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One Investment---30 Years—Amazing Results!

Annette has been faithful in investing her money in one important way for over 30 years. And she’s seen amazing results. Hear her story. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: Annette Hawkins has been a faithful CBN

partner for over 30 years.

And it all started one day when she was

flipping through the channels.

One of the stories just really touched my heart.

Just seeing people in other countries,

where they're just devastated.

They have situations where their home was been burned down,

or they have no money, or they're completely homeless.

And my heart was just broken for these people.

NARRATOR: At the time, Annette was a stay-at-home mom,

and she loved seeing the work that CBN was doing,

helping children around the world.

I just saw this one about a young boy in Cambodia.

And he had to walk, I think, five miles a day to get water

for his family.

CBN came in, and they actually drilled a well for him.

And these children were just so delighted and excited.

And I thought, I have such an easy life.

And, you know, I'd really like to support somebody or do


But I had young children at the time.

They were in school.

And so I started thinking, well, maybe I

could just take some money out of my grocery money.

So that's how I started supporting CBN.

NARRATOR: Annette is still helping children

because she's a member of the Super Book DVD club.

It's a great way to get out the gospel to children.

It's a terrific thing for kids.

NARRATOR: Wyatt, one of Annette's three grandchildren,

loves watching with his grandmother.

His favorite character is Gizmo.

I just like that he's funny.

And what better way to get to know God and the kind of person

that he is in Jesus Christ other than watching something that's

a cartoon that's so simple to understand

and something that he can reflect back

on as he gets older even.

NARRATOR: Today, Annette is a member

of the chairman's circle.

She encourages others to give to CBN so they can be a blessing

and help others as well.

Once you actually give and see the results

and feel the difference that it makes in your heart

and see what's happening in people's lives

because it's so powerful.

And God is, His word says that everything

we have is a gift from Him.

It's been given to us by Him.

So I would say try it out.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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