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When God Gives You a Great Idea

Fernando and Catherine followed what they say was a whisper from God. They now own a successful restaurant and want to share a strategy with you so you can grow your wealth too. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Fernando Cano was in his early 30s

when his restaurant venture failed.

And he and his wife, Catherine, declared bankruptcy.

Looking back now, Fernando says he knows what happened.

I was always-- I'll do it myself, I'll do it myself.

Never including God in it.


NARRATOR: The Canos didn't go to church,

and held tightly to their money.

We were raised poor.

So every little penny, to me, was in my pocket.

Nobody else's pocket.

I wanted to keep that money.

NARRATOR: Fernando started working in corrections.

The couple got serious about God, went back to church,

and soon began to tithe.

It is the basis of walking with the Lord.

Whatever amount I was tithing to the church,

he blessed me with another opportunity to make more money.

NARRATOR: After years of working the graveyard

shift at the prison, Fernando started to burn out,

and was praying for a change.

Lord, I know you've got something better for me

than this.

I've had enough.

And then I heard someone tell me,

you're going to open up a restaurant.

And I turned around to see who else was in the office with me,

but it was just me.

I said, no.

I am not opening up a restaurant.

We did this already.

Too hard.

I ain't gonna do it.

So there I am.

Couple months go by, again, and now I'm

feeling really-- I'm starting to feel burnt out, stressed out.

And I said, God, you've got to do something here.

And just like he did the first time,

he came up to me, whispered in my ear.

I already told you.

What are you waiting for?

Exact words.

NARRATOR: Soon, the Canos went back

into the restaurant business.

God spoke to me and told me we were

going to call it Manna Cafe.

I didn't know what it meant, so I went and looked it up,

and-- it's all about God providing

the food for the Israelites when they were in the desert.

NARRATOR: The venture may have seemed risky,

but they say God opened doors for them.

It was like, hey, how you doing?

My name is Fernando.

This is my wife Catherine.

We like your space.

OK, here is the contract.

Just sign it.

And they gave us a good deal.

A dollar a square foot to start.


God provided.

It's not even work to me, because I

love what I enjoy doing.

To me it's a lot of fun.

NARRATOR: The couple credits this favor to their commitment

to tithing from their business.

I have that faith in God, that he's

going to take care of us no matter what.

As long as I do my little part, he's going to do the rest.

Being a tither is what puts the blessings in your life.

The protection, the covering, the answers.

NARRATOR: In addition to tithing,

the Canos give food to the homeless in their community.

They also give to CBN.

It's about compassion.

It's about loving.

Being that person that can help change people's lives.

NARRATOR: Today, business at Manna Cafe is thriving.

The Canos are making four times what they used to,

and now they're planning on opening a second restaurant.

Together, they challenge others to trust God.

Be a 700 Club member.

It would be the best thing you could ever do for your life,

and for your finances.

You want to see God work?

Be a tither.

Be a giver.

Step out in faith.


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