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When a Disaster Destroys Your Company

Casimiro thanked God that his family survived the earthquake in Ecuador. Sadly, his air conditioning repair business was totally destroyed, and he had to let his employees go. Watch how Casimiro reacted to this setback and see the important ... ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Casimiro remembers the night

that an earthquake rocked the nation of Ecuador.

Once he confirmed his family was safe,

he went out to help others.

INTERPRETER: I started looking for family members and friends.

When I found that they were safe, we all hugged each other.

NARRATOR: The next day Casimiro learned

that the building where he rented space for his air

conditioning business had partially collapsed,

crushing everything.

INTERPRETER: My tools and parts were completely unusable

under all the rubble.

NARRATOR: Casimiro had no choice but to release his three


INTERPRETER: I felt so bad for the people working with me.

One of them has five kids.

Another one takes care of his elderly mom.

They called me saying, please give us some work.

NARRATOR: In spite of his losses,

Casimiro still wanted to help.

Operation Blessing had set up an emergency food and water

distribution at his church, and he offered to run it.

INTERPRETER: Sometimes even when we have little,

it is wonderful to serve.

To help others with even greater needs.

NARRATOR: Casimiro never asked for help for himself,

so when we learned about his lost

business and his unemployed team,

we bought some new air conditioning equipment, tools,

and supplies.

Now he not only has a way to support his family,

he was able to rehire his team.

INTERPRETER: I am so happy to have these things.

So grateful to God, and to Operation Blessing.

NARRATOR: Within hours of receiving the new equipment,

Casimiro received calls for repair work.

Now his team is busier than ever.

INTERPRETER: Thank you, Operation Blessing.

First, for what you did for my city.

Thank you a thousand times for blessing my family,

and the families of my employees.


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