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Marine’s New Assignment: Foster Dad

During his 19 years in the Marine Corps, Aarond and his wife Christina felt God’s calling to foster and adopt children—but unexpected expenses made the process very stressful. Then, their local church and CBN partners stepped in to help ... ... Read Transcript


NARRATOR: For 19 years, Aarond has served as a United States

Marine, maintaining crucial radio and computer systems.

I'm proud to serve my country because I

feel that this is the greatest country on Earth,

and I feel that God blesses our country because of the people

that serve.

NARRATOR: Aarond and his wife, Christina,

like most military families, find

deployments very challenging.

My faith is absolutely necessary

to get through deployments.

AAROND: When you're in that situation,

you're in that place, everybody starts

thinking a little bit more about-- what

if something really bad were to happen?

Our faith absolutely helps us take comfort that everything

is going to be OK.

NARRATOR: Another challenge the family is facing is financial.

They incurred several sudden large expenses,

including funeral costs when Christina's mother died.

It all made their dreams to foster and adopt

children much more difficult.

AAROND: Are we going to be able to make sure

that everything is in place for the child

to be comfortable and happy?

CHRISTINA: The repairs that we have on the vehicle,

we actually had our second vehicle die.

And it seems like a crazy, crazy time to get a foster license.

NARRATOR: Still, they believe God will make a way for them

to proceed.

And we're going to do it, and it's going to be wonderful.

It's going to be a glorious chaos.

NARRATOR: Their church, New Song Community in Oceanside,

California, contacted "Helping the Home Front"

and asked if we could help with the family's expenses.

We gladly agreed.

Pastor Hal Seed was happy to deliver the good news.

You know, I've pastored Marines like you guys for 24 years

and I have never had the privilege of giving the news

that I'm going to give you.

So I'm delighted to tell you that your mother's

funeral expenses are going to be paid by CBN.

The third seat you need in your SUV so you can adopt,

we've arranged for a mechanic to install that for you.

And your vehicle that you need fixed,

they're going to take care of the repairs on that, too.

And then there's the shopping spree

to take care of clothes and furniture

and all those sorts of things, as well.

I think for me it's mind-blowing

because we aren't used to being blessed in this way.

NARRATOR: That day, CBN took Aarond and Christina

to have their van repaired.

Then it was time for a shopping spree for baby furniture

and other items.

This hardworking Marine family can now

focus on welcoming children into their home with full hearts

and every need met.

This is absolutely an answer to prayer.

And this isn't the picture that I had in my mind,

so it it's very interesting to see

how God works way, way better than my plan,

or way better than what I would have thought of.


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