and helping those in need.

And I'm a part of that.

And that's a blessing.


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