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Turning Charcoal Into a New Life

In distant Myanmar, Yo was getting too old to operate his charcoal-making business. He knew it was time to do something less strenuous. But what? He had little money. Then came a big idea and an angel to help. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Mr. Yo's lungs had grown weak

after he recovered from a bout with tuberculosis.

Since then, it's been hard to breathe.

NARRATOR: But Yo knew he could never

stop the backbreaking job that put food on the table

for his wife and children.


YO THROUGH INTERPRETER: I chopped down the trees

and cut them into logs.

I built a controlled fire to steam the wood,

which turns it into charcoal.

NARRATOR: But working for someone else doing that job

meant Mr. Yo earned a little more than $1 a day.

Most months he had to borrow money just to afford food.

I had to buy food on credit from the store.

Recently they said no more credit.

NARRATOR: This Christian family lives

in the mostly Buddhist country of Myanmar.

Jobs are scarce.

In spite of his weakening health, Mr. Yo kept working.

If he stopped, he knew his family would starve.

So CBN gave him some help.

Working through a local church, we

provided what Mr. Yo needed to start a brick and paver

manufacturing business.

Within days, he received his first order for 3,000 bricks.

Now the whole family is working hard

to meet the growing demand for their products.

The results are amazing.

Already I am earning more income,

and I paid off my loans.

Thank you, CBN, for helping our family.



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