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Finding the Key to A Locked Jaw

When Luanne tried to eat, her jaw locked up and wouldn't close. After a few days of pain and discomfort, she finally found a release. Read Transcript

NARRATOR: What began as an enjoyable evening

out with friends ended when Luanne [INAUDIBLE]

took her first bite.

LUANNE: I can't bring my jaw down on the right side.

It won't close so that I can chew on the food

and swallow it.

It just was really frustrating.

I just sat and didn't do a lot of talking,

just sat and tried to eat, and it was really hard to do.

And it was hurting.

And it was, like, I've got to be able to close my mouth.

Lord, help me.

NARRATOR: Luanne was able to finish

eating once her jaw relaxed, but the next day it happened again.

LUANNE: All of a sudden, I'm just stopped,

because it's locked.

I can't do anything with it.

I was trying to move it, but it wasn't working right.

And I said, oh, I don't want this to keep happening.

It's painful.

I can't get my mouth closed.

NARRATOR: The jaw pain continued, through the day

and into the night.

LUANNE: And then this thought comes.

OK, is this going to happen all the time?

And so that was very, very scary.

NARRATOR: The following morning, Luanne and her husband,

Wally, turned on "The 700 Club."

LUANNE: In my heart, I look to the Lord.

And I said, Lord, when they have the prayer time,

please have them talk about my jaw and heal me.

Someone else, you have a problem with your jaw.

You didn't have this your whole life,

but recently it's locked on you.

And it really is not just painful but discomfort

with eating.

And I thought, oh, that's me.

And she said--

God's healing that.

You're just going to feel that pop, and it'll release.

I said, oh, God, thank you so much.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

You did it.

And Wally is sitting next to me.

And I said, Wally.

And he said, you're healed.

God just talked about what's the problem.

And I said, yes, it's me.

Here he did a miracle really, because to have it

just like that is really astounding to me.

I didn't have to endure this for days and weeks and months.

It was quick.

NARRATOR: Now Luanne enjoys every bite

she eats, pain and worry free.

I've never had another occurrence of it,

and so I'm so grateful for that word of knowledge.

It was just really awesome, and it was so direct.

And it's so awesome that it was so fast.

So I was just praising God, and I know he hears our prayers.

And here he comes, and he answers through somebody else

like this.

Right in our time of need, he's answering.

And I get so excited about that.

And I'm so thankful and grateful, not only for myself,

but for all the other people.

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