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Do You Follow a Selfie or Success Mindset?

Jordan and Erin are thriving in their real estate business. They give credit to one important strategy that has led to real success. Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Jordan and Aaron [INAUDIBLE]

work hard and play hard.

They stay fit, love a good meal, and like many millennials,

they go online a lot, and stay connected through social media.

But both admit they need to be careful

because it's easy to get sucked into a selfie mindset.

There's just a lot of people just trying

to get and gather and absorb as much as they can

for self-interest and to look as far as outfits,

or where they live, or what car they drive.

Everyone's hypercompetitive.

And everyone's trying to get ahead.

NARRATOR: The [INAUDIBLE] try hard to stay

focused on other things.

We prioritized when we first got married.

God is number one, and then family number two,

and then our jobs and career number three.

NARRATOR: And while they're very successful real estate brokers,

their goal isn't to build a big bank account

so they can buy things for themselves.

Instead, they choose to invest in promoting God and giving

to others.

I believe that's what the Lord put me here for.

NARRATOR: The [INAUDIBLE] tithe to their church and our CBN


They increase their giving to CBN on a regular basis.

I made a covenant in my heart with the Lord

that I would give 5% more a year.

And in doing that, it was a step of faith.

And I realized well, he really is my provider.

And so I can trust him with these extra little bits

every month and every year.

NARRATOR: Since giving more, they've

seen their profits consistently increase for the past six


Jordan and Aaron credit their success to God

and encourage others to put God first in their lives and give.

We're not any different or any more special

than the guy next to us.

I think we just found this key to the kingdom in a way

to partner with God and what he's doing on the earth.

I think it's about your heart posture towards the Lord

and towards the thing that you're giving to.

NARRATOR: The [INAUDIBLE] especially

like giving to CBN because of how CBN uses social media

to share stories of God's love.

I repost them on my Facebook.

And it's just like a nice tool that the Lord's using nowadays

to plant seeds in people and just reach out to them.

Well, I just know in my life that the Lord,

he's filled me with his love and his spirit.

And it just makes me come alive.

And I know that that really is everything in life.

And so if I can partner with God in bringing that same message

to millions of people across the world through what

CBN in doing then what an amazing opportunity

and a privilege.

I would encourage others to be partners with CBN

because it really has brought so much blessing to our lives.

There's honestly no better organization

out there to give to as far as Christian ministries.


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