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She Was a Baby With No Future

She didn’t have much of a future. Baby Marjorie would grow up weak and malnourished because her cleft lip prevented her from eating properly. Her parents could not pay for surgery. Discover how a miraculous transformation happened in Guatemala. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: In the village of [INAUDIBLE] on the Guatemalan

countryside, I met a six-month-old little girl

named Marjorie and her dad and mom, Cesar and Chrisley.

INTERPRETER: I saw her for the first time,

I felt happy and sad at the same time.

I'd never seen a baby like that.

NARRATOR: The worst part about Marjorie's cleft lip and palate

was that it made it difficult for her to eat.

That left her underweight and malnourished.


INTERPRETER: She has trouble eating.

Sometimes the milk doesn't go to the stomach but into her lungs.

Marjorie's parents got her this prosthetic palate

hoping it would help her eat.

It's just a hard piece of plastic.

It's uncomfortable.

And in fact, it makes her choke even more.

On top of that, it would just be a temporary fix anyway.

Marjorie's parents know that if she

has to grow up with a cleft palate,

she'll have no real hope for a decent future.


INTERPRETER: I work as a janitor and the salary

is not enough to pay a surgery.

NARRATOR: We learned about Marjorie's condition

when a relative called CBN.

We started by bringing her fortified milk

and vitamins so she could gain the weight she

needed for surgery.

Her parents couldn't believe she was finally going

to get the help she needed.

INTERPRETER: I feel nervous since my daughter was

going to have a surgery.

NARRATOR: A month later, Marjorie

was cleared for surgery.

CBN covered all the expenses.

INTERPRETER: I am so happy and thankful to God

because the surgery was a success.

NARRATOR: After recovering for about a week,

Marjorie could finally eat normally.

She's gained weight and grown.

And her future is now bright.


INTERPRETER: I thank CBN for letting

the miracle of putting a smile on my daughter's face to occur.

Thank you.

INTERPRETER: I can't believe she has a beautiful smile now.

It's so exciting.

Muchas gracias CBN.

INTERPRETER: Thanks, CBN, for my daughter's operation.

And may God bless you.


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