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She Could Die in a Heartbeat

XinRui was born with a hole in her heart. Her family is poor and unable to afford lifesaving surgery—all her family could do was pray. God brought the answer in a most unusual way! Read Transcript

When XinRui was five years old, doctors

said she had a hole in her heart.

And if she didn't get surgery, she was going to die.

It felt like someone was clenching my heart

and trying to stop me from breathing all the time.

For years XinRui's parents worked as poor farmers,

but they were never able to make enough to pay for the surgery

and time was running out.

I couldn't stand to see her tortured like that.

I was so afraid that she wouldn't make it.

I wished it had been me with the heart trouble instead

of XinRui.

It's the same feeling any parent around the world

would have when you see your child lying helpless in a bed

and you can't do anything.

A few times XinRui fainted at school.

Doctors worried she was going to have a heart attack.

Sometimes I wished I had never been

born because I was such a huge burden to my parents.

Many times I asked God to please help us.

Mr. And Mrs. Fong prayed for the same thing.

And when XinRui was 12, a team from CBN heard about her

and quickly paid for her surgery.

Doctors repaired XinRui's heart and now she's

the picture of health.

I have been given a brand new start.

She's happy and is always positive.

It's like the wind blew away the dark clothes and sunshine has

come out.

God heard our prayers.

Our God is so merciful and CBN is like an angel for giving me


Now I know God really loves me.

I can feel it in my heart.


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