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“Let him die without food!”

Nan was horrified when her neighbors reacted so coldly to her son Kosal’s cleft lip. Could he be cured? These poor farmers had no money for surgery. More bad news: Little Kosal had a hole in his heart that must be repaired first. See how CBN ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Nan enjoys watching her two young sons as they play

together with their father.

She's afraid for their third son, Coselle,

who was born with a cleft lip.

My neighbor said I shouldn't feed him so he would die.

NARRATOR: A doctor told the couple

that Coselle's lip could be repaired.

Their oldest son constantly asked, when?

I love my brother.

I want him to have lips the same as mine.

NARRATOR: Rowan and Nan are rice farmers.

Rowan took a second job as a motor taxi driver,

thinking he could save up for the operation.

Finally, they gave up hope until a visitor told them about CBN.

He also had a child with a cleft lip

but they helped him get free surgery.

NARRATOR: CBN took Coselle to the hospital

to be checked before the operation.

The doctor told the family their son would not

be able to have the surgery because of a hole in his heart.

The doctor said he was too weak for surgery.

They could give him medicine to close the hole in his heart,

but we didn't have the money.

I was afraid my son would die.

NARRATOR: So CBN paid for their bus fare and medicine

and checkups.

18 months later, Coselle's heart was better

and he was cleared for surgery.

CBN arranged for the cleft lip repair

and soon the little boy was heading home.

My son's new lip is lovely.

I'm so happy to see him running and laughing with his brothers.

I really like my brother's new lip.

He looks like me.

Thank you, CBN.


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