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Blamed for Her Husband’s Death

Sonia had a happy life with her husband and 4 children. But that came to an end when her husband died from AIDS and his family unjustly blamed her. She lost her home, lost the means to care for her kids, and was losing hope when help came from ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Sonia lived a happy life

with her husband and their four children.

When she learned she was pregnant again,

she was thrilled.

But her joy quickly turned to sadness

when her husband died of AIDS.


INTERPRETER: After he died, my son kept asking, where's Daddy?

And I just couldn't tell him.

NARRATOR: After the funeral, Sonia and her children

stayed with her husband's family.

Forced to sleep outside with no mosquito nets,

Sonia got malaria.


INTERPRETER: I felt like I was going to die too.

I thought, what will happen to my children?

They would have no father or mother.

That thought kept me alive.

NARRATOR: She took her children to her parents' home.

But her parents only had enough money to support themselves.


INTERPRETER: We spent days without any real food,

surviving on what little my mother got from the field.

NARRATOR: Then Sonia reached out to Life Child,

a ministry supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

We arranged for the family to move into a Children's Village

run by the ministry.

Now they have a place to call home.

We also help Sonia treat her malaria and the HIV infection

she got from her husband.

A few months after arriving, she had

a baby boy, who was born healthy and with no HIV.


INTERPRETER: God answered all of my prayers here.

My children couldn't believe they each got their own beds

because before, we all slept together

in my parents' living room.


INTERPRETER: It is so beautiful here.

I love that it is such a beautiful place.

NARRATOR: All of the children in the village

go to school right here.

And there is a clinic that takes care of their medical needs.

This is the first of 18 homes being built to help families

like Sonia's stay together.

As she's supported here, Sonia will

help take care of dozens of orphans who desperately

need a safe place to live.


INTERPRETER: I will care for them like they are my own.

I thank God that I am here, because now I

can help other children as well as my own.

Thank you, CBN.




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