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Too Much Time With Too Little Money

Jason had worked for the same company for 17 years when downsizing caught him by surprise. After three months of job hunting, Jason and his wife Ashley began using credit cards to support their four children. They just needed a little more time, ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: The Keene household is always full of energy,

especially when Dad gets home.

It's a very joyous event when I come home.

They've missed me all day, and it's evident when I walk in.

And it's just a blessing to come through the door

and be greeted by a happy family.

NARRATOR: The times weren't always

easy for this family of six.

After 17 years with the same company,

Jason was let go due to downsizing.

After I lost my job, it was really challenging.

We were facing a long time without

any real reliable source of income.

It was really hard after he'd been unemployed

for more than three months.

And we had no money, and we had no money coming in,

and we had to start living on the credit cards.

NARRATOR: While Jason sent out resume after resume,

and his wife Ashley used all of their resources

keeping the family afloat, they quickly went

through their life savings.

If I didn't get a job soon, we were

going to have to make some hard decisions.

We had such a tiny finite amount of real money

in the bank account.

So in trying to hold on to that for real bills,

because you know, they will turn off your electricity.

And they will turn off your water.

And if you don't pay them for long enough,

they will come and take your house from you.

NARRATOR: Knowing that the Keene's were desperate,

a friend told them about Operation Blessing Partner One

Heart Ministries.

It was amazing the first time that we went to One Heart

Ministries Operation Blessing.

Thought it was just going to be food,

and then they had toilet paper and diapers.

NARRATOR: Jason's job search efforts

paid off, when he found a job at a high-end appliance store.

JASON KEENE: In about six months,

I went from unemployed to general manager.

NARRATOR: And we're still helping the family as they

work to get back on their feet.

It's very exciting to have an income again.

It's meeting our needs right now.

And with One Heart Ministries and Operation Blessing,

we are meeting bills.

If I could talk to people who donate and support

One Heart Ministries and Operation Blessing,

I would tell them thank you.

I appreciate what you're doing for us.


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