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So Little, So Lonely, So Far From Home

Noradin’s family fled Syria’s civil war to a refugee camp in Lebanon. But because of a deformity of his tongue, Noradin had difficulty speaking. Life was miserable and hopeless. Will the Syrian refugees remain forgotten? See who’s helping ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In the refugee camp where his family lives,

Noradin walks alone.

The other kids don't want to play with him because he

was born with a deformity of his tongue

and has trouble speaking.

He came home crying all the time,

because the other children laughed at him.

Even the adults teased him.

He hated the whole world.

And that made me cry too.

NARRATOR: Noradin's mother told me

that, after escaping the bombings of the Civil War

in Syria, their family came to the Beqaa valley

in Lebanon with next to nothing.

The Lebanese government keeps us from moving.

We can't find good jobs, but still have to pay rent.

We never lived like this.

And we could never save enough money to help Noradin.

Then Heart for Lebanon, which is supported by CBN,

went to Noradin's camp and met his family.

When we found out about the problem with his tongue,

we paid for the surgery he needed.

I was so excited.

After the surgery, I could speak normally.

The other kids noticed straight way,

and that made me really happy.

NARRATOR: Noradin now goes to school at the Heart

for Lebanon Hope Center, where he's excelling at math, Arabic,

and English.

I love coming to school, because I

get to learn about the new things,

and the teachers take good care of us.

I also get to play with all my friends.

When I heard Noradin speaking better after the surgery,

I thanked God.

He is so happy now.

Seeing him going to this fantastic school is amazing.

Because of the war, my children missed so much school.

But now they are learning again and doing great.

NARRATOR: The kids at the Hope Center

also get to watch su in Arabic.

I really like hearing new Bible stories.

I go home and tell them to my family,

and talk about how Jesus loves us.

Every day I thank God for taking care of us

and for sending his son to take away my sins.

NARRATOR: CBN and Heart for Lebanon

give food every month to Noradin's family

and thousands of other refugees.

I can't imagine what we would do without Heart

for Lebanon and CBN.

I really love them.

I get excited knowing there are people out there who

care about us.

Thank you for helping me and my family.

I love you.


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