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Finding Jesus in a Refugee Camp

Naji barely escaped the Syrian civil war with his life. Sadly he lost his father, and his mother abandoned him. He thought he would be safe living with his aunt in a refugee camp, but life was difficult and Naji was an angry boy. Someone ... Read Transcript

NARRATOR: When the Syrian Civil War came to the city of Homs,

thousands were forced to run for their lives.

Naji and his family fled to a refugee camp

in southern Lebanon.

AUNT THROUGH INTERPRETER: There were so many planes and bombs,

I thought we would die.

We came here thinking life would be better.

But it's been very difficult.

NARRATOR: When I went to the camp,

Naji's aunt told me about how his father died

of a chronic heart condition soon

after making it to Lebanon.

Later, his mother abandoned him and his siblings.

AUNT THROUGH INTERPRETER: Naji has really suffered.

He's been very angry and sad.

We put him in a Lebanese public school,

but the teachers yelled at him.

They hit him and the other refugee children,

so he didn't want to go back.

NARRATOR: When Heart for Lebanon,

which is supported by CBN, went to Naji's camp,

we invited him to come to the Hope Center.

Here, he's learning English, Arabic, and math.


happy going to school now.

The teacher is really nice.

And I've made a lot of friends.

It is like I have a big family.

NARRATOR: We show "Superbook" in Arabic at the school,

so the kids can have some fun while learning

about Jesus Christ.


because he came down from heaven and forgave my sins.

Every time I want to do a bad thing, Jesus comes into my mind

and tells me not to do it.

He's always with me.


started to going to the Hope Center,

he has gotten so much happier, and he behaves himself.

I'm so happy he has a safe place to go to school now.

NARRATOR: Naji's aunt told us about how

she and the other refugees all had

to walk to the other side of their camp to collect water.

So we installed a system that delivers fresh water directly

to their tents.

We also give food to Naji's family and thousands

of other refugees.

They all get rice, beans, canned meat, cleansers,

and other household supplies.

Every month, it's enough to keep a family of six going.


love Hearts for Lebanon and CBN.

You have done so much for us.

We have enough food to feed our family

and clean water to drink.

Thank you so very much.

NARRATOR: We even had a special surprise

for Naji, a brand new bike.

NAJI THROUGH INTERPRETER: I thought I was dreaming.

I couldn't believe I would ever have a bicycle.

It is so beautiful.

I want to thank you for your kind hearts.

Everything I have is from Hearts for Lebanon and CBN.

I love you so much.


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