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Drinking From Discarded Bottles

When Phe saw a water bottle on the ground she would pick it up and drink whatever was left. Her stomach hurt all the time. But what else could she do? She couldn’t afford to buy water. Someone cared enough to provide good water—and more! Read Transcript


NARRATOR: 12-year-old Fayah always

look for used plastic bottles, not to recycle,

but to find the tiniest bit of water she could drink.

INTERPRETER 1: My mouth and throat are dry.

So even if the water in the bottle is a little yellow,

as I drink it.

NARRATOR: This is Fayah's mom.

INTERPRETER 2: The village children

told me that they saw Fayah pick up a used bottle.

I was so shocked.

But I don't have the money to buy clean water.

NARRATOR: Every morning Fayah and her mom head to the river.

The water there is filthy and loaded with bacteria.

INTERPRETER 1:The water from the river looks red.

It smells smoggy.

We boil it, but it still makes us sick.

NARRATOR: They have time for one trip in the morning

before Fayah goes to school.

In the afternoon, Fayah was so thirsty she also drank water

from this muddy canal.

By the time she got home, she was sick.

INTERPRETER 1: It felt like I had insects inside my stomach.

It hurt so much that I was scared I was going to die.

INTERPRETER 2: I was afraid I would lose her.

I begged my neighbor to lend me some money,

and I took her to the hospital.

CBN discovered the family's need and dug a well

for Fayah and her mom.

Those moments after the well was capped

became a time of celebration as everyone

got to taste the water.

INTERPRETER 1: It was so clear and delicious.

The first time I tasted it, I felt so happy.

NARRATOR: Then we gave Fayah and her mom a cow to raise

and seeds to plant a garden.

With plenty of fresh water from the new well,

the vegetables quickly grew and provided a great harvest.

Now Fayah and her mom have income when she can't find work

with other farmers.

INTERPRETER 1: I love our garden and cow so much.

INTERPRETER 2: I will never forget what the CBN did.

Thank you forever.


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