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No Birthday Cake for Amila

Amila turned 4, but without cake or presents. Her mom was ashamed to tell her that there wasn’t money for a party. Neither was there money for day care in their poor community in South Africa. Did anyone else see Amila’s tears? See the ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: Amila is an energetic and happy little girl.

INTERPRETER: She's always singing.

And she wants to do everything I do,

even if it's something as simple as washing dishes.

NARRATOR: Amila's parents always do their best

to show her how much they love her.

But when her fourth birthday arrived

they were faced with a difficult choice.

INTERPRETER: She asked us why there wasn't any cake

or presents.

I tried to explain that if we got cake,

we would have no food for the rest of the week.

She just didn't understand.

NARRATOR: Every morning Amila watched her friends walk

to the local daycare center.

Her parents couldn't afford the fees there,

so she had to stay home.

INTERPRETER: She cried and told me

she wanted to go with her friends.

It was just another thing she wanted

that we could not give her.

NARRATOR: Then Life Child, a ministry

supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise, learned about Amila.

We enrolled her in the daycare and paid all of her fees.

Now during the day she's learning lots of new things.

And she finally gets to play with her friends.


INTERPRETER: I love it here.

At home I only have one toy.

But here I have many toys and many friends.

NARRATOR: During one of their Bible lessons

the teacher asked the class who wanted to be Jesus' friend.

Every little hand went up, except Amila's.

INTERPRETER: I didn't raise my hand because I first wanted

to go home and clean myself up.

I didn't want to be dirty when I met Jesus.

NARRATOR: Soon Amila's parents gave their hearts to Christ,



INTERPRETER: Amila is the one who taught us to pray.

Something we never did before.

Through the daycare I have realized

how important education is.

I know now that the most important thing is the Bible

and our relationship with God.

NARRATOR: And to help the family earn a steady income,

CBN got Amila's mother enrolled in sewing classes.

Soon she'll be starting her own business.

So the next time Amila's birthday comes around she'll

have plenty of cake and presents.

INTERPRETER: I no longer worry she will

have the same childhood I had.

She has a bright future ahead of her.

Thank you, CBN!


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