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From Abuse to Starvation. When Would the Misery End?

For 13 years Irma and her three children endured unimaginable abuse from her husband before fleeing his cruelty. They were sick and starving—ready to welcome death over a life of misery. Would anyone help? Don’t miss this incredible story! Read Transcript

43-year-old Irma lived with an abusive husband for 13 years.

Her worst memories are not of the violence

she endured, but of the suffering of her three


It was like death for me when he

would beat our small children.

When Atymara was only two years old,

I heard her cries as he beat her.

I rushed in to save her and then he beat me.

Irma's greatest fear was that one day her husband

would kill them all.

So after years of abuse, she left him

and took all her children.

I explained that I wouldn't have proper house, food,

or money.

They all said yes, we will starve rather than stay here.

As a single mother with three children,

Irma received $45 a month in government support.

It was only enough for two weeks of food.

They were starving together with me.

They get sick too, and almost dead

because we had no medicine.

I said to myself, Irma, you have to do something.

Irma had knitting and sewing skills,

so she began to take yarn from existing clothing

to make new ones to sell.

But with no money for supplies, she

could only knit and sell a few items.

I began to pray to God, please provide me with yarn and fabric

so that I can make more money to feed my family.

A church that partners with CBN's Orphan's Promise

heard about Irma and her children.

We brought food and a special invitation to the Orphans

Promise Training Center hosted by the church.

I enjoy being in the center.

I have many friends there.

The kids always come home full from there.

They say mom, we have already eaten.

But we wanted to do more to help Irma.

So we bought her a sewing machine

and all the supplies she needs to start a small business.

It is a joyful day for me.

I will be able to sew bedding and towels

and knit sweaters and hats with the help of your gifts.

I am very happy.

Please accept a very big thank you from all of us.

My kids no longer go hungry.

Everything is fine with us now.

Thank you so much for that.


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